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t · § 10 y ii TITLE ss.-zv. men of the stat corps and departments, corresponding to thos of the Regular Army, as may be authorizedby the Secretar; of War. (July 9. 1918, c. 143, ~l0 Stat. 875.) _» ` 16. Chiefs of staH’ of divisions.-The President may detai one officer of the-Itegular Army as`chief_o£ staff and one ofiice of the Regular Army or the National Guard as assistant to-th chief of staff of any division of the National Guard in th; service of the United States asa National, Guard organization I’r0z:·£dr·1i,. That, in order to insure, the`fn·o1npt mobilization 0 ' the"National Guard in time of war or otherlemergency, th· President may, an time of peacepdetail an officer of the Reguln Army to perfomr the duties of chief of staff for eachfull; organized tactical division of the National Guard. (June 3 1916, c. 134, § 65, 39 Stat. 199.) l _ _ _ _“ 11.— Adjutant general for each State, Territory, and Distric of Colnmbia.—y—There shall be appointed in each State, Terri tory, and the District of Columbia arradjutant general, who shal . perform Such duties as may be prescribed by the laws of suc] State, Territory, and·District, respectively, (Jan. 21, 1903, c 196, § 12, 32 Stat. 776.) `· — ‘ " i ‘12. Appointment of adjntant generals for Territories am District of Columbia.-—Tbe adjutant generals of the Territorial and of the District of Columbia shall —be appointed by thl President with such rank and qualifications as he may pre scribe, and each adjutant general for a Territory shall be 1 `cltiien of the Territory for which bei? appointed. _ (June_3 .1936, c. 134, § 66, 39 Stat.-199.) . ‘ x - 13. Annual reports by adjutant generals of States, etc.- Tlge adjntant generals ot the'States, Territories, and the Dis trict ot, Columbia andthe officers of the National Guard shal make such returns and reports to the Secretary of War, at tl such officers as he may designate, at such times and in suc] torni as the Secretary of War may from time to time prescribe (June 3, 1916, c. 1_34,,_§ 66, 39 Stat. 199.) _ 14. Annual report of Secretary-of War to contain abstrac of reports of `adjntant generals.-——'Ihe Secretary of War shall with his annnal report of each year, `transmit to Congress an abstract ot the`_ returns and reports ot the adjutant general! of the States, 'I‘erritories,’ and the District ot Columbia; wltl `such obseryations thereon as he . may deem necessary for the information oi Congress. (Jan. 21, 1903, cl 196, § 12, 32 Stat 776.) _ · ‘ · - . - ‘ ‘ . _ 15. Inspections of. National Guard.--'1‘he Secretary ot `Wa: shall cause an inspection to be made at least once each year bg inspector generals, =and if__ necessary by other officers, of thq Regular Army, detailed by him- for that purpose, to determine whether the amount and condition of the property in the hand: of athe National Guard is; satisfactory; whether the Nationa » Gnard organized as berelnbefore prescribed; whether the ` owners and enlisted nien bossess the physical and othen qualideations preserlbedi whether the organization ami the omcers and enlisted men ·thereoi' are sumclently armed uniformed, equipped; and ‘ being trained and instructed ton active duty in the Held or coast °defense,’ and .whether‘ the records are being kent in accordance with the requirements A er this title. The reports of sinch insmctions shall serve as the basis. for deciding as to the issue to and retention by the National Guard ol! the military property proyided for. by this title; and for determining what organizations and individual: shall be considered as connstltuting parts of the Nation/al Guard ’withln.tI1e,meaning of this title. (June 3, 1915, c. 134, S 93 39Stat.2%.) . ~. .` - — t . 16; Disbanding or reduction of sti·ength.···—No organization on the National Guard, members of yrbiclx shall be entitled, tt and shallbave received compensation under the provisions oi this title, shall Jbe disbanded without the consent of the Presl dent, nor, without such consent, shall the commissioned ox enlisted strength of any such: organization be rednced below the

