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T H E STAT I I TES AT LAR( }E 01·* THE Q" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . mmm DECEMBER, 1925, TO MARCH, 1927 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF THE TWO HOUSES OF CONGRESS AND RECENT TREATIES, CONVENTIONS, AND EXECUTIVE PROCLAMATIONS _ EDITED, PRINTED, nm PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY or comnmss mmm THE DIRECTION or THE sEcHETAEY or STATE VOL. XLIV ° :`—"3?;;., IN THREE PARTS PART 1—Code of Laws of the United States PART 2·-—Publtc Acts and Resolutions PART 8——P1·ivste Acts and Resolutions, Concurrent Resolutions, Treaties, and Pzoelamstions P A R T 2 ‘ ` mm sTAT¤s` GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE wlsumemu ‘ mr