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590 £E§IJ*§'l`Y—I\l.I‘{’l`ll (f’<)N(ll{ESr%. fimzs. l. (Ins. lik., 352. 192%}. of such bridge, and for such purpose the said .lo:~:eph ll. Checsman, and Clifford A. Anderson, their heirs, legal representativcs, and assigns shall make available to the {Secretary of lVar all of his ymdiwoffiwmmy records in connection with the financing and construction _thercof. amuisivi. The findings of the Secretary of \Va1· as to such actual original cost shall be conclusive, subject only to review in e court of equity for Rim W wu, mp, fraud or gross mistake. _ _ ‘ V meas. Sao. 7. The right to sell, assign, transfer, and mortgage all tue rights, powers, and privileges conferred by this Act is hereby granted to the said Joseph R. Cheesman, and Cliiford A. Anderson, thlpirh lege; replréegsentatives ang assigps, and anly congporation tp vv ic suc rw s powers, an privi cues may e sor, assigne or transferred? or iwhich shall acquire the same by mortgage fore; closure or otherwise, is hereby authorized and empowered to exercise the same as fully as though conferred herciie directly upon such cor ycration. $“‘¤’”‘im*“*· gnu. The right to alter, amend, or repeal. this Act is hereby express y reserve . Approved, May 21, 1926.

 CHAP. 352.--An Act To extend the time for the construction of a bridge
Public} No. 201.} across the north branch of the Susquciianna River from the city of Wilkcs—Ba1·re

to the Borough of Dorranceton, Pennsylvania. __ Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the B,,;‘,{‘,§§§‘,¤gf“I§’,$.lg,_°i Uniteci States pf Arnwrica in Congress aasembfe , That the time for {mam masses at commencing an completing the reconstruction of a bridge authorized %’;‘§§j,“¥,,;§° by Act of Congress approved September 7, 1916, as renewed and Gggptyé gsi? WML liyljoiné; lgpgolution agp;pve<;6F<il;g1;a1£y *,15, 1923, api gy ,6, ° utic r um ere . ap rove ay . _ o econs ruce the coiuity of Luzeriiie, gtate of Pennsylvania, across the north branch. of the Susquehanna River from the city of Wilkes-Bame to the Borough of Dorranceton, in, said county of Luzerne and the State of Pe1%nsylvania, are fhereby extended one and three years, Qzmmmm gs mu resgectively, . rom the date o approval hereof. 2 snags. no. 2. If tolls are charged for the use of such bridge, the rates of toll shall be so adjusted as to provide a fund sufficient to pay the cost of maintaining re airin and operating the bridge and its _ h d _ v P ghk. f . . approac es, an_ to provide a S1 ing und sufficient to ainortize the cost of the bridge and its approaches as soon as pom1ble under M,,,,,m,,,,,, 8, fm., reasonable charges, but within a period of not to exceed 20 years g;;*ggh°;§$;,@*f¤m°*‘· from the completion thereof. After a smking fund sufficient to pay i the cost of constructing the bridge and its approaches shall have been p1;1owpded,fsuclp1 bridgpl shall thpreafter be maintagned and operate ree 0 to s or t e rates 0 tolls shall therea ter be so adjusted as to providela fund of not to exceed the amount necessary or e oro er care re air main nance an o eration 0 t e _f_th_p ,p`, `te ,dp' fh m§,°,f,§,§ ,g,§0,‘;,§,§’f’“°l‘ bridge and_1ts approaches. An accurate record of the cost 0_f _the bridge and its approaches, the expenditures for operating, repairing, and r untaining the same, and of the daily tolls collected shall be kept, and shal be available for the information of all persons . interested.

  • ‘“°°d’”"“· Sno. That th; right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

express y reserve . A; proved, May 21, 1926.