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SIXTY~NINTH~OONG}'RESS.¥ II.; 1927; 10429 qf ’tl1isi"a proliridtionnm *be"e é` dei! ¥f6r,»’f/°_di”·’bf‘i_f1veT ‘ and "°‘¤°'¤."•’¤ °·*¤· incidentalxschargesf Tor] ‘ Mail; tamveyi Wmder §*’$‘L;*&§°”.aa“‘,·e"¤a”§ig“ l ~‘»¥=¤=¢"*‘““‘" messeu ééi*vicc'§ ¢P¢1wzda ‘ _ me expe ,3;,4 ¤·¤1·=·· in the na

 &¥{’°P’1i‘l'rii*l¥l`ii"£°*é 9léf*¢¤l"#¤*¥€{?**¥*"’°F¤¤¥¤”*¤°¤ii ih A*<h<> M ·l

Dismctref nctexceedmg the sup of WM to carry out the provisions of_P_‘l tlb1i’6‘*6f*tli¢`Aetjbf ’28,lji91,8'f(tl$e space “v¤¤.1&r‘ p.m;va1. b”‘5l;?$?’*`?%”%ea’2?E¤°2§Z“"%“£§“,°ilX2t“**i‘i~ tm *%§‘*i'5;§“2c2‘L2 ` ¤¤c¤it¤3¤r1fe¤t)‘:i N r ’—‘‘ — g  »‘¤ r _‘ ¥ * , . ‘ F0r‘,th€"opérs"" t` nd'jniaihlc¤an' ceidfith8"ai¥:lane>mail·service “'¥’¥°°° !°"*°°· bétjweeno Neiy Yorlnllew/York, and lSauj§rahcis§d, ”Qalifcri1ia,_via M Sm Chicago, Illinois, Omaha, Nebraska, {qt the installation, ,,,,_ ‘ ”'*‘** °Y· equipment and operation of the ai;-Egane ma11 servxce by mght flym , andhto engiziléthe department ` "thle`additidna1‘cHar§ for bo% nig tv an a%serv1ce on rst·c ass mai matter, in acco ance wit EXISUDL: law "c1¤d1ngi'“neceseary" " ‘ éidental i t ‘ t MP M-, e of nec§esary;upers6n1ie1,‘@·150;(Xl3:· gygiebfis mama www appg0pga§0ntsh?H 'ava;§lable $01* tgixgkpayifientiidf injte i sie *0* ‘uin`ia··an nta an ‘ ·expensest”‘i‘ °¤—in connection with such Provided fwrt·h41*"'I’hat‘$500;0G0_'oi A§`§}“:u‘°'¤,F,‘$,;'{“"°°° this ggprogrintiori mtg trdhhferftld to and e:;peniied’fdt’_°F _ P·>•¢.p.1050.` ‘“' t ““i iii =” ”‘1;§£‘." Z;¥°?“ ***“*;°i‘,,t"°"*F;‘;°“;;f"*£4$?°¤¥**2; men Tqperaf rrou as c l % c cenr qeervx i," * c ~n' éX0€9dIHg'$3,000 maybe expen ed for persénal services in‘thé])iet1·ict fcolu-mbia· ° ’, . · ‘" _:¤` ' ‘a‘Z" uni Tr:’·‘·· `I " O Railway Mail Service: For fifteen division, superintendents, agmny M°n,°°"' {ifteen assistant division, s11pérint¤endents,`,,tw0 assistantrsiiperin- ,,,%§,§"g{j‘;,,_ '“¥’°"°‘ tendents an large, one·aasis*ti&rt‘eupe1·int»endent iricharge bf eariccn- struction, one hundred and twenty-one chief clerks, one hundred and v tvgientyagngl assistant chief cle§ks,*cIerkf,` in charge? oiesedtiensi) tlze s 0 'vision su rinten ents rai w sta c r su itu e gaiigva. ‘ postal clérksgxgoint employees, ag g0b0rérs`»”inkR€/Railway Mail gervice,'$56,750,000.l an ` Q e ` , i *‘ . y For travel allowance to railway pkistaliclérks antléubsifitute railway d;`{,$"°’ ‘“°““°°· _ or actua can necessary er nses , ` Hera euperin t an ai., mmm. gssiitant @1;% °m&mrintend§$§;divisic%1E;n;x%erinte::1l¤;lQ1e1;tix;i; "““":;?y 'viinsu l' tenen ` *sn rin en` " ; “ assistgnt cgiaef g:,lerks,tsi¥ai1way Service gid, rggvay ` clerks, whiiegactuarlly traveling on busiiiea of the , ¢’De?art· ment. and away ‘ from their ‘eevera1"desi;,‘¢nated‘ headquarters, $7 ,000; _. For alight; ·fv1b•§é` ‘te1e¥rspli;Hv;niscel1ani¤01§s;`én¢§‘ oHi§e “"°°“'“‘°°°'· ‘ e‘l¢ae—·‘··iee& ",`0r%ra' a` ‘c `M {rx e A¤¤·¤¤=¤¤¤¤

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protectiotighfithb of_ for terminslyrailvigy omlgnc. ew., terminal ¥¤¤t ¤¤i¤¤qf9r‘¥hq’di¤m,' ,i¤¤‘bfm¤ilS-W ,¢¤r€h¤_f$i¤t¤i¤hi1ra*§f`¤p,¤¢¢ r ` ”“°§*%“;"“*“‘$’,‘§°§?i”%i;¤“€$‘°’*”° *9**** !‘t"'*"§§;$§°g’“{“°““* P1‘¤P¤¤' e krbqui,. i we ff ¤¤¤¤p¤m¤¤,`.v¤t,¤¤¢ ibm ‘¤¤m- d nsaticxx and for ` “ and mxscellaiteeueiteme to €?¤~¤u,‘g¤r %qi1w¤ydv»°?¢°?3‘5¤¢¤a;ma2¤.<><><>»u e l · i ia ~ ‘ ' _ — mgleccm and came

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_, _ sums ma ‘ ·nqym_ej‘· _, _,,i (Sd iliggéldsts td the UnitedyStates ffor m;.intaiuii)¤?g‘.’seiii, post zi ocean steanishaps conveying the mails to and from the United States;