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_SIX'l`Y»-NINTH CONGRE$S. Sass: I., * Cn.¤146. IE6. 283 cents per milei: Provided urtfurd, That hereafter iolicers rform- “"“m'¤,vh“,,°”, "" ing travel on Governmentfowned vessels for which no trzi;sporta— N"` tiog fare is charged shallbe exgtled punlyégto wursement of actual an necessar expenses incurr ; in , ,112,3 . Enlisted GOE§2.iiFOI .pay,—`tranaportation, subsistence, c¢h:.°°°° K°°°"° clothing, andunedléal an hospital u·aaa¤se,; $#5,000. ~ =» -· i ~‘ P°’·°‘°· in Correspondence conraesz .Foc¥'coi:uducting=ccrresg>ondence courses suuaum ceumeucé i for/instruction ofimemhcrsof the~Beserve O0 including neces- sary §Ug ¢PI‘0Cl11`Blll8Ht of mapsand textbdox, and transporta- tu) 1, .` . · ' 1.·":lr · i` ` §l.Dl.lllS2.i`0I' purchase of training manuals, including Govern- T”°°°"“°"“‘“‘ ment publications, $22,000. lz . · ~ Hmqwm md Headquarters and camps: Forestablishment, maintenance, and operation of divisional and headquarters and of camps a.§I3°a,.,a. °*”'“"` for. training-of the Organized es; for miscellaneous ex ggzident to the s on-cgi the Ofg&¥ll%0d&B8S8fV88, i maintenance r operationo motor- r0pe.le¤ assenger-ca ' vehicles; forhtramrtation of`;bagg1i2;e,. including

 oflreserve ' rs on active duty; or not lessthamsixz months; MMM dh ta,

‘ for medical and hospital treatment, continuation otlpay and allow- ¤»¤¤¤¤t°iSa.,°ii°ix¤- ancee not to exceedsu: months, rand transportation when dit for travel ’“”°" ”‘ “°° °‘ "“"· to theirzhcmes of members; ofztthe 0i}icers’,Rwer¤e * Ooirplzsdgand Enlisted Reserve Corps of the Army injured inline of duty w ` on ' activaduty under properierders or whciglemolxmtarily part gju aerial Big ts in Government—owned aircraft bygioper __ rity as emu manet, as an incident to theirmilitary and for z preparation end transportation to their.·h0mes=and;bu1·ial expenses 0 thetremains of V0, B p W members of the Organized B»eserzves;who· die whih on~aotive.duty».as ` ` provided in section 4sof t,hesAdt»o£J¤ine 8, 1924, $525,090;: Provided, Divmbnsl. etc., l7hat not to exceed $100,000 of this amoiuitmay besused riorhstab- h°°°°°"°°°‘ . lishment and maintenance of divisional and regimental headquarters. { i None of theifunds Em riated nsewme m Actuaperm um ms ‘*°* °° printing and binding ll usedfor in connection with the Organized Reserves, but available supxes and existing £aciHties at military posts shall be utilized to the extenzpomxble. ·  » Ps Od mm No portion of this appropriation shall be expend for the pay YM ° °°° of a reserve oiicer on active for a longergeriod than iiitem Gum, days, except such asmay be de ` ed for duty wit the War Digit- ment General Staff imder section ·3a»and secticn,5 (b) of the · y X§§&,l;§,;;°°·’“· Reorganization-Act approved Juneé, 1920,=o1· who may be detailed _ for courses of instruction at ui¤-g·.¤m1~¤r specialtservice schools ` of the Army, or who may be for dutyas instructorsat civilian military training camps, appropriated, or in this Act, or who may be detailed for duty with tacticalsunits of the Air Service, V0, 4, D m asprovided in section B7: of the Army Reorganization Actapproved ` ` ~ June 4, 1920: Provided, That thgégny andrallowances of such.>addi· Crm! vR¤¤¤¤¤ tionalodicers and nurses of the M cal Reserve Corps asare s$?°é,5u (°'p.¤,§ZS”“§ to sup lemeut·the'like"ollicers and nuraeeof the Regular Army ur the Amy ‘*°°¥’“'*‘* care og beneficiaries of the United States Veterans’ Bureau treated P ot Om in Army hospitals may be paid from the-funds allotted to War wei}; my. °°” °° De rtment by that bureau under existing law. » · “ c ’ vain m, ‘ al 'Fhe seventh paragraph under the bea of “ Organized Beserves" sd. “ °m°" in the War Department Approprilation Act for gis {iscal year 19*%, a voved Februar ·—12, 1925, is ere amend` ‘ inserting he an fggowing language? before the colonieiig the word "1I·?’{·o»vided"’:.!‘, or m¤¤A“il¤'g°t£·»°°1¤ci'v11i1¤u who are trained as&;1;iividual officers du1·ing·theefirat halfaof the °m°°”‘ fiscal ` r and are o rs in organizations to receive tI‘8lI1lBg?d1H'lllgr• the lagtmhalf of the fiscal year, in whichoase such `oilioers malyureceive pay for two hfteen-day periods»du1•i.n§;the.iiscel year; t such cheers shalliuot receive pay for moret 'an two fifteemdaytperieds during the two-year period covered by the fiscal years 1926 an 1927 ”