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§ 292 TITLE .v.»— lug, `ieediug, wuterl1eg,.l;oldi¤g, defive·ry,,ol1ipe;eut, weighing, hundliug in eoxuuxerce, of livestock; — 1 ‘_·· {cj The term " u1urket._ggouey" means any person enga; iu the ebusiness of A {1`)i buying or selling in commeroeo livesk ot A stockyard ood counmiesiou basis or (2)1f\11l‘Di3%1l[l§ sto §'§i!‘d—eSt§YYlC€S;@{1{l;` u 4 » _. 4~ (de} Tue term " dealer ?’; means 3Ey1§€1‘S0¥l, not Q mar} ’ egenoy, eugeged in the bu siues;s· of ouying or selling iiuo co merqelivestook dt oa stockyurd, either eon—1hl*.$ ,_ow,u uocotmt as the employee org agent of the vendor or purchaser. '(A old, l921,ref6-1, § 301; £$j1SteL1@,) l ‘ll ° o · _~ o 1 1202; "‘?1Stodyard;"_ l determination by Seeretary 1to y¤rd.——(e) ewlgeo u&d_;oiu`1sectious_201 to 2171,` elusive, ofthld clxdiater theterm {stookyurd 1*’ 1meun$ any pla eeteblisluuéo to, 1or feclliil1;§i eoxumonly kuomi as `:stoclryurgls.,_1e ducted or operated_ifo1€_""_compeusotiou' ortwout as :a*pul>lic,m ker, consisting of pods,. or`? other iluélosuresyoud thelro app teeunees, in whiolxi live o euttle,» sheep, eueiue, horses, mules; goats ure received; eue1u;;.o: kept Sole or. shipxuent in ·-ci memo. _S—ections` 201 to 217 inclusive'otQ't11ls;·cohepter}skull _: deploy e to on Btockyerdi of which the ure; 1£01iH1&ll`y ’ niéailable _1 l1undliug1li$·¤est®k,i1"exelusive 1of;¥run$,i dlleys, or ipaésdge wa isiéw lkml fW餢¥"iiiQ¤$§iid f¢€€· lllé ·· · 1 · ;,»(b)“Tl1e..·Secret·ury `shullfrom tixue to_ft1iu1e.~ uscertf1i11,1af such u 1he*·1deem$ foecessary; the stockyordé; 1 lwh ’ lewithin the i_ foregoing definition; Yuiidi 11 shall 4 §véT o uoi

 tojithe stookyerdl owoe1§sodo.coi:cerue<l,o am1`_1:;iVe  qpul

jnoitice by: C0[)l€§`1.0f4$l1ChQ&1H0ti(*$ in » t]l€;1_S£(l `. {ard; and in Such other Liuunuer bei may -deteriulue._" 141 do the Qvlgw of such jxrotice .to1_1tl1é»sto&:yai·d‘ eowpezoouo to public, me ·»é£ookymz·d-“ shall _111`§IBl2liIi· oubjectr to the prorisious l seetious to 217 >m¢1d$1vo ot » uuti1"_llkegj}not , is :1i*o¤e1o·.o¢he`eSe¢~t¢r1 that Such stwkmde no o1<»¤ge¤·.c¤¤ wluue we roregolog ‘deH¤ltiou.` (Aoug.?15; ‘1o21,_i¢.’ 64,o_1 go oa 42 Sill-*1®QJ;, - J so Q · ,—&ky·i<for*ifsilui‘e to .register;+Afte‘t  ;expiratl0uo ot grid l {lays erm me oecremy me given; peb11o‘¤odce_too¢_o¤y,q:o 1 yard is `svltblu th€`odQhDllZi(!H-;10§ section of this "&Ch§{)t€1*_

 ;¢<>mo¤1o£1o¤¤ch o¤¤5ée inithe oétoékysrdguwcrsou sh

osxrye ou- t1ie ibusiueée o oi market ageoci or deeler ut. on

  che has  registered¤»with¢_tl1e1.Sée1retary· uni

$¤¢h ·¤·¤¤1 ¤‘¢31¤i¤€i<>¤$- ¢¤¢ B¢¢i‘€¢¤¤‘3’“ mfeseribeg name address, the character off busiixessf an which he . engaged, edu; me ki.uds1o£ osroegyeru ifoauy, 11 ·whioh furnishes `atjeuch stocltyerd. ,Wl1oever· rlolat& the`j_proviei·

otathig egeeuoo shell? be`liab1e   a gualty of not more tl
 for eoeh ouch  oEeusof_ aud¥1:not_1ozore j1thuu__$25“` tor` ez

dey it continues, wl1iélisliull_·,acoruo to the United Stetes s

¤my.‘bo__ro¢o&*ér& ini E1 ciyil octionf drought bjr,-tl1e° Uni
 Stoleol, 1(Aug. 1}15QY192i. é;164,~$1‘30¤'$; 42 Stat;-163.) ·e.‘`“ t   4 ~

