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1156 srxrr-Nmrn couounss. sm. 11. cs. ies. ism. umm °f°""“‘l Extension ofthe Capitol Grounds: To enable the Architect of Rcmcgljgxa buudms the Capitol to remove or rovide for the removal of all buildings S;°c_°°° °°°°°" (except those occupied bfy Government activities?] or other structures upon the land acquired or the enlargement of t e Capitol Grounds, including grading and other expenses incident to such removal; and for the preparation of plans for the development of such land as a permanent extension of the Capitol Grounds, including architectural • and other personal services and traveling expenses connected there- with, to be immediately available, $20 000. R¤¤¤*¤· ¤¤·¢¤¤»¤¤*~ M50; rgzagrés and infpgovements ts Senate aréd House garages and t y ui ` , inc u i person services, 1,500. ,,,§f“"°° °‘”°’ B““"‘ Senate OHicl:%uildingl1§`or maintenance, miscellaneous items and supplies, including furniture, furnishings, and equipment and for M°““°°"‘°°· labor and material incident thereto an repairs thereof; and for personal and other services for the care and operation of the Senate gilice Buildingi ulpsdeééghe direction and supervision of the Senate ommittee on u ,854. Hm 09** Build- House Oilice Building: For maintenance, including miscellaneous mliaaunmee. items, and for all necessaiiy services, $107 ,610.20. °¤¤**°*¤°"* ¤**¤*· Capitol power plant: or lighting, heatm and power for the M°l°°°°°°°°‘ Capitol, Senate and House Office Buildings, glongressional Library B"“"*“*"“*’*’“°d· Building, and the unds about the same, Coast and Geodetic Survey, the Union gtfiition group of temporary housing Botanic Garden, Senate rage, House garage, Malt y Building, foldi1% and storage rooms ofthe Senate, Government Printing Oliice, and ash- ington City post oilice; pa of superintendent of meters, at the rate of $1,940 per arilnum an alddntional fplr the malmpenance of an automobilefor is use, w o s a ins t a as an e ectric meters of the Government in the fistrict o¥eColumbia without additional compensatio1i· personal an other services; structures for coal and ash storage; fuel, oil, materials, labor, advertismg, and purchase of waterproof wearing apparel, in connection with the maintenance and operation ofthe heating, lighting, and power plant and substations connected therewith; $384,906. _ ,,§`f'Q{',,_°'°°‘“° ‘°“"" For the, purchase and installation of one new five thousand kilowatt turbine and nerator repairs to motor generators in substations repairs to turbine numbered 2, and for incidental expenses connected gith puch iiastgglations, repairs, and alterations, $210,000, to be imme- iate y avai a e. 1 ?¤¤>*¤°°¤*¤d°P°¤‘*‘ The fore in a ro riations under the Architect of the Capitol gain`: Supply. Cm may be expgeiideél viillhoiit reference to section 4 of the Act approved v°"°°"" m` June IEQIO, conceripng purchases fc; e§e3,1;iveI.ile;ia1§·t1§1ents. h R•*¤***‘*¤°°*°,,,,,,¤,‘,, Q The artment o it e Interior t e ic ea t ervice, t e K°1l`Z°&°°o¤v.r¤m·¤i¤ ()qast‘andpGeodetic Surve% the Uriion Station grou of temporary °°M°°°° housin , the Government rinting Oilice, and the Vélishington City post oglce shall reimburse the Cap-$01 power plant for heat, light, and, wer furnished during the al year 1928, and the amounts so reiiiibursed shall becrednted to the gpplropriation for such plant and be available for the purposes name t erein. ‘·“*°'YB“”‘“°“°" mummy surwmo Ann oxomvns grounds. 0°°°“°°i°m' Salaries: Chief engineer, $2,520; chief electrician, $2 520; deco- rator, $2,000; painter, $1,728; assistant engineer-—one $1,860, two at¥$1,’f64~each, one $1,728; two machinists at 1,764 each; three assist- antrelectricians at $1,800 each; carpenters———one $1,800 one $1,728; plumber, $1,740; skilled laborers-—-two at $1,320 each, five at $1,260 each; general mechanic, $1,800; two laborers at $1,020 each; in all, $42,860.