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5334 SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. I. Cn. 195. 1926. Q'*•**°°· •*°·· ‘°' and heis also authorized in his discretion to furnish living quar-

 ters in such buildings ai other oilicers arid employees not herein

provided for, at rates to be determined by him. · '”""“"““°°°‘*“°“’·— _· rnnsxeaxrrozr or anmns c

 _ To enable the Department of State to perform the duties devolv-

img·p]pon.1t· under the laws regulating immigration of aliens into "°'·‘°·°·‘”· the _ mted States, including the same objects specified in the Acts making approtpriations for the Department of State for the fiscal year 1927, un er the heads of salaries and contingent expenses of the Department of State salaries of Foreign Service oilicers, allow- -ance<for__clerk hire at States consulates, transportation of in me W diplomatic and consular oihcers and clerks, and contingent e enses, uu. I _ United States consulates, $490,000, of which not to exceedx£35,000 . shall be available<for personal services in the District of Columbia under the Classification Act of 1928. asmar AND rao·ruc·r101v or Aunmcau snnnm

°'Am°d` For relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries

in the Panama Canal Zone, and in the Philippine slands, and

 American seamen in the Territory of Alaska, in the

Hawaiian Islands, in Porto Rico, and in the Virgin Islands, $125,000. ,,,,{,‘{°"“ “°"’°° °" sername or reunion smavicn ormcmzs wg- no For salaries of Foreign Service officers as provided in the Act

   ·°· · approved May 24, 1924, entitled “An Act forthe reorganization and

_ improvement of the Foreign Service of the United tates, and for V (iZllB1‘ purposes," $2,890,000. nQ;r¤¤¤=¤¤¤ ¤¤<¤ ¤¤¤-· DIPLOMATIC AND CONSULAR fsamsnms, nrrmoxxric, consume, nm roxuzxsx smvrou orrxcms wmm RECEIVI!I`G’·INBil‘RUOHONB ann m mmm

;t¢;=y¤¢i¤¤ •¤¤ To pay the salaries of ambassadors, ministers, consuls, vice consuls,

` and other oilicers of the United States for the (period actually and necessarily occu 'ed in receivin instructions an in ' transits P1 S to/and from their posts, and while awaiting recognition an author- nf B-· °°°· "'*°· P-City to act in pursuance with the provisions of section 1740 of the

 Statutes, $20,000.

'TBANSPOBTA'HON_ or nxrnouamo, ooustmn, Aim roamorz smvxcn orrxcnns ` 'rrmwmuuu. ew., To pay the.-itemized and verined statements of the actual and °“"°°°" necessary expenses of transportation and subsistence, under such _ , regulations as the Secretary of State may prescribe, of Diplomatic, I "` C Consular, and Foreign Service odieers, and clerks in embassies, lega- · tio and consulates, including ollicers of the United States Court fo:?}hina, and their families and effects in going to and returning iromtbeir Kats, or of such omcers and clerks when traveling imder orders of e Secretary of State, but not including any expense Pv••••- I incu1·red’in connection with leaves of absence, $275,000: Provided,

 Thatno part of said sum shall be paid for transportation on foreign

vessels without a certincate from the Secretary of State that there are no American vessels on which such oilicers and clerks may be transported.