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(_ 91117 { · TITLE , `hgw been or shall be féfiféd V3! muses iricictent taj the; service 1 fm? arriving at the retirement age, shall have ttge sqxpe rank, 4 b€‘"th{. retired list as p¢t‘t&i¤€§!' to their position on the active 4

 , ·(1{• _S_ 5 1482; Aug. 29, -1916,}:. 417;% Stat. /579.) , — ’
 5¢¤§ - ¤§¢crq¥ with permpmrtt rank of agar admiral 4

_ daring “{YQ}° ’. officer of DOW 011 th? ·| ‘ m.;;¤· list who held thé perméngnt. rank of rear admiral duggm nw Wu;·ld—W&r, Bftéf `sértjing tert years in that rank? may, 1 ' ‘ gu me discretion of. the Présidvut, ubc placed upon the rgtired a EQ; with t!,u·cc—fourthS of the pay ~:<§ceiv<·d ·by¤ him_o¤ the active 1 M at mm! daté of ~hiS_ r€¢tir€m€¤tt£ _ (Mg:. _4, 1925, `c. 533, § 29, —: .. sm. 1278.) ‘ · _ A - . " · ${999. OECQIS éfNavY and Marine Corps specifically com- = mended for perférhiancé df duty in actual ccmbdt during 1 'World Wa1".—·.&ll,,0i’fic&rs of thé- Nuvy"and Marine Corps who 1 lmvée nvm: specially éommeuded for their performance of duty 1 5;; m·u,mL combat with the enemy __dur1¤g the World War, by'_ {Im»}1v:1d? of the ex;>cuttve_ department·.undex·9 xvhosefjurisdic- 4

.;;;_¤u¤·1¤ duty was perfprméd; Wheti retired by reason o£_agg "

- iwligitpiiity 'fiuhprgmcticn, shall placgdlupon the retired · xm with uaegruuk otthe next higher gmde (aud with three-. J f..ux·th% ¢»f.t‘hc [Say they vtrould have received if not zidvauced ` , in mul; pursuant to this section; (Mgr. 4,-1925,1;. 536, {.30, 41{S¥:tf.'1279.) _ . - -‘ _ -_ - t · · · . 400. Va·camcieg·‘c¢i1séq¤c1it on retirement filled by pmmp5 y tion according to s¢¤im·ityQ-—Except, as otheryvise provided ·it1 I this title, ting uext.0Qcex· in mm; shalrbe` promoted to the · pim? of a retired _0Qcei·, #CC6l’¢uD§} tp ther establishéd rules i of the service; dud the same rulqcf promotion shall be ap-I T piioti successively -t0 the vgcaucieé `consgqueut upon thé `rgtir<·m<~nt O[l&I1'GmC€l°. ‘ (B. S. § 1458.) . ‘ V Q ` - 401. 0£cer¤ yurétited listwithdrdwn fren éamngind and from- line of promctica.-··-gExcept as otherwiseprévtded. in` this ~· _ titlv. <»Hic·ex·s qu the_retit·ed list shall be withdrawn frog hom- = _m:md a-ndrfrcm the line of promotion on the active list.? (RQ S.

 1459.), ’ · . ‘ A 9

·_ 402; N c prombtibn pr- increase if pay in retited ligt.-·-Q-Ex- T wpt as ¤.tlnei‘wtse provided in this title, there shall be no' pro- · mutieaan or increase of pay {tithe l‘€til%d list of the Navy but * my mnk and pay of oiHccrs_o¤ the retired list shall be the . Msuxrw that they are when such 0&cérs shall be retired. (Aug. 5. 198::, c. 391, § 1, 22 Stat. 286.) . . _ · ‘ " S RETIRING BOARD; · 9 411. Cases proper far reference tb retiring boartl'; composition 'of board;-———\\'hcnéver any ofdcér, on béiug orderc}1 .t;u pt·r1‘·»rm the duties appropriate to his comnilssiou, reports him! wif uzmblc .tQ comply with such order, or whenever, in° the _ _ judg:m·nt.of .t1u.a‘1’re»ideut, an oiilccxé is incqpzzcituted Tto perfmtax the duties of his omcc, the Pnesidént, ut his diécrctiofn lrmy dirvct the Secietary of the NaYy‘ D0 refer the Célsé bf ,SltCh" mti¢·t·z·9`t¢» a bmxxjd of abt more than nine nor less than five com-—_· mi_»$i.¤nw¢l uificors, two-fifths of whom shalkbe ngnémbers of Nw M4.~die·al Corps bf the Navy. Said, bQa1‘d,_ except the otiicers _? ·t;»1·;t·u fmm the_M4edi¢eu1 Corps, shall `bc composctl, as far as txuay {tv., of seniors in rank to the uitiL·er whose disability is l}“N|ili_l’€d'Qf. (R. S. § 1448..) ·' Y _ ‘ ,· M2. 0iHccrs po/t Be retiiedt withqnt. 8 ‘b¢al'i¤¢ befcie · board; exccptiéns.-——N0 Qmccr- of the Navy eshau.ll» be ;ret·ir<=·d fmn mztive s<·:·s·icc, or wholly retircq from the scrviée, witlxouhh · Q full and fair lwming betm·e_ $114-11* Navy tétiring- board, it 9 he shall dcummd -it, eécceptjn cases whom hcymay- be retired my rtim I’1·6>—=ideut at his owh rcquvst, or rm uvcount of aigéor ‘_lt·n:th of’s~ervice=, mj Because of bis_`im·l§g`ihility fnwpronxoticu _· $t*_;¤<¢<;;§¤;t ot age. (R. S._ _§ 14.'55;_`Aug; 29, 1910, c,,417, 39. g¥l.¤..·. `T · l' * · 413. Pcwgrs and duties of Bp•rd.——Saiel~retirlpg board éhizll z » W sxnnthurized to iuquixje into gud dcte1··miuc_t.hé facts touching 1

