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A PROCLAMATION F0‘§’BgQ°°$}‘§bf““*°°°* Whereas, it appears that a certain tract of public land within the i>¤;¤i¤b1s.1m areadescribed in the act of Congress approved September 22, 1922 v°‘*2’p' ' (42 Stat., 1036), which has been found chiefly valuable for national forest gurposes,. should be added to the Wenatchee National Forest Am 1 in the tate of Washingw . 4 _ Now, therefore, I, C VIN COOLIDGE, President of the United States of America, by virtue et the power in me vested by the afore- said act of entitled, *‘An Act For the inclusion of certain lands in the enatchee National Forest, the Olympic National %>rest, and thai Snoqutglbmie National dForest, all ini thehSg_ati> of , ashmgto` n,·an oro rpurpoees", o ' t att e o ow- D°°°H°°°°' ing] described tract, namely, W}»§ NE}4 NECK NEM, SEM NW}4 N $4 NEM, EK SWM NE}4 NEM, NM NWM SEM NE}4, SW}4 NW}4 SEM NEM and NWM SWM SE}4 NE}4 Sec. 24, T. 26 N., R. 20. E., W. M., containing`I22}é acres, is hereby added to and made zvplart of the Wenatchee ational Forest. In Witness ereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to beaiiixed. Done at the City of Washington this thi1·d day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty- [smart] six, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and fifty-first. CALVIN Coomoon By the President_: FRANK B Knnnoeo Secretary of State, August 14, im Br THE PRESIDENT or THE UNrrE1:• STATES or Aunnrca A PROCLAMATION ‘1C}'g,‘,‘},,{§‘f,’}“"’· WHEREAS, an Act of Congress, entitled the "Merchant Marine $,,,,,,,0,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ Act, 1920 ", approved June.5, 1920, contains the following provisions: v¤1.41,p.w1. "Sec. 21. That from and after February 1,·1922,,the coast- wise laws of the United States shall extend to the island terri- tories and gossessions of thc-United States not now covered thereby, an the board is directed prior to the expiration of such year to have established adequate steamsbipl service at reasonable rates to accommodatethe commerce and t e passenger travel of said islands and to maintain and operate such service until it can be taken over and operated and maintained upon satisfactory terms by lplrivate capital .and enterprise; Provided, ·That 1f adequate s `ppirzg service is not establishedul-iK)Feb1·uary— 1, 1922, the esident sh extend the geriod herein wed for the estab- lishnrent of suehlservice inst e case of any island territory or possession forsuch time as mg be necessaryfor the establish- ment of adequateshipxing fac 'ties therefor" , V°*“·¤·°‘”· AND WHEREAS, an a equate shipping service to accommodate the commerce and the passenger trave of the Virgin Islands has not Keen established as provided by Section 21 of the "Merchant Marine ct, 1920"; —· ~ ‘ _ ¤§,',9*·.$§,f’{é"g}y AND WHEREAS, the President of the United States in accord- 1943:1969. ' ance with the authority vested in him by Section 21 of the "Mer- "'"" ""‘ 2575* m' chant Marine Act, 1920 ", has from time to time, to wit, on February 1, 1922, on May 18, 1922, on October 28, 1922, on October 25, 1923,