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SIXTYFN IN TH GONGRESS. Sass. I. Cn. 276. 1926. 433 d_For the tplperchaee pg sanitary. paper towels and for fixtures for *’*‘¥’°’ '#°"°”· is $81118, 000. » · seg mis, purchase of pizinos for school buildings agd kindergarten PM"- oo at an average cost not toexceed $300 each 1 500. _For textbooks andschoola su plies for use of pupils of the first 8“¤¤’“°°°°¤“¤“’· géght grades, to be distributed by the superintendent of public cols under regulations to be made bythe Boardof Education, and for the necessary expenses of distribution, and preser— vatiopucg gaid textl oeks and supp `es, includingénecessary laboié not Pr _ to ex 1 $200000:1% ' cd That the mmissioners o the ,°"‘f,"· _ District of éb•d0uinbiai;x; their discretion, are authorized. to exchange E ch me any badly damadged k for a new one, the new one to be similar in Ptext to the ol ouefwhen it was new;. y mm or maintenance o ' ergartens, 7000. ‘ For purchase of United States flags, $2,000; ~ i · Eh"' For zpenlsilsi m;.ateria§l%3 and labor, for establishment and mainte- S°”°°l""’°“‘ nanceo sc oo ens, 000. y ‘ · The Board oiguEducationi is authorised to designate the months in ““°’* °‘° which the ten salzgy pigments n0w_required by law shall be made tohtesicberrsi assign to , e· work of instruction m nature study and scoogaens. * · · For purchase of apparatus, fixtures specimens technical books P*"?*°‘·°°°··f’°°°"* me mr szeeneingrite equipment me its as of laboraj '“°““ ’“""“°° tories of the departments of physics, chemistry, biolog, and general sciencie in (pipe hilgh and fjulpior higm and normal scoos,an or iustaationoteeameg ." T The children of oilicers and men of the United étates Army, Navy, N§’$‘§°’§‘§_,°§d,*§3'{'g§',; §Y§i£’“;£§'t$.1$Z’&"?£.’;3i%i` €§‘§1‘}>"?s’Z.·&i 2?30ft§?i’§?3?§;.§fb2h2d?;L’Z£2§* °'°°' to the public schools without payment of tuition. suunmos Ann onomms · ,,,§,‘,·§,§j_‘“°‘” "‘“‘* Fplrsgiie pomplpticn of the construction of the Francis Junior F¤¤¤<=i¤¥¤¤i¤rH¤s¤- ' . oo $26 ,500. . _ Hjlgor preliminary studies on Q-hans and specifications for a new B‘“‘“°“ H"”· "°*i°°Li‘i‘”§%;%°'t1’,"‘€,,"$°?';;,d *§‘f°"°° *;?a°¥°‘ ·· B is D*=*>¤*=¤d M .. n s 1 u an accoun .0ras ui ngs · ¤·· E"`? G";li$`S3" P (`i'1i?°,uS§]3°°1“*i.i,“{"* £°’giti‘a“2’21p“?°;'?§;a’£,“T¥i°;‘tSE§ ueone an avai enum y: 2- it ris uc B part of silich fund shéaalllbe used for or on account of any school build- °°t‘i;°*°:d g¤i*°**i¤fi 1n¤· not erein speci . e s»·e c Tor the following, to be aid from Mtihe special fpnd created by the d,,$’2{,‘§“°’ gm S"°' Act entitled "An Act mugiug an justment o certain accounts °· ·¤· · betgveen the United States an the District of Columbia," approved Ferua1·y21925:` T. e · . For the donstructiom of an eight-room addition, including. a com- _*§gg'g{},§,*{“ S°**°°‘· bined gymnasium and assembxy hall, to the Burroughs School, including the necessary, remodeling . of the present building, $245,000- . , i s For tlie construction of a third-storyraddition of four rooms to §{,{§'§;§,§°h°°‘· the éxgiélon %clio8g,) including the necessary remodelingof the pres- ent u` ing 80 · - A , . i T For the eiectiim oi an ertensible junior sclioolbuilding to Sc‘§,'g{{°°‘P“"°’S°¤ "°£i{"i‘i,§‘h°1p”°“?”a?“’iJi‘°t&€“i;t?$°.}‘£{’$}°°1};ib`i“31Sci’i.€,Li*°£Zd°‘§‘£§“§§ ¤·i·i·“*°' Hi"` “’ "` wi p ans o e a r the limits of the site may require,and includ§1g the removal of one or both of the present buildings as may be necessary, $200,000; and 4sso2°-27--28 T ‘