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A P 20395 TITLE 3§.-JMINERAL , 192. Paym»e¤t_}¤f myalties in eil ar gas; shle ¤f_ wah oil or gas. 8 _ ° · Q_ . _ Q A Sei: pate to § 183. { V 193. Bispqsitiaa of depmits of cul, etc., in Wyoming. was _1sz as Tgck ss enmaedf-Agi at Feb. 25, 1920, c. 85, §_:—i7Q— ‘ 41 Sta;. 451; ccumqituting § 193 of Titic 39 at the Code, has been ,ameia¤§e—d m. iacinée Qdepasits at suighur, by Act Ap:. 17, 1926; qc; 158; i- 5, 4; Stat, $@2. Sm mts mj 181. Y ‘ _ _ _ 4. Om ma GAS I 222;. nf or gag pmspectiing permit authorized.-—-Auy @11 or gas pruspectihg permit issued Ender the Act eastiiied ‘fAa Act; gc. prcmate the miging of coal, maosphate, oil, . gi; glmie, gas; and gsédium the public dqmainf {approved .}‘;;=§;m1ary 25, 19%, Gr extémied imder the Act e¤titléd_ "‘A§ Act ta matiwrize the Secretuy of the Interior to grant exte¤$i<ms` gf time x1::de1•—<:i<l§ ami gaé permits, and 6ihe1·`purpose$,*’ appmved January 11, _19‘§. m§;1y~bé éxtmded by the Secretdry af the Iéteriar fair an ad.di§<ma1 period éf two`-yéaré, if he shall ‘ im:} fhat the permitteé has been zmébie, with the exercise of

·{>as·¤»m1h1e diiigemye, to begin drilling vapgraticus `cr to. drill

weiis of the depth ami within fhg iime required byexistiisg- law, gr has dril1ed.wel1s of the demh and within -tI§e= time _1;equi1·éd his existing. law, mid has failedtc discover oil dt gas, andidlesims tal pré§cut<=· fm·ti1er.vexplcrati0¤. .(Ap1·._ _5," 1926, c. 107{ _§ 1, -14 Siat,236.) _ . · " _. , l - , a -_ New sec t$¤§a. This S€~..Qti<m an th? section nexy folicwiug are an Agri emitwd €‘A::` Act to gram extensions of timgy undef oil and gms pemai¥s,"'- ciwd ta text. For aipplicabie provisions ot Act. 1*%.*25; 1929,*qud Ag: Jax:. 11, 1922, mégmoned in tmssection, we ii 221 and 222"af Tit!¢·&0 of the Code. . __ · ~ r ’ 222h~ af permits saready expir&.-——Upon axppli- catiéa to thé Secxrtary‘qt the Iuteriqr, and . szibject. to valid

 imervming rights and tc thé provisions of section `1 of 4 N

‘Act,*‘ hg? par6Y{ w1Sich ha$_al1i§ad y expired becaiisé of lack 'ot ‘ Qiiihikfiii under existing law to Este furfhér extensions, may °

attended for ag pericé of two .yéa1rs {mm the date of 'the
passage at this'Act.W (Ap;. $26, c. 107,} 2, _44 Stat. 236.}

' Blew section, See gate Q6 {4222a .,‘_ _ l

   8. Smésmf {New]

~q 271. Presyectkg pemita'; lads i¤cl¤ded.—··-The Secvreta ty df _ the imeriar is hereby 8lItH8»i'i@ and dirécted,.undér s;1¤ch‘rules sad @1amm as he my prescribe, tc` grdxit to any qudli§ed_ · applicam n permit whi@ shall gfive the 4_excl;1sive__ vi@t to for sa} ur in lands belonging to the Unitéd Stats in the State of — ,.., for A-period cfimt exceeding tum y&m :' That the areal fo’be'inch.1ded in sm n- pémit shall be um: excéediag six hundred and forty mbms of ia Amasmxably trompagzt {crm. (Apr. 17, 1926, c., 158,} 1, 4.4 Stat. @1;} l ·_ _ . . _ ,»`‘ j ' 272. _I@¤ ia mivilcges tq nil and ‘ Sts per¤§te¤.·w-Uma zihowing td the Aaut is_facti0u of the Secmmryy at me Iuherioz {hat vnmsble depwts of éulphur have hem discavemd by the  !£(9B_Withiil the area covered by his permit, and that the land is ciiieéy valuable therafér, the `perwww shall be emitled to g férany or all csr 1m»d_ · émbmved in the»·prmpecfi¤g permit, at h royalfyvcf 5 per ` cemxam of the qsmmity fir` value bt the cmtput of sulphuii . at the pcixit of shipment tg market, such lease to be taken in émupaci; {aim by legal subdivissicns ot the publicgland surveys: sgxiit the landbe hot surveyed, by.‘surv¤·;v executed at the c0$t of the permittae ini m:c0rda::@`,wi{h regul&t.i 0¤s Bfégcifibed bi? the at the —I¤terioi·:._Pm1zid4e.q, That where any per- &Oil having been granted wm mi and gas pgrmit makes; a dis;. L"*"S·=~cticn 1 ot iing $4:;** guauxdm u·;¤¤g;gted **s¤ction 222a at thfg titleknt i1m=appeg;iix." · _ . » _ "Ncv»j subdiviamn. The sections under whiz subgllvision are an A¢·t_ .

