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1542 .$IXTY¤·NINTH GONGBESS;*,Sn•s.eI. Ou. 605. 21928. ’··•°···*•”- ·.= nw . .fThemas.W.1Jam we

®»Yqlunteg¢;In£¢‘•i}t;¢y, _ peyheraeprnaou atthe nw of ran $40’£r monthdin of t she xs mw .,,·;

 nie , nn,.  Ji'!. no;

reeuvmg. P-¤•¤` e Anaunmof EO; widow esfelqish I’eS•nd»•r¤,·.l•t¤ "‘"°·°“"" nl}? and n¤¤¤¤s¤.m»14¤»·¤~c¤ve1»;,.»¤a paB:ar;pen¤e¤•§the;¤ate¤of§0_?1¤·,mnnth; as .1 . » e »·. t `”““"“"""’° late .»"`“°e.¤.¤.»°f S‘i**$·“E£¤h?°eZ& `I‘»e"e§¤$¤}}m‘§»“»$ wnegw 3““¥”n’Z¥

   her a   at therate of $80

"•°’·°°""‘· ‘e.J2he;¥¤•ee£M less and dependent f Bellini .; .Gor¤•11,?»t•; of ;C¤m;>•nyPB, One hundred

1llinolsVt<ilLunteer Infantry, and pay her e pension at the

V ra 0 Parma!] ugii n wr · —, ; 4 ¢ _

  • ""•.m. "”¤*"f•"~t e ;The name. nf Thomas ` late fKenn•mer’scompany Alabama

Hum himoajgemicu at the rate df _$50,per rqggg, w - _..·,Q:lS~l10W_¤!§®l. . e.·.—.Ew— V n, ; .» ¤•¤¤*!¤· 9f'1'he name o§’El1en Buckley,'w1do:1:¥ Bartholoxéew late {2. . . ' . , .T , { . _ .·¤ m L%gery,ear¥di;>aZ;ri’he¤apénsi¤n;at,the,ret•.et month., - W mp" L ""'°· name 0 plus J. Rowe dependent daughter of Da `si~B¤we,h·t¤.of C¤mp•ny.»l¤,, ainth. Maine llclunteer In&$ry,,and: her nttheyrateo $20.per month. - °°"'· """· _ nano f &·£·,hdp,&§,¤Fand depa.ndent_d•ughter of

 Kid     ¤l&tu1Q;1‘l&0 of $90 pot
  • ···*·*-•··*—‘ ¤¤?ingnYi$°·n ’¤. ·a£_ wt eoiizebnm Knight Me or
     Infentry, and pay

··.Z L .’ · 4 · ‘ ` s- I. · n°°J° ub" '1‘he name of Alice J. Selby, widow of Henry Dalton Selby, late of E, g:lunteer.Ca.v¤1ry, . K , 1 I . ` ' °’°'*“ ** °°""“‘· ‘o¥ A., Godwin,. wi§g:vm¢:fnCwneHm Godwin, ll¢©i¤f‘ Clpflin Smith’s Compang E, Thn·dB¤tt•hon, gxvt Kentuclz Gapltal Guards, an {pay her e pemon •t $°2{§;"T?....§" hike pfxne of mo; Pa.lm¤re,»widow of Frederick W. Palmore,

 9flQ0mP!DI<   T¢¤u1 Béglmwt TGDDGBBQ Vdulltecr Infantry,

and-p•y her ¤ pqnswn at the rateof $50 per month m lieu of that ·°°°“""· , ename Mary, a low. ee er o N"! i iefEli Scudd late f

 D, Ninetythirgl   Indiana Volunteer Iixfantry,

, gpay her e pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that Puinnt , _]l' 1rY|||g," . ir M, · /,_ , _,_ ¤;gg• C- "`°¤°°‘ —,Tl1;,¤(?ne of Anne.C..Tonnemg•clger·,widogv of Henry B. Tonne- ` mpcher, late of C¤mp¤¤y D, Fnftnethykegunent Oluo Volunteer

and tyhera nsion_ettl1erateof$30. rmonth.

‘““"“"’“" ;..The name-o.¥aMary·M}»?1(?ker,.fomer widow of Igikney Dane, late of Company H, Twelfth Regimmt Kentucky Volunteer Infantry,

g and yyher a penswn et therete of $30 per month. ;

°¤•¤ H·“· Tgname o Susan Hell, widow of Alv?%H. Brackett, alias Henry A, eClark,,known n.s;Hen1·y.H•.ll, late of. mpeny A., Seventh Rega- ment 0h1o.V0luntee1·,Cavalry and pay ber p penmon at the rote of $50 per month in lieu of that slie is now receiving. ‘