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§ 144‘ rzrw 31.-—-—HON1 ‘ 144. Sade; when, Zmay act is _¤TI'£I8\H'Q1‘•—‘·Tli§.TI88831IQP may, in his discretion. and with the [consent of the Secretary __*ot the Treasury, authorize the Assistant Treasurer mj act, in the place and discharge any or all the dutfesfoi th¢}·Tl‘$8U1‘€1‘ of the United States; and in the event of ee absence or illness of either the )Treaeu1*er or the Assistant Trmsureiy or both, the Secretary `of the Treasury may, on thérecommendation of the Treas®r appoint for o., term not eiceeding; thirty. days at one time, from among the-clerks in the Treasury, any one or said cletrke to ·be` Acting Assietant Treasurer daring such absence or illness: Prfoeidcd, kmoevcr, That no such appointment shall be made until the, ofiicialbond fgivenj by the principal of the edice shall be made in Vtermaf, to cover and apply. to the acts and defaults of everyrsuch person so appointed from time to. time. Such acting oiicer. shhll, moreover, for the time being, be subject to all the liabilities and? penalties preacril@ by law for- the olilcial misconduct iuilike cases of the Assistant Treasureyfor whom heacts. · (R. S. `§ 304:; Mar. 31, 1886,c, 41, .24_scar.9.> - E g_ _ -y ‘~·¢ * ~ 1451 Transfer and appointment of employees. detailed to _ 0Ece of `1‘reieure;·.—Tl1e,Secretary bt the €lTr_easury_ is autlwr-. ized to transfer and appoint, in~the '_office` or the Treasurer of the‘United States such of the `employeeeiin his discretion, as were employed an gajd office on July 16, 1914, under details anmorlzed by the Act of March 4, 1913 ·»(Thirty.seventh Statutes, page 755), authorizing employees in the ,6&ces of Assistant 'Ifreasurers to be detailed in the office/of the Treasurer of the United States, (Jrily 16, 1914,15. 141, § 1,·38 Stat. 471.) »» ‘ _ 146. Divisims of Issue. and of Rcdexnption.-——There shall be-in the Treasury Department, as a part of the office of the erreasurer or the United, States, divisions to be designated and known ae the Division or Issue and the Division of Redemption, to which Shall be assigned, respectively, undersuch regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may approve, all records and accounts relhting. to the issue and redenxptionof United States notes; gold °c_ertiilcates, silver certificates, and currency certificates., "I‘l1ere shal1"be transferred from the. acq _c0unts`of the general fund of the Treasury of the_United States, and taken np. on the books of esald divisions, respéftively, accounts 'relating to- the reserve fund for the redemption of United States notes and Treasury notes,. the gold coin held against oatstanding gold. certincatw, the United, States notes held against outstanding currency, certlhcates, and; the silver dollm· held against ontstandlng silver certidcatesp and each of the funds represented by these accounts? shall be used -£or the redemption of the notes. and cwtiilcates. for which meylare respectively pledged, and shall be used for no other DUYPOSQ. the eame being held astrust funds. -_ — (Mar. 14, 1900, c. 41, §_4, 31. Stat. 46.) _ ‘ i . · F `. ._ · 147. Treasurer; duties.-J-The Treasurer shall receive ond keep the moneys of the United States} and disburse the same upon warrants drawn by the Secretary ot the jffensury, 'eountersigned in the General _Acc0nntl'ng het otherwlec. He shall take receipts for all moneys paid by him, and W shall give receipts for all moneys 'received by_ him `; and 'all receipts (or _ moneys received by him éhall be indoreed upon warrants , signed by the Secretary `ot . the Treasury, without which warrant, so signed, no acknowledginent for money received into the xinblic Treasury rhall- be valid.- Hé shall render his accounts to the General Accounting Oillce quarterly, or _'· ottener if required, and shall transmit. gn cogiy thereof, when settled, to the Secretary of the Treasury. He shall at all times submit to the Secretary ot the Treasury and the General Accounting Oilice, or either of them, the inspection of Qthe moneys in »h`le hands. (_R. S. §'305·; July 31, 1894, c. 114, ‘§§ 4, 11, 28 Stat. 205, 209; June 10, 1921, `c, ·18 | 304,- 42 Stat. 24.) _ e ‘ ’

