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sxxtmrmxrn ooscmcss. sm 1. ce. 277.} me. 481 vided Thattheaccumul tednt fitsasdetermincdb theSec» U°° °‘¤¤°*·m*¤¤'··d retary of the Interior, asising (inns;} the projecqaclerlvedv from the i>)l°i1Z°l;rKIi1¤.?i°¤'¤:; operation of the roject power plant? leasing of Govermnenti ~gI’RZ- "°°" “h°°°”'°°‘ mg and farm land)a,‘ and use 0 town tutes, andlfrom all other sources, shall be applied by the Secretary of the Interior, so far as may be necessary,‘m pxyent ofpmy water-right chargesdue the United States by anyln vidual water user or irrigation district to whose or in the aggregate such accumulated profits should equi ly accrue in the judgment of the Secretary of the Cmimmmmtmg Interior, whose decision shall be uconolusivee Any surplus of such uOl1Cll8r§’S· accumulated net (profits and future qrofits from such sources shall be apgiegr as piégyideg by Subsectiop $section»4,¤ Act of December 5, V°‘·“·¤·"“· 1 orty- ` tatutes ‘· 01 · ‘? » ‘

Huntley project,~Monta1ia-zdglor pipebation and emainggepzgge, p)on— H¤¤¤¤y·M·>¤¢· tinuation o construction an inci enta e rations : — ro- P*¤·*~· cues, mt mt to ¤x¢eea’ secpoo of the a¤¤&m1ea’b.1¤lme or the ”°’““°“ "““"”'°· Zgpropriation of $118,000 forjthe fiscallliyear ,1926, made available ply Act of_March 3, 1925 `(Forty·thi Statutes, page 1166), sh l `}‘$’*gj §gQ1°°‘ remain available for the fiscal year 1927; l

Milk Itiver {project, For operation and maintenance, gigdlgizb 1;i·g=;{n_ contmuatiozélo construpltugibsanelpdncademgod operation, $72,%00,· and aulgeagu., or cre- no part o t `s amount a .a ` a rmaintenance an opera- ¤°" " °°· tion of the Glasgow division after December 31, 1926, unlem a con- tract or contracts in form approved by the Secretary of the Interior shall have been made with an irrxgataon district or with irrigation districts organized under State law providing for payment o icon- struction sgnd opeggtirpia and maintetnfantiles charges fx dxstnptbcir I, I districts: vramd at no part ‘ ` am a =avai a e ceuemis z . for maintenance anil operation of the Malta division after December g§",,{"}§{ 31, 1926, unless a contract or contracts inform approvedgby the M- Mmdi ¤¤· rotary of the shall have been made wrt an irrigation dis- trict or w1th irrigation districts organized under State law pro- for payment of construction operat1on»an;l·6i’·na ce Mmm mmm to charges byj such, district or districts. Pro#vutcdi_g3t , ang bsagcugcfrglddlnw =ec1¤· moneys w ch mady be advanced for construction _ opera on an mamtenance of e mid Malta d1v1s10n after¤»December 31,1926, or of the Glasgow dxvisxon hereafter shall be corered into the rec-- lamation fund and shall be available for- expenditure for the purge poses for which contributed in like manner as if said funds had ca§l1y appropriatecgd for said purposes; t_ cud L L .- o sun River,Me¤t.

ver mject ontana:_ or opera ron; a ma mm. _ continuation opeonstrinction., and incidental $59,000: Pm; $§"¥,;;’f;Yf,‘;,F"°· vided, That the unexpended balance of the,a£prepr1at1on·of $611,000 for the year 1926, made available;-y e Act of ll£anch—3,»1925 égorty-third Stat 1167 klsh <rema1n»~ava1labla forthe com _ Mm _ _year 1927: Pr _, , That: _ _e restrictions carrnedvelsewhere O,,,,,,,R,,,,.,,,_ in this Act upon the use of appropriations for construction purposes 4··¤¢· MW- upon the Sun River and _certam otherproyede shall notbe deemed to apply to the construction of the Beaver Greek Reservoir; LOW Yeuomm

Lower Yellowstone project,. Montana-North Dakota: F10r_opera· Mm..N._¤a¤, ’ tion and maintenance continuation of construction, and `incidental hmm operations, $72,000: That not to exceed $65,000.of the $6.p¤m'¤v?u¤¤u. unexpended balance_of the appropriation-of $180,000 for the fiscal ·“·¤· W- year 1926, made available bly e _ct ofldaroh 3; 1925 (Forty~th1rd Statutes, page 1167Z;Tsha rremain avtaalable for the. fiscal year lll? QP m..·¤e°d¤’..¤`”‘.e .;;£F2'¥mt°'”°l£§2“l¥E;“‘pcma° *“°“§‘E»,i""l’32*é° S13; e or · , a o e a contract or contracts in crm approved by the Seciietary’of the mfjggmggghglgylafzlgé Interior shall have been made with an irrigation district orvwith required 4sse2·--27--s1 A A-