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1670 SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. I. Cs. 732. 1926. °•°•”•°¤'¤'•¤· 'Ihe name f Cecelia `d f James Quin] late ca tain, ' Oeer Company New o‘l·1k(S‘;at2s and lieutenant coronal, New York Volunteer Infantry, andpayherapqionat rate~of$50permonthiai1ieuofthat she is now receiving. _ A _ °¤•¤Bj'**·¤· C0'.Lie of Suan B. Fxdier, §idowJof. Btlrsher, late of _ . » Regiment' V ew e un Infantry and D, Sixth Reggngent v0lKGl‘lIl 8.C0l’%QDd pay; herapensionattherateof permonthinlieuofthat isnow ""““°»w‘““'· of. Wallger, widow tof mgf Com - e Seventy-aecou Re$men ew or un

andpayhe1·apensionat erateof$50permonth inlieni

- , is new receiving. P ·¤¤¤¤¤Bv¤·· 0 The name of Ann Eliza Bgrrgg, widow of Bradford F. Byrne, late of Company F, One hun and tenth Regiment New ork Volunteer One hundred and gxty-fourth Company, Second Battalion,. eteran Reserve Corps, an pay her a pension at the rate of,$§0 §r.month in lieu of that-she is now N'”°"·w°“‘· The name of ancy J. Welch, widow of John H. Welch, ate of Company I, Tmth Regiment New York Volunteer Heavy Artillery, and pay her ap9D¤louat the rate of.$50per month in 'eu of that mm. she is now . _ _ ’°'“‘“·°”‘“"‘°"· The name of Jo M. Chambers, helpless and dependent son of Samuel H; Chambers, late of Com G, Fourteenth Regiment PW! Iowa·Votlhunt;21ag· and pay a. pension at_the rate of $20 rmmmmun. _rmon,,_, _a· ap in guardian. —“°"""“““"l‘· name ,of§lalivin widow of Marshall, late of_

 H,   Regiment Connecticut V unteer Infantry, and

pay,era,paps;onattherateof$50permonthinhcuofthatshe ram-. is now rece: . · M · ·“°‘“·”°'“"‘· M; widow f E hraim Bowman, lateLof.Company D, One hundred an forty-thii·d`£gi.1nent Pennsyl-

 Infantry, and pay her aopension at the rate of

Pndonamereaaed. 1‘ IIIOD . "‘““""’“"°""""·, '1Z‘§nameofJEl;u.nn' V 'd cfIsraelBomgardne I Com y_ One ¢d’fv§'•:1rt’livRegiment P lvanilal e &1d_ pay her a pension at the r;:‘en?S0 per new. mon m euo a eisnowrecei . nn at Collins Dllléi of Anna widoiivmgf Boéveril late og ` m _ Sixth Bexmen c vania untec an pay hzrni pension at e rate ofllgg per month in lieu hl she °""‘H""““" H The name widow of Inuis Hassmann, late of %°'*"""“°° Ci °°‘*.i"’ S‘i.°°°° ` °ff;E` °;;“&?'1`§“$ V°“‘““Z%‘ __ea.__an_aera on ep on. “°” °'“”“` rhvgensme iykia hlgmugfiaew of n e%€ii, late eommissary sergeant ,Th1rty:seventh Begment linois Volunteer p,,,“,,,,,,,,,,.,,d, Infantry,‘and her apension atthe ra of $30 per month. “•¤"·B*“°’· - The name,0 Bailey, widow of William T. Bailerv, late of Company H, Twenty-second Pennsylvania Vo unteer Cavalry, and. pay her a pension at e rate of $500 per month in lieu ,Q•_‘;_*,,·,,,,,,,,,,, ofthat ahe is,now reeeivisfz Provided, in the event of the ¤••¤=<>¢<=¤¤d· death of William Paul B i 3, helpless and dependent son of said Mary J. and ailey, 21:; additional penh;i,onT£1:1‘;ein r¤a¤¤a»¤¤m¤¤ ggmod Bhd] wg; o1m·m_ wma;. y pm»;mkd‘ rt . m °°'°°°"”°°"' V event of the deaal of Mary J ._ Bailey, the_ namefgf said, William · Paul Bailey _be placed on the pension roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension laws, at the rate of $20 per month from and after the date of death of said Mary J. Bailey.