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2588 PROGLAMATIONS, 1925. ‘"“*°'*"° ,,,,;;°_',;' If legislation be not enacted rior to March 5, 1927, effecting the '&°,°¤°::“¤i»°|:¤¤1. permanent withdrawal of such.lI;.ude, and no other direction is given regarding the diiposition thereof they that date become su ject to ler the method prescribed by existing law. In Witness `f, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the ne a 't 0 ` r ` a tem e °°‘t§* “"&}3,“Q§.°" S§“v*?>°..h.*°¤“°g,,¤°““ti§1Z‘30t.· .1 at Ss at in s. year of bur Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty- [snar.] iive, and of the Indmdence of the United States of America the one hun and Eftieth. Crmvm Coouncu By the President: Fnamc B Kmnmeo Secretary of State

 Br rms Psnsmnm or rrm Umrmn Srarms or Anmnrca

A PROCLAMATION §'§{ff '“"u‘ WHEREAS in and by section 315 (e) of Title III of the act of Con- m§{·¤¤**°*Y °°*h°·’“* gress approvedSeptember21 1922, entitled"Anacttoprovide1·evenue, v&1.4z, p.9t1. to regulate commerce with fbreign countries, to encourage the indus- tries of the UnitedStates, and for other pm·p0ses," it is, among other thingk provided that whenever the President, upon investigation of the ` erences in costs of plroduction of articles wholly or in part the growth or product of the nited States and of like or similar articles wholly or m part the growth or product of oompetiplg foreign corm- tries, shall find it thereb shown that the duties fix in this act do not equalize the said erences in costs of production in the United States and the principal competing country he shall, by such inves- tigation, ascertain said differences and determine and proclaim the changes in classifications or increases or decreases in rates of duty provided in said act shown by said ascertained differences in suc costs of production necessary to ualize the same; "°*·*’· P- °"· Whereas in and by section 315 of said act it is further provided that in ascertaining the diiferences in costs of production, under the provisions of subdivisions (a) and (b) of said section, the President, m so far as he finds it practicable, shall take into consideration (1) the differences in conditrons in production includipg wzges, costs of material, and other items in costs of production su or similar articles m the United States and in competing foreign countries; (2) the diferences in the wholesale selling ppces of domestic and foreign articles in the principal markets of the nited States; (3) advantages granted to a foreign producer by a foreign government, or by a per- son artnership, corporation, or association in a foreign cormtry; and gl) any other advantages or disadvantages in competition· Whereas, under and by virtue of said section of said act, the United States Tariif Commission has made an investigation to assist the President in ascertaining the differences in costs of production of and of all other facts and conditions enumerated in said section with v¤1.42.p.so2. respect to the article described in paragraph 711 of '1‘itle I of said tanif act of 1922, namely live bob-white qgail, being wholly or in part the growth or product of the United tates, and of and with respect to a like or similar article wholly or in part the growth or product of competing foreign countries; Whereas in t e course o said investigation a hearing was _held, of which reasonable public notice was given and at which parties inter- ested were given reasonable opportunity to be present, to produce evidence, and to be heard; ·