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SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cn. 276; 1926. 447 Nxrroxar. UUBKRYL M0! Tun m.rNn For aid and you rt of the National Library for the- Blind N•“°°•‘ mm '°' located et. undred LD Street northwest, to be expended m Bum under thei ` ot the Commissioners of the Distrrct of Co1umbia,$5,000.e. ‘- or e nslsaaum i `is1>¤1y¤»hm` ` ‘¢ ]*¤i¤ek·$»· ihé. Blum` L1; rloémd ¤·?»°°¤·4"*·i‘·?’»·‘?·-’°°"`°°”` at eighteen hundred and eigt. H—Streetin0rthwmt,a to .bet_exganded under the direction of, . Commissioners of the District of C°l“mbi°» $1•500* ‘· " ’* ”“’ ` “ 9 · * sun; zu aunts ‘· BA»1N’1‘ HOSPITAL . ,. .H¤pg“;_ l Fnrisu portlet indi _ t insgrierof Ithbixiigtyiqi tgoigmbia iqéi Bnnwnu ¤r D£¤i¤ Saint Hnspiigly ast-provided by hw} .$1ig00,000e. r mmm ' i-xosnnernnnr mswn: » niei ifi; Q i F d here " wr l` `· tai y ui °· _¤°¤*¤·*· the Ye Z‘E°c»°¤gme`e°“ o°i=’£3%g2°e‘3§?” .emi° *’°‘“°e gwiriii ·..i*‘°°°,;¤,,e·rd ;§‘&.}23.e °°i?»i§•§ Government ·Hospit¤1 f¤r`th¤’ " e Jin .6% sitter "“r"E%s£§£L3?P"2i2“£’Z¥2§*§" iizmgffs -·~ee¢;;—;.§ greeisi ldvmwm me M G¤1nnn§i¤ieIi¢s¢¥>¤x%;¢¤o¤¢1v#n¤¢an;¤¤9§3?i&e¤inrLt¢f P¤¤n¤ °"’“""°"'“"°" i$i21tf?c‘§’O‘?‘é%?€‘&;%*?“;‘§3 %‘§0'§°££iR§3&€%i§d£*&° **23 1 ~I' 1 V may require 0fosaid>Director sums of money not exceeding at one time, to be used only {or dep0rta.t10n`0f_n0nresident insane persons: and to be accounted for monthly on_ itemized vouchers to the accounting odieer of the District of Columbia. E y , jh y or me _i‘_ I ,2 F l relief f th poor including a of éphysieians? to lthe Y ’ ’ R°"°'°'“’° "°°'· gg bgrexpenddd under tht; direction oi) the Board of Prrbliei*Weifi,r·e; Tm- pqyment to beneficiaries lnamedtlin section of "‘An Act d§.2d’“?r.°,',§E1;.§? """‘ makin it a misdemeanor inthe District of Columbia to abandon or ‘1§g}i};; gg- “““"§" "°gi°§’ ‘°·¥”vi‘i§Sf§f rf? ;Z‘§’§’.?2“»ru°é‘,Ti;1‘“i‘I}“(i’Z‘;t?I‘§€e*3;’£ o 8.11 PSOBO lSW1B01' _ Mt __ L, _· ¤eZLS5mg· eimemsnmsp epgevea eMe¤ni2e;;1e0et;·$1;¤ooi);¤ be disbursed by the drsbursmg 0 cer of the Drstrrct 0 Colum ra on itemized vouchers duly audited and approved by theauditor otsaid D'st ' t. . - i mc F nmuan or ex-smitten new y_ r E"”"‘°'"‘°"‘ 111 G · * * · · · · __ — E2: euzregsrettstA;%**e:az;*g22Q°*sd,i;ms**e;i2; eg:-soldiers, ex-sailors, or ex-marines, of the _Uni.ted States Service e1the1·_ Regular or Volunteer, who have ~beenvhon0rablyo discharged or retired, and who die in the District of €0iUHlb15,»—t0 be by the Secretary of War. at-_a-cost not exceeding $45 for such expenws in each case, exclusive of cost of grave, $600. rmxsromaucn or iNnic;nN·r_1~;¤;neoNs _ F tr rtation of indigent including indigent vet- '*`*}¤'¤°*“¤¢ ¤•°· eranzrof she $016 War end their femilies,,$3,000. pm