  • =‘¤tii1ed "A¤ Act ta émmote rimducmm of sulphur upon the public

éomaiu wuzma mg s:.a,;e of m¤m ¤¤ ¤," gated ta text. ··


x LANDS AND MIXING cover? of sulphur in land; covered by said permit, he shall have the same privilege of leasing not to exceed six hmxdred and fatty acres of said 13mi.uude1" the same terms and conditions as are given a sulphur permittee under thé provimcus of this $~e€t§0n. (Apr. 17,1926, c. 158, S 2, 44 Stat. 391.) _ ‘ Secxxctetoj-27,1`. "‘ _ » · - L? l I 273. Lease- `of lands not covered by permits or leases; W renta1.5—L3uds kqcwn to Qontain valuable déposits of suipmir and rmt: covered by permits gr lgases shhisl be held subject) to lease by the Secmtary of the Interi0r_ through ads*e:·tiScment, competitive bidding, -0;* such other methods as be may by gem-3•$l_reguIati0zxs adopt and in such amgs ax he sha}! fix.’m»£ exceeding six hundred and forty acsmg; all leases tc bc mmtij _ ticned ugon thejpaymexxt by the lessee at such rcyaity as may be fixed in the`léa$e éml the payment iu. adégzxicc of at rental of 50 cents per; acre per amium, mea, renfal yizxid for any one yéar to be credited against the myglties ac%;rui:x g· for tksat zéear. ° (Apr. 17, 1926, c. 158, § 3; 44 Stat. 301.) ‘ g. Sec n0¢0`t0 § 271. < - ", Q ‘ . .274; Lands]contai1jai;1g ééal gr other minera}s.—P;*<>¢;}e<·{’i:s;;· permitsf or leases may bé issued inéqthe discteti0 ¤`·¢xf, the $§s¤::e· tary "`of the.Intef§m·_unqer··the provisions of this Act 5*% for clepe »:iis ‘ of -sul,phm·‘i1; pgxblic {ands also contaiixing com or ather mimwxzls Y 0;; éondition that szich other deposits he reserved to the Euitéd-· Stétesifoxj disposal ‘UI1d€l‘: épplicabke laws. ;(AQ§. 17, 1926, c. 158, § 4, if Stat. 302.) i  ; » ~ ' ¤ Seehnotc to § 271. -- \»».} _ . 275L Laws _ appl$csb!eQ—#—The general provisions `ot sectién 1 ami Seétimis `26 to 38,** .inclusfvé, _ of thé Act QE February 2:3, 1920, entitled f‘An Act $0 promote the lminigg of coal, phasphate, Bil, °0il shale, gas, ang} Sodium on the putilic giuwainf are méqle. applicable t0· permits and leases mzdér this Act. (Apr. 17, 1926,°c.158, § 5, Stat, 392-)-- I W ; ·. `. -Spe note;-to .§ 271.. · " » 276. Act applicgble "to L0uiaia.¤§ qnly.-—-’1That~§ke pmvisiaas ~0f_this Act°° shall apply only to the State of Lcéisimm. (Apr. 17, 1926, 0. 158, $*6, 44 Stat. h

 See note to 9271. I

Chhéler .4.°-eLEASE QF GOLD, SILWR; OR QUICKSILVER “ DEPOSITS. WHEN TI{If_LE_ `CONFIRMED BY COURT GF PRIVATE LAND CLAIMS. [New.] “ x 291, Lease of gold, sQlve;·, gr quicksilver deposits on had titke to which _ condrmcd by Court of Prlwate Land "Ciaims. 292. _R0jra ltigs and rentals; dispaeitig 293. Duties of Seérctary of Iuteriqr. _ f 291. of silver, ér guicksilver mz laah title to which w¤§rmed` by. éf Piivste Lend C‘laims»—————-. Hereaftar all gold, silver, pr ksi1mr_dep0sit;S, mr mines cr ~ minemls of thé same eh lands cmbtaced witlxizisny land claim coxmrméd _ or- hereafter COBEEHRGG. by decree of the fiéurt at Private Land Claims, hand which did not uiznvey gkxe minemt . rights to the grantee. by'.t_hc terms. of the grant, and ta which such g1·§ntee"·hq$‘nct- bemnw atherwvise~entitI`é¢i in law as in equity, may be leased by the Seéretawy fh? the Imeriisr to the _ grantee. or to tlmse claiming thmugh or tinder hfug, for a period of twenty, yéaps, with thé pwferénfiafg right in the ta renew the same for successivé pericds of ten years, umm smrh reasogable terms andfccmditziohs hs may be pms<·n·i.h+;>d by the S<=· the Interior, unless otherwisse pmdded by law at ¤·¤··'1‘hi§‘Avr" szmmd be tmxmmed "s<><·ti0i1s ::1*1-·276 at this mia of thé‘a,pp{·ndix:." ~ · ‘ ‘ _*Sectid§ s 1 and *26—-3S of Aet of Fel}, 25. {S20, guvntimwd in text, GOHSHQTUYQS 5 181‘and »§§ 1854192, résgreetiwly. of Two 30 of the L‘0de·. `°Ncw subdivision. Tho sections: under this gxubdivisinxx are an Ast _ ewititled *%:3 qcrwmnacang tp patents issued [!}!!"$\t}§lD{ to éwrcu at the V Cumrt of Private {Land (‘kasim¤," critim to text. `