204. Bond and of i·egi$raet3.++——Tho“.'Sec~retdi·y ` Agriculture my requlreQre&so1iable_ bo1ids,from‘eve1€i ugeucy dud dculer; uudersuoh rally e_nd_,ifegulut_ions· help rprezécribe, to secure the percommo oi! their aoobligui:iou·s,~ on

u·heue§·er; after.,du_e` notice and hearing the Secretary `H1

any: ro;; i&=tro¤t ,1¤1iuso1S‘eot-or’ has violated miiy provisiontliis 1che.ptor he may leslie a$x1»11”ox*der o1ispeudlug· duel; regism tor a reusoziable .spoofiledperiod1._ $uoh_.order·1of `suspejms $l1z1ll1tuke‘el'fo€t within-not less thomdvve dayé,. unless suspeue or oaodidod or set aside lay the ·Seorjetar3i1 of Agrioxnltuire oa ~t*oui‘t."_6f competent jurisdiction. (Feb. 16,; 1925, 200, 143181 i851;>' or  » i 205. Gcnorxlfduty os to sorrioedev-It shall be the duty every1 oetookyard owner and market- ageuoy 1to}£urnié11 lu] ._ reasonable -‘ request, without Blsorlminutioiz; rmsouable sto l {yard services ut ouch stockyord. (Aug. 15, 1921, c. 64; B E W142 SI8{4_164·)o1‘ 1\_1 1 `1 1 1 1 1’ 1

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or 206. RQILQ IHd·¢h8P§é8 QERSYUIY §'&$€1’i¤%$kri\¤£i0!\.¥¥QA}} r-agp L

   or charges made fm' RR! Btéékytfd   ftirnighgdigg .8

gm Efzackyvd by V .gt°'?$Y¥*`§‘°°"’“€*’ Q? m$*‘¥€f Qgéucy sha11Qb€—j,g._;: ’°k "?"“°”“’¥°· *°d *‘°”?d*$°’*§”**°**°¥F}} RM Mi ‘é¤:¥¤¤¢. 7 ¤¤z·¤@§;gY ckg gblc, q1f »diS¢1*imi¤¤§0fY‘1Z¤_¢€»<>¥ @8%% is Fféhibitcd smd d¤eq,·1Q;·w;

 ·*9P° “'¥Y°*f“I*  ”(A“ 8· I¤» 1Wi£ €·~· 6**· $  305; 42 Stat. my  ~  
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rm-° 1f;t¢$ : ‘@s§ti¢s{j+-(g_¥·W1tl¤ii:; gigiy gags aim,. tm, M ·S颤‘¢*m ¤¤¤ 8*~¤ v¤¤¤¤ ‘¤¤¤¤e w·¢ sr mnmrdg v.·¤4;;,g ug. · the ,dg§;€xi;ti<mbcf~ pmti;m— ss! thisj a1mgter,` by phggjng (.;;%,8 W vt lmticq; Qlihithe like stc@yam gmgm- gm _&S avery market &g}1—cy“_;t’ ·sméh· gtoehyg;-5 "&·g, ¤y& ;w.ith‘ Um

?“’  1 S“°*‘°m?¥·  mid  ¤'?” * *?~”*¢  W9 <?P® ¢¤  P¤¤¥& Mwiim ai Jmé

{ce, t stockyard, .schedu1es¢_ shcwiégggli ‘rgtw¥ a¤dY.chargm Rig; ;g;,éf on- gstockygrd S€P it Silfh Véstmk; gx} , yam. If g market gge¤¢y»é¤mmé§l¢é§ 4&£ the stoekygm m·· · _ g1’ter the~expfrat§onA q£. sixty days s¤& §&e¢m1¤; HWS; ’ be or tiled betoie any stjtjclgyarwsetvicw am , ‘ >¤*+ <¤·>* S¤~¢¤ ~ ¤¤h¢¤¤ ié# ·¤¤w ¤¤¢i¤¤r,¤=¤==¢ ·=n mk Traces my ¤°£_ ‘¢¤¤¤*gé¤_ i¤ ·¤¤¢h <1¢¢¤ii*é$ '$¤¢f€€¢¤i my mma. and shan fo? — _§1·$0_8mt€ am? Fi? @-83.1 éhangc,

