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§ .1_2rj Az·;1·LE 19.4-our the weight; shall be taken after any éxcessive sizing is removed

 by boiling orjother sditable process. · _ X A  

Pu; 905.· Tire fabric 01'A{&b1'iC'fo1‘ use iu_ pneumatic tires, including cord fabric, 25 per ·centx;mxud (valorom. . . ._ ._ . Pm. 906; jIn addition to the duty or duties imposed upon ootton cloth immmgrapli 903, there shall be paid theifollowing ciuties, `namely : jO¤ all cotton _C10€hS’_##0Yél) with eight or gtnoreo harnesses, or with ZI`a¢quard,`1appot,` or swivel gttagzlgments, 10 o per cehtum hd valorem; on all oottou cloths, fothér- than the foregoing, woven with drop boxes; 5 j per centum ad valoremj · {ju no oaée shall the duty“or duties imposed upon éottori clothr • in paragraphs 903, or 903 auq exiceed 45* pci? centum ad valorem.;_ ” W ··`: '· 4 Pu. 907. yaucang cloth, ·5 cents per square yard and 20 pc; ce1itumIad`val0rom;‘cotton window hollauds, all oilcloths (éx- ccptzsilk oilcloths and oilbloths lor iloors) , and iilléd_ or coated cotton cloths not specially provided for, 3 cents) per square yard and 20 per contum ad valoreug ; `iwaterproot cloth" composed wholly or in chief A 'value of cotton or other ivcgétable iuber, whether or not in part ot india rubber, 5 cerits per square yard and`30 per ceutum ad valorcm. · “ ·_ ? · · _ ‘ r ‘ PA:. 908. Cloth Jin chief value ot cotton, containing silk or artihcinl silkrshqll be classified for gluty as cotton cloth under paragraphs 903, 904,fami·906, mid. in addiriorrthereto there shall be paid on all such c1othQ` 5 per ceiitum Lad yulorem :' Provided, That none o£·»the toregoiug shall- pay a rata ot ,duty_ of more than 45 per centum ad yulorem, Y ’ · _ ° · — ` A Pu. 909. Tapestries, and other `Jacqua1fd` wovcni Dph0l§t€I'y cloths, Jacquard woven blankets {md Jacquard woven napped — cloths, all the foregoing, in the piece o or otherwise,. composed wholly or in chief value of cotton or other v@otabl·e.i1bor, 45 per éentum ad vjalorcm. o V ` l ‘ Pm:. 910; ·P1lo~fabrics, composed wholly or ixmchief value of cotton, including plush and volvohribboos, gut, or uncut, whether or not thoxpilc covers the whole surface, and manufactures, in any form, made or cutxfroiu ·cottox1~pile fabrics, 50 pet cengum nd valorem; terry-woven fabrics, composed wholli or NIH chief vuluooi cotton, and maziutactures, in any form, made or cut ‘ from torry—woven_ fabrics, 40 per centum hd valorem, . _ 2 Pw;911. Tabiéxlamask, composed wholly or ip chief valxio of cotton, gud manufactures, in imy form, composodwholly or in chief value of such damask; 30 pér ceptum ad valotem. ° PA;. 912. Quilts or bodsprmds, in the piecokor otherwise, com Aposod whollyor in chief valué of cotton, woven of two or more sets of warp threads or of two or more set; of Hlliug threads; 40 per ceutum ad vnlorem; other quilts or obé¢1spré¤dS,.yvhol1y _ox· in chiet value or COtt0i1,' 25 per cent ad valorcm; sheets; ` pillowcnscs, blankets, towels, polishing cloths, dust cloths, and mop cloths, composed wholly or in chief value ot cotton, not J acquard Bgiared or terry-woven, hor made `ot pile fabrics, and not specia1ly'pr<>vidod‘~foi·, 25 per contum nd valorem; table K and bureau covers, centerplocm, runners, scurts, napkins, and `doilies, made of plain-woven cotton clotheaud not specially provided tor, 30 pen centum ad valorem. * ` · X PAQ, 913. 'Fabrim· with Wfdstl edges not exceeding twelve inches in width, and articles mudg therefrom ;~ tublugs, zartors, o suspeuders, broom, cords; tassels, and cords and tassels; all the mmgofng oommcl wholly or _ in ohio! value o{_ cotton or , ot cotton and india rubber, and not Spoéially, providéd tor, 35 per contum ad valorem; spindle banding, and la-mp · stove, or candle wicking, made ot cotton or other vegetable dbor, 10 cents per poundmxd 12%§per contum id vaiorem; bootpshoé, or corset lacings, made ot cotton or other vegetablehbor, 15 cents per pound ond°20 per ooorum ad mlorom; Icom hmmm healds, and collots, made wholly or in chief value of cotton or other vegetable fiber, 25 cents per pound; and 25 per ceutum ad valorom; labels for garments or other articles, composed of cotton or other vegétablc Uber, 50` per ceutum ad valoromi

