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1750 EXTRADITION TREATY-—SIAM. Dncnmnnn 30, 1922. Kareem 3. Rape, abortion, carnal knowledge of children under the age of twelve ears. _ l“AiQ!§I¤;g_¢.§:1¤;‘{j;•{¤sgls? 4. gblduction or detention of women or girls for immoral purposes. Bigamy. 5. 1 ID . Arson. 6. A.1§:ILy _ _ , . I¤i¤=i¤S¤¤r¤¤r¤¤¤¤- 7. Wilful and unlawfiilfdestruction or obstruction of railroads which endan rs human i e. C**m°5°°"*m“”°°‘ 8. Crimes cgdmmitted at sea: °°i¥smv. (a) Piracy, as commonly known and defined by the law of nations or by statute; _ _ D°“°’°>’“*¤ "°°’°‘S· (b) Wrongfuhy smking or destroying a vessel at sea or attem tin to do so· ' M¤¢i¤Y- (cl; lgxtiny or bonspiring by two or more members of the crew or other fpersons on board of a vessel on the high seas, for the purpose 0 rebelling agamst the authority of the Captam or Commander of such vesse , or by fraud or violence taking pos- _ semion of such vessel; _ _ _ _ b°$°°“ °" S"“" (d)dgss;ult on board slup upon the high seas with intent to ` do be arm. B“""‘"'· 9. Burglary, defined to be the act of breaking into and entering the house of another in the night time with intent to commit a felony therein. ,,,§",‘Qgf‘},'{’§°" °"°°“”‘ 10. The act of breakintg into and entering the offices of the Government and public au orities, or the offices of banks, banking houses, savings banks, trust companies, insurance and other comp5nies,u¢;r other buildings not dwellings with intent to commit a on erem. mu"' 11.yRobbery, defined to be the act of feloniously and forcibly taking from thefperson of another goods or money by violence or by utf him in ear.

°'“°"‘ I bu P 12ln§`orgery or the utterance of forged papers.

mKLi'ZLis,§c. P" ° 13. The forgery or falsification of the official acts of the Government or public authority, including Courts of Justice, or the utterocumming ing or fraudulent use of any of the same. ` 14. The fabrication of counterfeit money, whether coin or paper, counterfeit titles or coupons of public debt, created by National, State, Provincial, Territorial, Locis or Municipal Governments, bank notes or other instruments of public credit, counterfeit seals, stamps, dies and marks of State or pu lic administrations, and the utterance, Embczing ,,,,,,,,c circulation or fraudulent use of the above mentioned objects. funds- 15. Embezzlement or criminal malversation committed within the jurisdiction of one or the other party by public officers or deposigaries, where the amoimt embezzled exceeds two hundred dollars or ,;,,,,,,,,,1i b. 6,,,, iamese equiva ent. ¤l¤¥¤¤¤· ng S 16. Embezzlement by any person or persons hired, salaried or employed, to the detriment of their employers or principals, when the crime or offense is punishable by imprisonment or other corporal punishment by the laws of both countries, and where the amount Kmmpim embezzled exceeds two hundred dollars or Siamese equivalent. 17. Kidnapping of minors or adults, defined to be the abduction or detention ofa person or persons, in order to exact money from them, Ehpir gimihes, or any other person or persons, or for any other un aw u en . L°"““"" 18. Larcenv, defined to be the theft of eifects, personal property, or mopey; of the value of twenty-tive dollars or more, or Siamese _ _ equiva en . ¤£e°K§TiZEeEY§2$Y by 19. Obtaining money, valuable securities or other property by false pretences_or receiving any money, valuable securities or other property knowing the same to have been unlawfully obtained, where