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§ 225 fE'§i€`l»l5 ,s.,z;stw*.~g (f) The term "imm!gratiou laws" includes this chapter cmd ull iaxvé, coummious, and treaties of the United States rvsmting to tlxcdiuimigrutioh, exclusion, or explusiun of aliens; `(‘g) The t@rm»"p&rs01:’ inciudes imlividmils, p21i·t‘11@mhipS, corporations, and associations; ‘ · , d _ (h) The term "C0mmissioncr Gener:1l" mums the _C0mmis— siimer Genemi of Immigration; — t _` · (i)_ The term,"applicatiqn for admission "· has reference to the zuipiicatiun for admission to the United States and not to the uppiicaticm for the issuance of the immigration visa; ` ,(j)1 The témi " permit;»" means da permit issued under section 211) ptpthis title; ’ t X ._._ 4 ; t t ·· . ‘_ (k) The temi _"u11m£1rried,·’,’ whexruscd in 1°_6f€I°€l;lC€ to any imlhidual us, of may time`, means an individual who at such -4timza not married, whether 01‘_.ilQt previously married; _. »(l) The terms "¢hild,"."father," and "mother,’? dd not in-· __ (dude a child cr parént by adoptiou unless thé udoptioxie took plate before January 1, 1924; ‘· l I l I Q · (m) The termé " wife" and " husband " dp not include a wife or husband by masuxi of a pmxy, or picture marriage. t (May 26, 1924, c. *190, § ,28, 43 Stztt. 168; Junc 2,.1921, c. 233, 43 Stat, 253.) 225; Agipmpriutiuga authurized.——-The appropriation of subh ?sum§ gs- may be `hecessary ·fo1'·th9; enforcement of this gubchapter is authorized. (May 26, 1924,·é[190, § 29, 43 -Stat;·169?}_ r 226. Partial ig1vaiidityl;` éiect ct';->If any provision of this subchapter, or the application thereof t0_ any tpersm; by circumstances, is held irivulgl, the remainder thereof, and the apl plicatiou of such provision to dtherpersfbns for circumstances, shall- xmtlbc affected théreby. t (May, 26, 1924, ·c. 190, S 32, ‘43 8¢¤t·1@-) [ f ‘ ;f~ d ’ ·227. aligns temporarily adnhittcd undcr·Act Mdy·_19, 1921, nm} uudezibcnd in excess of quotas may remain,-—Aliéns who entered the Unitpd Stutesxbefcre Muxfch 7, 1922,* in excess of qxwtaxg éxed under dutheritybt Act May 19, 1921, chapter 8, Fottysecond Statutempage 5, entitled "An Actttolimit the immigration ot alientslnm the Uuiléd. States," and were tempo-’ ,_ra;·it1y' admitted under bond, muy, if otherwise ,udmiSsible,_. aud 1 if tmét subject tb, deportation for other causes, the -pérniitt¢d by t thétSec;*ctm·y of Labor toicmatu in the United States, without `_ regard tu thé provisions of suéh,Act of May 19, 1921. In the éase of any alien so permitted to remain the bond shall be Vcance1edQ_ {Dec.`27, 1922, c. 15, 42 Stat. 1065.) ‘ _ Q " {  »Ccrthin alicus arriving. in excess. of quota pér»r`n§t¢d·t0 rcma.i¤.-—-The fblicwlug alien$‘:1rris··ing°in» excess of quotas 'wiixed aunder authority bf Act- May lt}, 1921, chapter 8,; Forty-second Stamtcé, page 5;_eutitk>tl "An 4Act_t0 1imit_tl_1c` immigration of nliwxstintcu the United .Stute§," A8 amended mid extended, were, it ctbctwiset admissible- aud `itnct subjéctr to Ideportutiou fm: tot er icuuses, p1·0perly`t,pcrm°ttted to enter sind; remain `iu the /JE4ted States without regard, to the pmvistbus of subh Act. of ’ May*19, ISH, as amended `andt exte1ided:· , · · · ` - y (1) Aliens admitted prior tobimw 7,,1924, in éxccss of quota .,;_;and charéed tothé quotact a ]&t01'_.‘BiQ!}tb§, » t t · L (2) Aliens admitted ptriof to said date uudexya construction ct `such. 'Act-0£,May.19, 1921, required- by court. dgcistbn; 5 . · » (3)- Aliens &1'}'iViIlg—·ilk1 the United States, utter May ,26 und before July L`1924, whe; departed fur t1m’Ux:ited” States trcnn the last port outside the United St11t€B‘01’·0\1tSiQ€ foreign mn- V tigucus territoryuu- or béforge M:1y·26,,192—1, beliéving in gucicl `fhith that°they‘ would bé admitted pursuant to·a ,c0ns*truc·ti0¤ of such Aut ct May 19, 1921., requfréd by mutt decisionj and ‘ b — _ (4) Altczgts tcmporgnrily muxittcd prim: ts June 7, 1924,* under bond to relievetzasczs ci extreme hardship. ‘ _(J1mé,7,‘ 1924; c. A379, 43 Sm¥.·43·69,) g - * - °· ·_ A -· ` 229. Act· May 19, 1921, chaiptcxj 8, in foi·cc·far_ iépositiotn, ' collection, and énfurceximnt of pcnnltiu; deportgtiun bf aliens · entering in violhtioga. ti1cr¢éf,-——·Actt May 19, '19;Z1,,€h&ptcr S, ,'1·`urty$s¢·c0nd,S·tatute.fs, page 5, entitled “An Act to wt the

