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1656 SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. - Sass. ‘I. Cn. 732. 1926. ¤¤¤• ¤*¤¤¤¤·•¤· ?The name of Emma Steinmetz, widow of William Steinmetz, late of Company G, Eight -third‘Re t Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and Ninety-seven Company, d Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps and pay· her a pension at the rate of $50 per month in 1_ieu of thatshe isnow 1‘60GlV11g¥i` . ~` ·‘ " . l s -· M-*M·¤°*·-¢ me mms or rpg enewara; www or John J. Hema, na of Company H, ieth Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry, and pay her a pension atthe rate of $50 per month in lieu of that sheisnowreeenving; ~ ‘ - ~ _ ~ S“°•"L·“”‘°”· ` The name of Susan L. Eme1·y~-widow of James St Emei-y,·late seaman and eoal heaver, United States Vandalia, San Jacinto, and Magnolia, United States N away, Civil ar, and pay her a pension ,,,,,,,,,,_` at the-rate of $40 ` rmonth in ieu ofthat she is now receiving. -1-. enum Floyd. · The name of T. gilbert Flo d, helpless and dependent sonof oel G;·F1¢gd, late of Companyx, Twenty·third Regiment, and Com- pany , Sixty-first Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and-` `y him taégiansion at the rate or $20 per monthithrough a leglalhgiappoin f· · ` ‘ ’ Ad¤¤•A·¤¤•¤¤· '· e name or A die A. Green, helpless and dependent `daughter of James F. Green, late of Company D, Forty-second Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and pay her at pension at the"rate of remmmmuumd. wr mouth- ° . [ . A . I ¤·¤¤·¥·H·¤¤· ’ ~ e-nameof Sarah J. Hagan, widow of John A. Hagan, late of Company D, Sixty-iifth Regiment Indiana Mounted Volunteer Infantry, and pay her aépension at -the rate of $50‘per month in lieu ofthatsheisnowreeei ng; ‘ · ` · r I‘°"“‘“'““°“‘ ~The name of Louisa Alexander widow of Thomas B. Alexander, late of Comdpany H, Twenty-fifth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry an payher a pension at the rate not $50 aperimonth in lieu of that she is now receiv1n% ‘ a ‘ l ‘ New- Bmw- The name of Nancy Ru` el, widowof `Gottleib F. Rudel, late of Company. A, Twenty-Hfth Regiment Indiana Volunteers, and pay her a pensionat the rate of $50’pe1-month in lieu of that she is now ¤1¤¤¤•§¤¥-¤¤·§b¤· The nameof Elisabeth `J. St1‘QI1bB,'.Wld0W`0f David M. Strouhe, " late `_ of Comépany C, Forty-second 4 Regiment Indiana iVolunteer Infantry, an payher a’pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu ramen. ofth*ats’he_isnowreeeivm§` `. ` s ` ~‘ ` __ .4 · J, _LY‘P‘ Ai The name of Lydia A. ynor, widow of James Rayner, late of Company] F,‘_Thirty>Erst‘ Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer-_ Infantry, hmm m,,,,,d_ and pay era pension atjthe rate of $30 per month. ‘ ' _ mM”¤'°° ’·Wm*°“" i The name of ` Margaret J: Williamson widow of Samuel B. ` Williamson, late of `Comtpany D, Thirteenth Regiment West Virginia Volimteer Infantry, an pay her a pension at the rate, of $50 per monthin lieu, of that she is now, . . ` _ I-°"'°E· ’°‘“"'· Q The name of Laura E. Perkins, widow of William ‘J'. Perkins, late or Company M, First Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Cavalry, and pay her a pension at therate of $50 per, month in lieu of that m”,Hm_ sheisnowreceiving. Q .. V u _‘ _‘ . ` ' ‘The name of Mary J. Haig?-, widow of Simeon Harper, late of Company G, Seventy-second igiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of eso per month in lieuof that sheisnow receiving. __ " _` . _j_ { ·*¤¤*·“·”·*·-· 5 The name or Annie M, Baker, widow or Nathaniel P.’Baker, late

 of Company I, Twenty-Erst Regiment Maine Volnmteer Infantry,

and pay her a pension at the rate of $40;per_month in lieu of that 1,;g1q_g_¢¤émds sheisnowreceiving. _ ‘ ° _ , . ' `The name of Rhoda Swords, widow of John C. Sword.e,_late of Company A, Thirtieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, andpay her a pension at the rate o $30 per month. ~