KY _A:1tTD FINANGE ‘ r $84* 148. Sane; payment efisaiariés 'of Sennhfs, Membere, my piceri af Congress.¥eWhe¤eVer any 8m¥¥0Df!¤¢i06`.mu¢le ll the payment- of/the salaries of Scuetqrs, Heuibenis, and ‘Ile·!4~. jgates in 'Congress, orjthe joillcets and e¤pl¤yeeS`0i both ‘,,,· · eltheréot the Houses thereof, or for the ot_tl1e sam. or any eommltteqs. thereot- can not be "1awrfu11y..dieh¤r$eu bb; ` or through the officers spebizdly charger! with such disbum. r ments, such disbursements may be made fer the xiurpcseé `Il&!]){¤;] “ in said appmprlatiens by the Treasurer gt the United Stem, who shall take proper vouchers thereto: and. chai‘ze.euch disl burgemehts against mich appropriations ;· and the I¢00\lI1l’.Sth<~;·p- for shall be audited and- pamed dr _ refected, as the law nmy, 3 ` require, in the sem·e’meimer that similanaeceuuts are or may ‘ be required by law to be audited and passed or rejected. (J me `22,1$$2·,c.238,2@Stet.‘108.)_ ·» T f t ' J 149. Liabilities eutetaadigg three or men ytttse-—At me termination of each Bscgl year all amotmte fe! moneys mn' are. represented by certihcates, drafté, br ehech, imhed by tm; · Treasurer, ur .by any disbursing 0~Ecer bf any departmht at _ the Gpvernment, gpou the Treeapref orrdesigimted ·deppeimry_ , of the United States, or upon any hational mah deelgnatqll as a depqsfitary ot the Unitedf States, a1;d· which ehall he

  • rep:esented.`dn— theyhoqké of elt1£er0f.si1ch omees as standing

to the credit of any dlsbhrslng 0mcer,‘ and ééhlch were ·lseu<··l 1 to facilitate the payment of warrants, er for airy other pmé ` ` pose in liijuidatioh of e" debt due from the United States, l and which hdve for three years cr- more remained omstanding, unsatisfied; and unpaid, shell; be deposited by Nm · Qteasurer, tp be covered into the·'I‘reaeury by/warrae¤t,°`aml . t0‘ be carried `to the credit of the parties in whose fever such certidcates, qrefts, or `checks .vrere.reepeetively leaped, or to the persons. who `are entitled to receive pay therefor, and into mr appropriation account to be £]¢l19l!!i!1§t€d··‘*° eutetamllng 1_iabi1itieS." (R. ·S. § 306; May 2,9, 1920, c. 214, § 1, 41 _Stat. 150. Vouchers for drafts remaining _¤npaid.—¢'I'he certiflga te lot the. Secretary of ther'1‘reasm·y,~ stating that the amount or any draft Issued by the Treasurer, te facilitate the myment ot a warrant directed to him for payment, has remalnegl Olli- ‘ standing and unpaid for three years or »more, and has been deposited dud c0vered’ into the `Tréesury in the maumr pre— t scribed by section 149 et this title, shall be,_véheu’ attached to any such wairintg aeumcient voucher in satisfaction of- any such warrapt’or part of any warrant, the same as if theklratts . é0rrectly`igdcrsed and fully enlisted were atmcheel to] such warrant dr part ot 'we_rraut,_ "And all much mcheys mentioned ‘ in· this a,nd` in bection 149 shall repair: as an permanent appropriation "tor the redemption and Y payment ct all such . eutstsmdieé and unpaid cestmcétes, drafts, had cheeks. -( B. S, · §-307; Jp·ly»31,,186·§,` c. 174; I 16, 2% Stat. 210.) · , - - ·151.—Payq1elit‘,¤pe»¤ preqentatién of cutstnding drafts.-- ` The payee_0r the bona we holder of any draft er meek the amount ct which has been `depcéted ind covered} into _-the L` Treasury pursuant to sections }49·md 150 qt this title, shall, cm _ presenting the game te thqpreyier owner ct the Treasury, ge ~ entitled to_ have lt paid by the_,,~¤ettlement of an acceuut ahd _the‘-iseuing ot `¤ warrant in his {ever; according to the prectlce in`other caem 0{ authorized and liquideltetl claimsmgalust thelfuited States. (R., S, j~ WS.) _ {_ ‘ _ 153. Aceamste `af dishuraing pB¢¢rs unchanged for three -‘years.·-'?I‘he amounts, excwt seek as are provided ter ixi section 1g¢9$0f this title, gt the aecoxjgts bt every kind et disburs- · !@ omccr, which shell have remelriecl uimehangetl, or which ' shall not have been. increased by any ¤ew_ deposlt thereto, nor

 drafts drawn thereon, ter the spacelofthree-years,  

shéll in ll eemarmer be covered into the Treasury,—to' the rireper apprgpriatlcm to Wvhlch they belong; and the amounts