 &Héct,` or.détermin¢, a¤y.       mg}; I-gt%_,~,,L
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ter Sgcretiry. may‘·dé1;e¥·mi§§ tm mm§g·g· i¢¥¥ * inf Whiéh ?¤¤<¤¤ ” ·¤¢¤=¢d¤¥$7· bé Qirfsnmip am ¢ p iff ¤¤¤¢¤i1·· J ¤¤¤ frm M rim  ;¤nm¤$— in >ii¢_ résivérrf ¢¤¢:ét¢T ¤s-"¤;ayW be · é ¢ . ??k' ‘ ·‘ ,:N°Tché”g€é;$h@u» b°- K the l}`¤¥J°!1¢b$1‘§€$,Sé ` Pte?.] €’i¢¢P£ té the Scarce th? mi'? @**6 ii<>‘ 6* ’i>*ibli¢<>m®_1 wé. is whi<:h

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ig}? ft¢¥3d¢¥é$ f9iT ming which {lie hwfm- __ 1_ iydticé _ of 'ftq el!eétigre»·;~d;n_te,·( guy, ° by @**3* ? *¥*¤ $•¤¤¥¤¢¤?‘¥. h¤¤#!i b¢ $*°¥d=‘¤¤**`i¤>¤ der (é)_ Whei;ere;· there ihiuled with` fsékdsgkey his A stating a`, new raté ¢>i·_-chgrgg of 0:* irractiéé

 iS;}    wediés Jaiiy ernte `<>r  =¢¤Srg¤;  tké     ¤¤1’¤>¤». `

@67 p¢>mpl;in_t·>6r  »<m?¤ Initiative ~wit#®tQ _ ¢omp!si¤t ,` st} mms ‘:¤¤~¢e,~_égx;a— .y1: he oxiaetg m¢¤m;—¢—?mwm cr_¢t1w:“ {erm! mu plégilihg by ith; pmfscng ming Qc}: but _ té&s¢.¤¥-Q néh abie nétice, féptpr hpon ¤»hegr‘ingi c®¢¢r¤ix gtm ”l;wf¤l¤eSs md f A of such__raté,"cl1arg*éQ; r¢g¤1a,ti<m, @1-; pméticel jsmd Suéh téd hearing gnd~dééis1ou» thar¢¤¤ _ thai,  ;§ ii~n§ with _,

 [ §~ Sliélfscliéklnile aid ~éé1ive1fi¤g__£9     n_ state- L

‘ of ment lp _$*titi;1g°f9£ his reasons mn may suS—Q__ kéti Ipéudi the 0pé1iat;i(m of éi1¢h· schedule jgx;g1‘ deny: _0f such W _(. my" `1‘£1te,{QI1§rgé{ ;·¢§guYatiq1£,.0t»prg¢t§¢e£ but nqt‘fm· ai 10ng&t p€?iQd` ’

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pd? into · eiaci; {mid alter héélfilis, W§®U3€*!f €*>¤¥3Pl¢f€d E**’f‘**`*’ ` Gif Or &f¢e1*_·tbe—_ rate; ghgnge, rggulqticug ar g—rnét:icg.gms;_»int0 e£fé<?Y. um tim uiay" make; such cider “'£#it_h` reféféncé thereto &S km  ;wc1iId pr0per`—iu a initiaéed ·after»it ,had·' become led ’cfm<:ti’veQ *1} anymuch heséiixg (san.1iat-1b@5~“_c<ii1¢I¤ded4_`-WiihiH· ' r a ‘tihe pcriod df `sg1spension,·ihe` Se¢i§ét&ry may extenekfhe ·@imé .<>f ” tat; su$;@;—siq¤`t0~: q,.furt·hér pétiog1 ¤k>texcgeqigg thi;·tyydays, ami. , [ i if_t;he*proceeding lmsynct cmwmd& and an mder made at . M5 t1w#Qxpirati0;i·.0f·»s11c·h; thirty days, th; proposed cliqnge of . pim rate, éharge,_regu1ati<m, pr giracticc shall go into effect at the cg; endo! such pe1.·i0d. 7 [ F. 9 ‘ - W

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