-1mvr t §t426- y. the nature qua dccasion/-0t the disability_ of any such officert and sha11,lmve` sueh powers of a courbmartial and of a· clmrt it inquiry hs may be necessary. (R. S. § 1449.) " 414. Oath of members of beards-The members efsaid board shall be sworn in each case te discharge their duties honestly and impértisilly. (R. S. § 1450.) . W ' - - _, __ 1415. Flnilings; cause of _ _·incapacity.··—When said retiring! boardflnds an 0&ccr incapacitated- for active service. it shall also iirld- and report the canse which, in itsjndgment, produced ? his incspncltygdaiid whether such· ctmse is au, incident of the service; (R. § 1451.}. ° » , - . 41_6.' Reiisicn by_ the President.#—;A record of the proceedings aulfdecision of the board in each case shall be transmitted to the Secretaryief the Navy, and shall be ·laid"by him” before the President `for·’his approval orqdisappfeval, qi orders in the case. (RJ S,/.§.1452.) · ‘ ‘ { .1417. Efect of finding" of disability due tb incident of serv-. ice,e—When_.‘a retiring bOzu·d_·ilnds thz1fan’ officer is ipczzpscitgnted fer active. service, and that his incapacity is the result ef anincideut of the service, such officer shall, if said decision ‘ is approved by the President, be retired fiom active service with ·retfred_pay.. g_(B.xS. Q 1453.) _ *5 ‘ ‘ 418. Efcct of Bndingi of `disability from other causes.- Wheh said board ilnds that an _0Giée;· is incapacitated- for active seivicggndl that 'l1is_`incapacity‘ is uotthe result of snr incident ot J e service, such oycer shall, if sgxld decision is approved the President, be retired 'from active service on mrldgfgy, or wholly retired frbm service with one yeafs pay/as the President may determine. (R. S. §` -_ ‘ ACTIVE DUTY QF RETIRED OFFICERS _ _ 421. General! rule.-—-Except ascthefwise provided by·· law, :16 omcer dn n the, retired 'list of the Navy shall be einplcyed on atctiveduty except in time of wet. (R. S. S 1462.) ` 422, Employment on active duty with cEcerY• consentelix time of peace any naval officerf on theretlred list may, with his consent, in thedlscretion of the Secretary wit the Navy, lie ordered to such `duty as he may be able tofpertorm at sea or Q dn shbre. (Ang. 22, 1912, c. 335, 37 Stat..329.),_ · . · 4232 gability to active duty as time of war or nstieml emerge y.--—·During the existence of war .er ot- a national emergency declared `by the President tmexist, any cemnnissigmed oxiwarrant omcer oiltlle Navy or Marine Corps of the United states on the retired list may, in the discretion of the Secretary l . of the`NaYy, be ordered tb active duty at,,_sea or on sheref °(July 1, 1918, c. 114,- 40 Stst. 717; _Juxie· 10, 1922, c. 212, {17, 4:5 Stat. 632.) _ t "' ‘ · ‘ -` 42,4. Assignment of retired 0§ccx·s to cemmigzd of squadrons and ships.--In tii11€'_0f_ war the President, by and with the advice and consent fof the Senate, may detail 0Ece-rs on the retired list for the command of squadrons and single ships; when he believes that the good of the service requires that tlnefshall be so placed in command. ·(R._S. 5 1463; Msy 22,· 1917, c. 20,· §. 18, 40 Stat,89.) _ · ° 425; Frpm lwbht grades commanders of squadrens selected; njank, title, and authnrity.··5—·~In making suld details jthe Presidt%llfIl1H§}’ select any eflicer not below the grade of eomulander and assign him to the command of n squadron, with tl1c,;·£mk' and, title of "ili;_g omce-r"_; and any emce1···lso_as.signed shall have thesnme authority and receive the ssnle.t;0bedicnce {rom the commanders of ships inhis squadron lielding cemmissions of an elder date than his that heweuldl be entitled to receive lf his (°0mU]i$$i0iI were the oldest, (R.=>S. §' -—1-164; May 22, 1917; ce. 20, §‘18, 4Q Stat, 89;) _ . ` . 426.. Resterstien of such cnmmandcrsto active list.--·Retired_ edlcers so detailed for the command of squsxdrens and single ships ma? be tgstoréd t0·tl1e active list, if, upon the recommendation of the President, they shall receive at vote of thanks