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X LIST OF PUBLI'} ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. . . . . . . P'*"· Fave Cwslozed Tnbe•,_ alocuation rcetridiom. An Act Tc nmend section 0 ofthe Act of May 27 1908 (Thujty-iifth Statutes at Luge, page 812), and for puttin)? in force, in refrerence to nuts inv0lvin%g.ndia.n titles; the of limitntacnn the State of Okla-horns, and gcviding the UnitedStates to join in certain actions, and for _ mnkxngiyxdmnen binding on n1lpertiee;s.nd_fcr·cther purposes. Aligrll 12l 1926- -.. 239 Publsc laude, jason Ari:. An Act To authorise the use by the city of ucion, Arisone gg ccggagn pubiic lands ice •. municipal aviation held, c.nd—for· cther purpcsce. Aprd s ·• ·-·- ·-·- — --—---··-·--—--—·—·-—·--- - ------·----- - ·-~··----.... -..-.-.- 241 Timber, aationdforcate, ¤¢c.—+An Act To authorise the exportation from the State or Terri- t§r¥Hc{2th§’g·ce,kwfnHy cutnonlnny national {crestor on thcpublic lands in Alaska. - A .-.. - ..-.............. -’-·..--L ......... ---.- .... --..-¢ ........... 242 Indian imunmcc. e An Authorizing the-use of the funds of any tribe cf ndums for payments cl for grotnetion ct the property ct the tztbe against ¤re,thelt,tcrnetic,· ·b¤.iL rApr11o1 ',·1926---·---.; ..--.---.----_--- 242 Cocpcratwc force; otcdwn. An Actrflh amend section 2 of the Act ot June 7, 1924 2F0rty·t11 Statutes-i.t·Lu~ge, p•.ge»653) as amended by the Act of Merch 3, 1925 Forty·third Statutes nt Luge 1157), entitled "An‘Act»to·p1·ovide for the protection cl fomit buds, tcm xdorestetien of denuded areas, for the extension of national fmestgnndfor other in order to promote the continuous pro- duction ef timber onihndn chieiiag le thuefer.? Apri1·13, 1926 .-,-.-..--...- 242 Right of wa.y,1FortwJi{·§a·`Vo,— An/Ant o authorise the Secretary of Wu- to enter into an agreement the Clmendom Oommuniti Bewerng Conipcmy, granting it a right 0 way for a.tru¤k1ine•e·1rcr.througl1t e Fort {er ilitery Reservation and across the military highways in Arlington Gcunti and to connect with theeewer line nervmg meh reservation. April 13; @ ---...--.-....----------.- 248 Alaska, homestead chime. `An Act»'l'o·auth0e1¤e n. departure from the rectslnifular system of surveys of homuteadchimn in Alaska., and for other purposes. Ap 13, 1926--- 243 Fm-t Sam Houston, Tex., landeto Ban-Antumb. An Act Authoring: the S§¢reta.ry of War to convey certsinportiene cl the military reservation of F Sem ouston, Texas, tigztéhe cxty of Sen Antonio, Bexar County, Texan, for street purposes. April 13, 244 Diatnct of Columbia, police, etc., mtircment fund. An Act Tcipmvide for the Fa ent of the retired members of the police and hre degutments the District 0 xilumbis the balance of retirement past due to t em butunpeid from January 1, 1511, to July 80 1915. Qzlril 1‘8T{926;---..--.. ,... -- .,.. · ....,.. . .......... - ........... 245 Public lands An Act Granting certain public lads to the city of Stock- . t qmia., fm: ooctcontml, audior otheragpoeen. April 18, 1926 ...... ---- 245 Public 'ng, Rutland, Vt. · An Act-Tonuthcrinc Secretary of the Treasury to ex-

be.pxeeent Federal buildlninsite in the city of Rutland, Vermont, for the

memorial building snddter edd city. April 13, 1926 .................. 246 Publeb buildin%oBc$tis•wr¤l Ml. An Act To to the city of Baltimore, Maryland, certain vernmen petty. April 13, 1 --..................-.--...-...-.. 248 Public buildtnqs; dc., . An Act Authcxiting the sale of certain abandoned tnctc of land; and building. April 13, 1926 ........-... - ....-........-.............. 246 Public Ky. An Act To dedicate as n public thoroughfare n narrow stri 01 d owned b ;ths United States in Burktown, Kentucky. April 18, 1926-- 247 Golumbt-s %iver Compact. in Act Authorizing the Secret? of the Interim- tc cooperate with the States of Idsh ’M0nt•.¤•, Oregon, and- ublnggn in allocation of the waters of the Columbia inlver and its Jtributanes, and for ot purposes, and author- i¤1¤§¤ nppro£rhtion‘therefor. `Apdl 13, 1928- ....-.-......-..-............--. 247 Agricultur colleges nds. An,Act To amend sn Act entitled "An Act donetinggzublic landatu the QVBTLI States and Territories which may provide colleges for the neiit of agriculture And tin mechanic anti" npgxécved July 2, 1862, as amended by the Publ Act ep%ovcd .1883;, April- 3,43 AQ-? ......... I;6 ................ E 247 ic lands _, mi e heap vompany. She pany Bnwlfns, {Vyo,£{ng to convey certain lands to the United tstentndptoo select other lands in li? in Carbon Oounti Wyoming, for the improvement d the Medi- cine Bev ntionnl Forest. AprIL18, $26--.-.--- ............... .---- .....--.. 248 Barnegat 'h¢Shdian N. J- An Act T1‘oe¤uthori¤etheBecretery of Commercetotrenefer the an-neget Light Station to the State of New Jersey. April 13, 1926 ........... 248 Bridge, Wabash. incr. A.n~A¤t To extend tbetimetor the construction cf • bridge across the Wabash Biverntthe cityo£Y·Ineen¤ee, Knox Countyylndisnn. April 1 , 1926-- 245 Cooperative jared protection. Joh}- Beeolution Anthorkinzghe Becwtary oI‘Ag1·icu1ture to cooperate withtTe¤itm·Ie• cthexgecedcns cl United Et•tce under the pre- visions-of section! -8, 4,-and 5 c¢&h¤§ ci entitled !‘eAn Act to provide for the Pwtccticn of (erect kndtiuim the rctc of denuded mu, for the exten- sion ctpnstlonal f0¤e•t•;*•nd· other pcxgcecs, in urder to promote the continuous production of timber cn lands chicfgennit netheréor. " April 18, 1926 ...-..-- --- 250 Plant quarantine; by States. Joint Beech on For the amendment of the·I’1nnt: Qusrentme Ant cf Aumnt 29,, 1912, to allow the States to quarantine against the shipment therein cr through of plants, plant products, sndothcr articles toundtc bedacaed or infested when not covered by as qaunentine established by the Secretary of Agnculturc, and for other purposes. April 1 , 1926---.-.-. ..-.... - ..-....... . .... . ..-.....-...... 250