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 TITLE $2.;-·NAT.

vgyalmcd for duty therein. {June 3; 1916, iz. 134, { 74, 39 Stat;

_m;·-Juno 4, 1920,%. 227, Subchapter-I, `§ 41; 41 Stat. 781,) · , _ ‘

· 112. `Fcdeid Tut c®¢e;‘¤ ot the ggguoml G¤nl*d—¤f the Even! States., Tariwrieg {nd 13i¤g_ ` gym at wiumbin tm Jima 8.`19lB; under commission; mguiarly iwuéd shall couyinue in cQ*2,ns c$¢c1·é·¤ft§c National ‘ ` Guard, hrithéut the at ngw 'cam1.¤@0m: Tug: said omcers haw taken; or-sha]! take nm1 subseribg to up — mxeiing oatti of ¤@c§= ‘ ‘ I. —-4-—,Q` do miexianly ·s1veér·that I xvii! suppcrt and wetand the.‘Go®t¤ti¤¤· ot theilmtad Sptés wx mummmticg at the sum cl all eugmxeg, foreign wd dommtic; that I witfbear tmc iaith uuq alleginmge `io `the same; that Ir will obey-the crdarfc! me{.me¤aqe¤e·¤:· ` me United Sums and of-the Guvctjncr ct the State or -7--}- that I make this w1igati0;§_ freely; without a¤y` méhial reserva- · tion or purpose of evasion, and thai °Lwil1.we11·:£md faithfully discharge the? dimes ct 03ice of; —-—-——— iu, t;hc_ Nétipnal Guard of the United §—S§¤t& and of State ot ---5- upon; which $1 auf about tc'_euter, s0`·he1p~·me G0d." · (June 3, 1916, 45134, {73, w Stat. 201.)- J ·~ · . _ · _ A ll3.' Ex¤¤i¤&® for conmisdcmi.-=-The prdvisioxgsr of this eihe ami not applytc any gzerson appointed du`6$cer otfthe National Guard dtter Juris 3, 1916, juuless he Brat shall hé.vc_ Suecmiuily inch tests as to l;is`physicgl, mqr;1l,'aud·p1·0-` jeessimnal Btmss ds the- Pzjesideut 'shall pmscribé. The éfami-» nation to determine such`quaIi¤cat1 i>;1s for eomgisdon shall be emducmi by ‘n béud of {lame <;0mmissiq¤ed· dmcars appoiiuted 1.y me sweaty 0§__ Wuy {rom the Regular Arm} of thé Q Na;iqnar Guam, br both; (Jmié '3, 1916; ~c. 134, § 75,} 39· Stat. 202.) A i ‘ ·` °· -114; Authority ta Junta céqmissic¤s,"•¤d igrmmdé tum; f¤r.——-At my tginm tha · mm! chhmcéer, capacity, and general _ Htxzwss mi qné pl pay Ndtimmal Guard 0m€€I‘_ may be xiemrminegl by an bonu! of · c0mm1sé1•·med’omcars, qseniar in rank to the omér whom Htneag for ¤er¥yice_ shall b¢» under l¤v¢&tix¤t·i0¤. . and it; the Endings ot meh poatd be uutavogmbge to such qwcer and be approved by? the cmcigl aumozjized tq appmnt inch an omccr; he shéll R disch;1rg&.— Comm ~ Q {ot ummm dt the National Guard mh! be vnchtéd _— upon ‘ m ;¤s tion, absence without leave fof mduths; · Amon mcommendation ot an emhmpy board, or pursudnt Lo mntencc at Q indurt-mgrtial; O&¢§1't8 of mid guard rcndereq surpmsm by the di&¤dmeut bt their ci·gg¤—isa§ions `shn1l bc pluckd iq the Hatieual Guard Remus. ;.6Qéer·s- may} upon their mm épplicutlcn, be in the md ·reser=re. . {June 3. 1916, c. 134, { 77, ®_Stat.`202.‘)_ ‘_ _ -:6 , ·· · `ll5.` Filling gnuncics iq érgnnizntiom i¤`Fedeia1 nétvice.-——·· All va@nciu_occu1·:i¤g ih any grade of .c0mmissi0.¤ed - iu. any organization in the military service of the ·U¤1h¤d` Scum and lot jratted from the, National tiuard under the provisions `cf this` title shall be mlm by me President, as fat a,s pmctic§b1e, by tha. appoihtmeut, of pcrmm simiiarly [8kER' from said. guard, · and in the manner prwgzribed by law for Blliug similar vacancies océurrlng in the iyalmamer forces- (June 3, 1916, c. 184, 5 16, 39 Stat. Chapter 8.--—-—··ENLIS‘1*ED FORCE. Sec. ° Z 121. Enuateé strength at Ns_tio¤;1 Guurctl 1225 Couggmance vitbjreceéipg section. 123. Goatnctngsd cnth at wiistment. _ 134. Period: qt ¤¤11@t and nmlistmnh 125. Discharge at wlbted ·_ · · _

 121.   strcngfh, of Ni%iI_ G·¤¢ré.·-·-The

number of enlisted men qi the National Gund tc be argidxd uudet (his title within 0l\£.·!@.1' £Y0m_ June 3, 1916,1haH be tor. each Stat; iii the pmpérticuct two .h¤¤dlf$d suéh {cr acl: . Senator and Bcpmcqtative in C0n¢@ {mm .¤¤& State, and‘*· l . .- ‘ , I I ·. _ T } ·` ’