nous norms 554 I betting, for machinery, composed wholly Or in chief value, of cotton or other vegetable iiber, or cotton or other vegetable Bber grad india rubber, 30 per céutum ed Yalorem. ( V _ P4_.g. 914. Knit fabric, ih the piece, cornpoced wholly orin. chief. value of cotton or other vegetable hber, meds on il ‘ warp-knitting machixie, 55 per; ceutum ad valorem ‘; made tm other than a warpkhitting machine, 35 per centum agi vdlorem. Phu, 915. Gloves, composed wholly or in chief value of cotton or othe1·‘v%etable ilher, made of fabric knit on n warpknitting machine, if single fold or such fabric, when uushruuk and not `sijédcd, and having less than forty rows or loops per inch in Wvidth on the rece ot the gxove, 50 per centum hd valorcmy , when shrunk or sniédcd or having forty or more rowe ot loops \ per inch ih width on the- face of the glove, end not over eleven inches in length, $2.5Q `per dozen pairs, and for each additiom;1 _‘ inch in ekcees ot eleven inches; 10 cents per dozen pairs; if ot ttvo or more told; of fabric, any fold ot whicht is mede on al [warp-knitting machine, and not over eleven inches in léligth, $3 per dozen pairs; and for each additional inch in excess ot eleven inchcs,‘10`_cehts per dozen pairs, but in no cane shall any ~ ot the foregoing duties che less than 40 nor more than 75 per cehtumad valorem ;’ made of fabric knit OB other thus warpknitting machine, ~50‘- percentum hd valorcm; mgde of wovch fabric, 25 per centumad valorem, Q . _ __ , _ Phu. 916. Hose mid. halt hose, aelvaged, fashioned, seamless, or mock seemed, finished or nmdihished, · composed oi cotton or other vegetable iiber. made wholli or in part on knitting machines, or knit by hand, per centum ad _`yn1orem.t ‘ _ Hosehnd halt hose, Hnihhedror u¤¤¤i8h©d. or cut from knitted fabric composed of cotton er other v hle uber, and not specially provided for, 30 per centum ad. valorem. _ Pu. 917. Underwear and all other wearing apparel ot every _ description, tiniéhed or uuhhiehcd, °c¤mD¤•¢d -vczem¤1e`Hber. made wh9!}y,h¤r»to-m¤‘coh‘""ih1tti hg machmac or k§!§__MbX.»»h@d;‘ uhd hot ppecially provided, tor, 4Q per ceutuim ·e¤d1“§h1¤rem. ‘ t . -· ° ‘ _ · t ‘ PA:. 918; Hnndkerchiete bend mukefé. c0m@d wholly or in chie! value ot cotton, mrished or ¥1BaBi8h¢d, not hemmed, shalt phy duty as cloth ;‘ ·hemmed»or shall my, in addition thereto, 10 per ccntum ed valorem; Pr·ovwed,.__ That hone fof the foregoing, when containing yarns the average number ct which does not exceed number torty, shell pay- {esi than o 30 ‘per centum ad yelorerh »; — nor when excwding number four, Y lws than 40`per ad vnlorem. o l ‘ , » _ Pm 919. Clothing .md_ uticleqx et wearing e ! of every dwcription, mumfnctqred wholly or in wrt, wholly or in chief ralue of. cottohQ md pot specially provided ter, 35 per cen_tum_ nd irslorem? V ·_ ` - Shirt collars hud com of cotton, not qpedhlly provided tor, 30_ce¤te‘ per GOSBRQQIGCBER md 10 per cehtum nd vnlorem. ‘ o ‘ PAR.- Lacéwtndow curtainrgneta, ¤§€u¤§8,’B$u¤W shams, and bed Sem and all other arttclu and fabrics, by whatever _ name known, plain or Jacquard tlgureé, hatched or uohniehed. wholly or partly IHRBHIRQHQIQG, for my me whatsoever. made _ on the Nottihghem lhcecurtoiu machine. and of cctton or other vegeteble uber, yvhen cotmtilld rmt mere thm me Fpoiuta or spaces between the —‘W’&l'I)V·¢hl’¢8(!I to the inch, 1% ·;·cet1ts_per square ya.rd:; when counting more than ave? such points or spaces to ‘the cinch, threetcurths of 1 cent per square yard in agdttion for each P¢RC in excem ottve; and in addition thereto, on all the foregoing xrticlm in thin. paragraph, % A per centum ec v¤lorem:~·cProvi&cd, That none ot the foregoing shall pay} ieee rate of duty thm M per centum ed valcrem. .PAx.·. 921. Allcerticlee made from cqttpr; cloth, whether finiched or urmnisbed, and all manufactures ot cotton or of which cotton is the coihpohent materiel ot chief yslue, _¤ot__specially · provided. tor, 40 per ceutum ad ralorem. o · `· ‘ W