ATIONAL GUARD- l 1034 e { minimum that shall prescribed therefor by the President, y , (June 3, 1916, c. _134, § 68, 3:3 Stat. 200.)* il Chapter `2.-—§;LlNDS FOR SUPPORT OF NATl()NAL r‘ GGARD, V { 6 Sec. 21, Annual appropriation. 2, I I B _22.` Apportiomnenf and disbursement otéappropdation. ·:_ 23..Procceds of sale of disused target ranges. ‘ · of 24. Forfoiture of right to allotment of appropriation. B 25. Annual estlmates"ot expenses; r 26, Reduction of certain units to lneet appropriation. » ya Section 2l. Annual appropriation.——A sum of money shall he

, appropriated annually, to be paid out, of any money lin the

Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the 4; National_Guard, lncludlng'tl1e expense of providing arms, om; i.- nance stores; quartermaster stores, and eamp equlirage, and [1 all other military supplies; for issue to the National Guard, b and such other expenses pertaining to said guard as are or may

_ be authorizedby law;. (June 3, 1916,.c. 134, { 67, 39 Stat. 199.) `

22. Apportionment and disbursement of ,•p`p1¤•|n·iatien.-— 5 The appropriation provided for ln, section _21' ot this title S "sholl be apportioned ·among·the_ several States and Territories B under just and equitable procedure to be prescribed by the g- Secretary of War and in direct ratio `to the number of- em gl listed men in active service in thearlatloualc Guard existing

, in such States and, Territories at the date of apmrtloameat I

n _ — ot said appropriation, and to the District of Columbia, under - -such regulations as the President may prescribe: Provided, i_· That the sum. so apportioned among the several States, Terri; nl tories, and the District °of Columbia ehall. be available under 0 such rules as may be prescribed by the Secretary ot·War for g the actual and necessary e¤pew·S‘.1¤l¢u»¤eo' by olllcera and e, enlisted men of the Regular Army when travellngaou duty -iu· _ ‘ connection with the National Guard"; for the transportation t of supplies rumxsneu to the National Guard for the permanent l, equipment thereof; for oftlce rent and necessary onlée expenses h of olilcers of the Regular 'Army on duty with the Na,tionnle Guard; for the expenses ot the Militia Bureau, including 1 clerical services} for expenses of enlisted men of the Regular e Army on `duty with the National Guard, including an alloew

. ance for-quarters and Subalatence provldeo ln section 19~»ot

F Title 137, xnediclne, `anddrnedlcal attendance; land auch ex- ' ri penses shallr constitute a charge against the whole mm any nually appropriated lor the support of the National Guard, g and Shall bepaid therefrom aud"no£’ from the allotment duly e, apportioned to any mrticular State Territory, or the Diurlct 5 wot Columbia; for the promotion of ride practlee,. includiw the 1 acquisition; construction, maintenance, and_eqntpznent‘of shook-`. e ing" gallerl*ee,° and suitable target. ranges ;‘-for the hlrlni of r' horses and draft. animals for nee ot mounted troops, batteries.- 1. and wagons; £or`forage`for the same; and for auch other incl- ,’ dental exhenaes `ln connection- with' jawiully authorlzed lenr campments, maneuvers, and -¤eld lnstruetion ‘as‘the Secretary é of War may deem necessary, and for such other expensm per— s_ taining to the National Guard as are or may be authorized by' s law. (Sept._;22, *1922, c. 423, |`3,`·1.2_ Stat,1034.) ‘ _ . ,_ P 23} Proceeds of salgofr disused target ranges.-—When any

 land acquired by purchase for a` targeggemnge for the   of

4 the National Guard ot any State,. Territory, or the Illetrict ot K Qolumbla shall have become useless or. shall be round to he . unavailable for such purpose the Secretary ot War may cause · the same to be- sold either ln whole or ln two `_or more parte. I as he may deem best for the interests ot the Uillted States. ` w In the dlspoeal or each property, the ·Secrete.ry of War shall I cauee‘the·same to beappralsod elfher ae a whole. or in two or ‘ · more tracts, baring due reference to the requirements of any r · permanent improvexnente made thereon; and he shall cause the >` property to be odered jot public or private aale-at not