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1772 CONVENTION—NORWAY. MAY 24, 1924. .;._..M¤ ”*·*°°*· Convention between the United States any} Nonvavyfor the prevention qfsmuggling of intozicati lizgms. Signed at ashzngton, May 24, 1924; ¢ld1»'?:8¢d1% t Senate May 31, 1924; ratgied by Presvklent, June 20, 1924; ratvjied by A/orway, June 2Q, 1 24; ratz_]€— cations exchanged at Washington, July 2, 1.924; proclaimed, July 2, 1924. Br mm Pansmmm or mm UNI1'ED Sriwms or Anmmce. A PROCLAMATION. C°¤'¤¤¤°¤ *“¤ WHEREAS a Convention between the United States of America

 ii mpzgidiif and Norway to aid in the girevention of the smuggling of intoxicating

§“§t1§“°‘“ ‘“°° Umm liquors into the United tates was concluded and signed by their

  • ’*°m*>‘°~ respective Plenipotentiaries at Washington, on the twenty-fourth

day of Ma , one thousand nine hundred and twenty-fonr, the origmal of which Cimvention, being in the English and Norwegian languages, is word for word as follows: . °°'m”“*‘°8P°"°”· The President of the United Amerikas Forente Staters Pre- States of America and His sident og Hans Majestet Norgos Majesty the King of Norway Konica som ¢nsker a undga de being desirous of avoiding any vans ehgheter som matte opsta diiiiculties which might arise be- mellem em som f¢lge av de ove tween them in connection with som gjelder i de Forente Stater the laws in force in the United angaende alkoholholdige drikke- States on the sub'ect of alcoholic varer, har beslutte sig til 5, avbeverages have decided to con- slutte en konvensjoni det ¢iemed clude a Convention for that og har opnevnt som sine befullpurpose, and have appointed as mektigede: their Plenipotentiaries: P'°“"’°°°“"“"°" The President of the United Amerikas Forente Staters Pre- States of America, Charles Evans sident: Charles Evans Hughes, H hes, Secretary of State of de Forente Staters statssekrethldgilnited States; taer; His Majesty the of Nor- Hans Majestet Norges Konge: way, Helmer H. Brief, is Envoy Helmer H. Bryn, Hans overor- Extraordinary and inister Plen- dentlige sendemann og befullmekipotentiary to the United States tigede minister i Amerikas Foof America; rents Stater; Who, having communicated hvilke, efter 5. ha meddelt their full powers formd in good hinannen sine fullmakter, som and due orm, have agree as fandtes a vaere i god og behgtrig follows: form, er kommet overens om ARTICLE I. ARTIKKEL I. ,,}Q°{§‘,,,§°',,"§§_ l“"’d‘°' The High Contracting Parties De h¢ie kontraherende parter respective y retain theu· rights bibeholder liver isaer sine rettigan claims, without prejudice by heter og krav uten prejudis som reason of this agreement with f¢lge av denne overenskomst med respect to the eirtent of their ter- hensyn til utstrekningen av deres ntorial jurisdiction. territoriale jurisdiksjon.