AND (,’12IZHQ\"S111P ].X?l i innmigmtirm of aliens into thi? Ulliwel St=lt€%€,” me §Ill(!K§c]i>;] my iextemiod, shall, DOY.\¥'i['ll$tHHdiD g its expiration 011 June ;;e_ ]$)24,r1'(§lll21iH in £or<:¢2 i;h@l‘c21f£;&2t‘ for ihB'i11z;¥<1Sii $<3tl, C¥3}}%*(’fie{;4 and enforcement fsf all penalties that may have uceeruerl tln—;·.o "under, nm} any alien who- prior to July 1, 12}*34, ttrgy 1,;,,, entered the United States in. violation of such Act or regmetions xriude thereunder muy be deported in the same n1:um,.;· as if such Act hild-I10£"`€X[¥iI‘€3tl._ (May 26, 1924, c.t1£}{}, § ;;e 43 Stat;169.) . ‘ l . 230. Certain Alien residents ccnscripted or vielmnteering fi.? service during ·W0rld _Wa¤t lawfully t€&dmitted.—+N¢$txt·1;§;- etandirtg the provisidnsof Section. .136 of this title, aliens lgw;- fully resident in the United States when enlisted or ·xw~§.e ccnscripted for the military. 01* naval servi}ce.‘Qf the Iinitezi b States,»0r of any one Ofthe nations cobelligerent of the Ifrliteei ‘ States in the World War; and `alieris lawfully resident in thh United States .who enlisted f_fo'1° S€l’ViC9_ with Czechoslovek, · Polish, cr other: i11depe_1€1dent¥‘*forcBS. &tt&C}&€l to the {I11it;,».% States ‘Arm·y‘0r to the atluy-—-0;.11avy of any 0¤?‘0£~the cobelligl

 érents of the Uni‘ted_`States in the ·W0;·ldt W§,L.whc witleée after `the‘te1fminirtion of the war applied for reeebntf- . sion to this country, after being honorably discharged or ,grzmted furlough ;1broad·. by the proper military or nzwel .!ll]ult)1‘fti€S, or attetg being rejected `on una! examination te ' l connection with their enligtment or. conscription were, within ` . two yea_rs;after the termination of the war, Iewfully readmitterl into the United States; end any alien not either of the foregoing 'descriptions- wh0°w0uld· otherwisejheje been excluded -umier said section 136-011 ·tl,n`e<.gro1md that he- was. idiotic, imbeeilo; feeble-minded, 'epilépticg inszme,·-or =has·hed‘ one or more eb , tacks: of lnszmity, or on the glfo\1Bd tmtx he was. afillemi l with constitutional psychopathic inferiority, ttxbercmosis, bx .10uthsome or dzm.;erous‘contegi0us disease, or mental defect. was lawfully readmittedxwbere if was proved that the disability was acquired- while theelien wee serving in the xnili- Mitiilxfy "orlnzliullforées of the -U11itedtStates or of any once! the zmtiqus cobell-igerétlt of, the United States. World \‘§’:u·; or ill!-EH independent force et the kind hereinbefore dwcribed, rA.if.'SUCh—8H€l’l l`Qt_\1l{I1€d~_t0'&.D017t ori the United States within jtwo yezxrs after the termination of the-wer.; (Oct. ·19,1€>lS,

 0-190, 40 Stat. 1014.) _· .··   `

.Clmj} 7.-4-QEXCEQUSION CHINESE;. _ Suc..' ___ i· · r J · 261. Control ofiexclusion- of Chinese. j · - V . V

  • 262. Sumo; otll~ce—r enforcing? Cbinegetexclnrsicxrnlaw at lhishington. .

. 263. Coming ot. cuguese, laborers to United States `éuspended. " 264. 8a'me;»eiemptions. _— _ · _ ‘ __ e 265. Cblnese"otlxer than laborers; mrtiileates of identity; . · 7 2G6:;Lisfs `ot Gninese. passengers by mnsters ¤t.+.~e¤el¤ grriving from · forcign_por_t5. _ ev W _ · t · 267. Same; comparison with certl¤ca.tei before lending nlllcmred.

268.. Forteitures_ot‘ vessels. · o L t ‘ ·. ° “ r `

2697 ‘Bri¤glm:, or, landing Chinese epcrsons not entitled to·ent<·r:

 e “ penalty} _ · I , V — _ .

2.70._Cértit1ce._tcs ot identity under Act May 6,_18Sf.E, void, l » 2'{1._C’blnese potto enter by land vgjithent certitleatej payment}? _' charges for mallatenanee or return et Chineso_pcx·;m¤s. 272. Perkons eiempted from application of eiclusien law. P _ _ ” 273.fPe"rs0xas to whom exclusion law is applicable; “`Cbiuwe lgb<>r¢·P¤‘S· _ · GPHUQO. _‘ Q ‘ I l 274. Violations of Inv; punishable. r . 275. _R•:·turn.0t Chinese laborers latter departure pérmltted_·cc_ndltl¤»¤¤- - ally; g . I -- g · 7 "`f‘ o

 276. Berne; cotulitionns under ewblclrthey mey return.   .

277.- Same; identiticutiun-of laborers; eertmcates; ports td! entry. 278. S&t¤c:.fog‘txlz1tions. _ _ “W L d · 1 V _ 279.. Same; landing Cfbitnesse in contravention of law. B = A 280. Same:. masters of vessels in_ distress excepted frem pel¤_=1Ub’e ` , prescribed. o ‘ ‘ -2’81.·Bum0;·»&ltering name in or forging certificate, pr false p£‘¥`S0¤fTf · *282. S&H*le.§’ altr<*st' Sn:} removal of Chinwe unlawfully in Unllvd QStntes.·- _· V ’ · · r