\ 10zvA1.··0v4nn._ ‘ _ § 1531 ‘ a numbu `to bé determined by; tha Preddent icr each ’1‘erri· ’tory· and the District ot- Gdumbia, md élmkl be ln d ucti year Qmerxttcr in me probordencf net 50 per Tcentum uupil 3 total peace strength bf ué less than eight hundred eulisted; men $10: ·Se¤.ator and Bép@ntati=ée in Congress {mil imvg been tééched: P7·b·vidéd, That in which haée but. me R6P1‘&8¤t8IZiY8" ih sinch be at —t;he_disk:rcticn pt the P1mi¢mt:· Provide; fwribcr, That this shall riot be construed, tp prevent anyf ~ te, ’1‘¢rritcry,' or the; District of Columbia from crgunuing the {ull numbé: ct troops required under.this·_se3:tl0g ig lc¤·'d¤e·th¤¤— is ¤ed inithis section, br fr0m`$éinta§nim° l e g, oraniiiltionaiftthéy. shall conform to such _ rules rqulntims @di£-_orpniz¤tio¤, 3t1‘¢l1§th,‘ 8I1¢d grxzgamcut as the Prméem may prescflbe: Andprobiacd further, That nothing in this titlg be' méd to prercnt any State with but cne,Bépr@¢¤tati§e,i¤ Oéugrw ‘ ` from brggnizing one bi mqq régimmts af tnwps; with such; _ jauxiliakry troopsaq kho_`Presid@t preacribe;‘mch was- .izsiti¢ng__agnd members of ormimtimxs ta' receive all- the benefits ;`ICCl’\1H1g imdexi this titke the c<m&$ia§s‘ get forth hex·ein. _ (Jung 3, 1916, cQ·134, S. 62,4 $_"_Stat. 19&) ‘ . · 122. Cbmpliancc with yrecediug ,sectiaé.¥-The priwisiems of the xiext preceding section. be £ul&iled if the. iirét strength xixeutianéd theréin be attained by Gum 39, 1929, _;md the othér incrcmemjs pruvidéé ther&in· be atfnixigd by `suyccessivé yégrs thérgstter: Proviéed; That this shail»u0fp1·é- vcpt imy State from compliance hwith ·th$e pwviaicms of section 62. (Jill]. 11, 1919,·é.· 8Q 41 Stat. 1%,} . 2 _. ~ _ 123. Co¤tra¢t_ and nth ~ af ¢nli•t ¤en¢.-—Men' enlisting, in ethz National Guard of the sevgnl States, Ter·ritcrtw, ‘ tm Dis-“ trict of C01umbii.,.sh_aIl sign an em ¤ W t· contract gud subscribe to the fvllbsqng {mth. of e—n1istm¢uf:¤· “I dc hereby 逷 knowledge ic have vqlimtntilyj enlisted - this - ——l————- day at T-1-;»-;··i§=—, ai gsoidicr in the Nntiomil Gugisé at the Hamed 5 States. spd. of the 'Smte qt ·-1+-·-—-4, fo»1·_thé»pcriod qt tmieé (91* {bm) ymr-—-,‘ under? the .cu¤diti0¤i prescribed by law; ummjsooner discharged by props; fauthority. ~ And I `· do wianmky ‘ swear *thafI will bcgr tqithmmi nl1gi1n¢.·€t0`thé United Stqteq qt mid to the State ct and that I will lserve them hdnutly mid faithfully ali their enema ·wpt>mmevex·,· and thu: I- will uber the `cxmtersiof the- Pzésident ot the United Suites and of the Gamma: btthé State of ·-·--#-—-¥.. mid qt the' émcérs appointed ova me ggcording to hw and th? `

_1-uxéssgnq-Aéucnes ¤r w¤»·.··_ _·(1m  4; 1¤m,·¤.   •¤¤¢¤epmZ_

’~’“B~“?‘m·*= “ M ° · 1241 .P¤ri s` of enlistmmt remlist&mt.g——0tigi¤a1 e¤— ·l1¤£mén}s id thp Nétlomi Gimrd shall be tonga period bt three ymrq, gud subsequent eélistments fc; periods ét - one yeggi orthree yéars each; (June B, 1924, é. 275, 5 4; 43, Stat. 470.) _— _' 125. Dischgrgé of ¤H&ed` ¤¤.-—·—-An enlisted msn dischnrggd from service in Itho Iiaticmnl _Gu&rQ.` ékcépt when dmtted iqta the military seivice t the Unitéd~ Statm under the provisions of section Bf of this tme, shaw recsite ·a in ·writing in *s·uch térm and _ th such-cmqihcntimx as is ér pm.}! he pra- 3é1‘ibQd`fOl;‘ the Regmsr Army, sud in time nt pace eiisclinkges _mny be Sivan prioi to` ghaéxpimtioa of- terms. ct enlistnixexqt under 'such mginintious as the Qs: prwcribee (Juqc Q4, 1920, c.:227;`s%¤bch¢ptcr I, S 48,41 t. 781.) _ * ‘ -c1¤.pm· a.;-·-xAr101m1. .cUAm>.`¤¤s¤1zvs. ;_ ,131. tmmmmuz and ‘¤m¤zms¤¤. 132. Enl1stm¤wts._ ‘ , { ·‘ ` 135. Tnnder tram reserve tg ctivé lint and vice` versa. $34. Pay and allairapcea of rvtgta on nctiyrg duty, . ‘ _ b

 131. Est•hl mt   orgs¤izatii;¤.;—Subject to  

Vsuehl gulq and régulntic as _ as _ tpe `Pmsidént may prescribe, 4 National Guatd Rwérve sIr c>rgau1zcd in éngh State, Tearrit0ry,~ and thé District Cc1u£hia, gud shall consist of such i / " fl _ » _ ,