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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 267,268. 1925. 95]. by condemngtgim gr otljgrlwise, that certain parcel of land hereina ter more u y escri , a e atin a roximatel three hun- ·*“-“*°¤·' ‘°¤°=’• *° dred and forty-six thousand gigvfoghungrexfgnd thirtyy-four square b“?qui“dm` feet, for the enlargement of the present site of the Bureau of Standards, at a price or cost not to exceed $173,117, the said land being P'i°°' that lying to the east of the main site of the Bureau of Standards, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, including the land I‘°°°'i°°° situated and lying between Tilden and Van Ness Streets, and extending along Connecticut Avenue, bounded and described approximately as fol ows: Beginnin at the southwest corner of Van Ness Street, sixty feet D°°°"**‘“°“· wide, and Connecticut Avenue, one hundred and thirty feet wide, south twenty-four degrees twenty-six minutes east, eight hundred and forty-five and eighty-two one—hundredths feet to the center line of Tilden Street, one hundred and twenty feet wide, as proposed by District of Columbia highway plan; thence with the arc of a circle whose radius is one thousand two hundred and twenty- six and six-tenths feet, a distance of three hundred and eighty-six and thirty-seven one-hundredths feet, deflecting to the left; thence with the arc of a circle whose radius is one thousand nine hundred feet, a distance of two hundred and setenteen and nineteen one—him- dredths feet, defiecting to the right, to the southeast corner of the land of the Bureau o Standards; thence with the east line of the Bureau of Standards’ land north four minutes east, eight hundred and ninety and seventy-seven one-hundredths feet to the south line of Van Ness Street, sixty feet wide; thence with the south line of Van Ness Street, south eighty-nine degrees fift -six minutes east, two hundred and thirty-eight and six one-hundredths feet to the point of beginning, containing approximately three hundred and forty-six thousand two hundred and thirty-four square feet, or seven and nine-thousand—four-hundred-and-eighty-four ten-thousandths acres. Approved, February 19, 1925. Februaryi 1925. CHAP. 268.-An Act Granting to certain claimants the preference right to lH·R·*;•l*·l purchase unappropriated public lands. [P“bu°· N°‘ ml Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary muixdgim gf. of the Interior, in his judgment and discretion, is hereby authorized L*;°¤I;,<;¤*;l§g;*°•;,gd¤*;•: to sell, in the manner hereinafter provided, any of those lands watercoveredareas. situated in the State of Louisiana which were originally erroneously meandered and shown u on the official plats as water·eovered areas. and which are not lawiglly applropriated by a qualified settler or entryman claiming under the pu lic lands laws. _ _ _ That any citizen of the United States who, or whose ancestors in title in good faith under color of title or claiming as a riparian owner has, prior to this Act, placed valuable improvements upon or reduced to cultivation any of the lands subject to the operation of this Act, shall have a preferred right to file in the office of the register and receiver of the United States land office of the district _ 111 which the lands are situated, an application to {purchase the lands mj,*fP“°°"°“ ’° b° thus improved by them at any time within ninety ays from the date of the passage of this Act if the lands have been surveyed and plats filed in the United States land office; otherwise within ninety days from official notice to such claimant of the tiling of such plats. Ever such application must be accompanied with satisfactory P'°°'°"’°“"“*"‘L proc; that the applicant is entitled to such preference right and that the lands which he applies to purchase are not in t_ e legal possession of an adverse claimant or in the actual possession o a