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N0 SIKTYNHNFIH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ou. 146; 1926. "¢•¤¤e¢¤§|9¢¤¢Mr. » .—Vo.{ mn or nu urmvwx elm. www. l i§Ql4{;¤¤.~i.- tu; District of Columbia ui

       Act of 1923g;1$206,69&.  

•.••¤~¤--» lz ’ ‘ alex;]-·d•s1|t.ant,,` l-.serona.uti ` oem,. `

" dntltnneupind iimh tetlmiualltnd other services sscllgkecrete? of

~» . _ ymhypbe tngloyed only in tbe.o8ice_o ·tll¢ _ i p Servumhe _ ect the venous appropriations

  • ‘ phr iEnkbe~`p•id -» from such spfropriations, in

·. l ¤ddl¤¤¤;§0_l¤h¤= ._ ` epgvopristed or in the ofiice I"••‘••I" ·I ML " _:. rojvided, hat the entire exgenditure { lggnv rthq year shall not exceed $7 ,000, and the»See W ·o£<·Wd.r slmll—•r in the Budget report to Con- gress the yiiuaber 1;>f~ persons,-so employed, their duties, end the ".2· . = s* my erzir rf Y. . . x•¤¤•11>q¤¤m¤¢.~-  ;·- · M1mm4r,DnpAmxnsw “•*fL md **°°P**¤' orf medical and hospital zig

 `*"* 5   7 " ` nts; or "tary posts, camps- 0 i ,
 and transports, for laundry work for   men

Army names while patients in as hospital, and supplies Ihr and about militsrydpgnx the.- unl ·. ori pu o veterinary sup `essn ·` lo veterinary mm "”"”"" 2“..’F° t“*‘f°’ ",?·%€i‘i°f¥“‘d‘“* pt;.-u”$°*il;hdl1L’¥§’§£ f" ‘“°dQ§.°€ °"‘§f

F ervyme, ` ' or,] ingcare su

nidancmin:. rivsteibospitals n:f>oEcers,%enlisted n, and 'vilian

 ,Amy.,·ef1qnplicants for enlistmggt, and Ei pris-

snets Aims! indiothdn pemonsin military custody or conHnemcnt, §i:‘•••·" H um £when»eptitledT'tb&zetb by? law, regulation, or contra.ct:.Pmv£ded, www. Buslhmsnpply to oE¤ers and enlistedmen who are-treated inprinte heQi` or·hy physicisns while on furlou li; for

   ¤ue.nkl.tre•tment*1>f~ep1d¤rinc and contagious diseases

an i- yor posts ertststions, including measures to " pmrrnti e_.q)r•ad fglaxédithéaesayment gf reasonable net, im prori i on or- d1ng.·en ezinjure or . dé¢roy•dh·¤1d1· fdr the pn of male and emule nurses

 lh•:Xr¤y Nurse Corps, and of cooks and other civilians

••¤;irop¤1ic:r•· of B1¢k.0£(BI'8*811d. soldiers, amder such

 tthmmnmnkery qualifications, ugxgnmentsg y, and

f be prescri ~by* the ggzretery . nn `, I yi mx " `u~· ysimans employed to examine _, ;hysieiéy·.pp)5lie¤.:;for·enlis¤nent·»end enlisted men-andtn render nd¤ez·pe¤&mnlzsé1wi¤es#frmn time to time under authority; qwudmmmd for the pay sdf othuteugoyreas ct the eper¤necnt· for fg: &·¢1{•~7__ tuitionef einem-auf,  ;_ _ezlxcel;Departi1ient, includ the Army

 p Nurse     thelA.rmy» t:1on Act

lggvvedl une 4, 1®0;$for; the pegment of express eompsmes and

  • 1snniers»•mp10yed»diiectly y the Med1c•l.Depa.rtment.fcr

ther io£<medicdl and hospital supplies,[including bid- ders’ and yvsteti for enalgsgs; f01L)*Sl15‘%l§8§<?l' teaching

 theuto fcoohngter e.e — orce _ my pertinent;
 » _ gg for thersupgyo the sA.rmy'.sndlN¤vy=Hwp1ta1.‘•t Hot.Spr1nge,
 N .`[ -”Arlmnsns·i   wlsun ` and ullother imisoel-

”·•*¤* ,g¤_<} leneomenpenss of the ent,

m>u· Ellhstsn p:rt.oftl1:i¤·approp1·i•tion shall be used for gyment of

"" connected with the ublicstion of the Li) ical and Surgic History of the War with germany.