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SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. II. Ons; 214,222, 223. * "1927.' 1793 · $14.-—-An Act_For relief lot W: Z. - `; ' F•b¤g¤§§>· 1W?- Be it enactedlby the Senate cmd naman 'vee is the [P""*°’ N°‘°°7‘] United States of America in Omsgresa aseewfb ,.That.W. Z. Swift iiéeiidgtkt sm.- shall be rqgar ed as the duly , beneficiary-of _. the late % °' *"° H“°'° Harold Regis, Fifteenth Depot Ba _ ion, ,in·ap lication.T·e4’((i0fZ02, for msurance under the War Risk Insurance Ac? of October 6, 1917, , as amended. n . i Sno. 2. That the Director of the United States Veterans’ Bureau ,,,,’$;‘L‘k‘“ f" shell pay to W.- Z. SW1ft,`0f`L0l1lSl County, Vir inia, aeaferéédid, · from available agpropriations an 'amount equi to the imonthly installments of .50 each from the lst day of December 1918 _ to “°"ti’$i.°ie ‘i§if’*"‘“g° $$1***** iii ’“‘d $§’"‘,;§“°{* m°1§‘tho°,"°‘°“‘&3' rm t ¤_ tsmouh _ ,, ap ,ca 10D_$¤$,b§gl. i.: P··¤··- Prqvdled, That,before_any suniis ’paid_·bereunder,,the sai Z. B°°d r°°°h°d‘ gwift shell rumen aéproperbond .111 .a,_sum;·satisfactory Qthe 1l`60t0I.‘>0€thB.`Ul11tQ§ tates Yetera11s’ Bureau mprotect the nited States against payment of said insurance ftp, any person who may establish an adverse right thereto. - _ Approved, February 25, 1927. CHAP. 292.-An Act Forthe relief of the owner of the American steamship F is. 2¤§Y1im' Almirante and owners of cargo laden aboard thereof at the time other collision with the United States steamship Hiako. _ ~ · · , Be it enacted by the Senate and Home of iefreaentaticecjof the u as __ · United States :{‘Anzerica:‘in Cemgreae aaaemb ,‘That the claim of ,h,$“““"“°· °‘°"“' the owner of e ‘American steamship Almirante and the claims “m&'¤¤my°gr;‘§°mg{ or the owners of cargo' laden aboard thereof against the United mmummmmqem States of America for damages and loss al1e§d tohave been caused ‘““°"“°°"'°‘ gy-collision between said steamehipand the r nited States steamship isko, on or about the Gtlr day o September 1918, ofthe the State of New Jersey, may be sued for hy the owner of said steamshrép Almirante and the said owners of cargo in the Court o the United States for the Southern District of New York, Jmsdmm { mm sitting as a court of admiralty, andactinglunder the rules governing ° such court; and the _said court _ shall ave jurisdictionjn hear, consider, and determiiiesucli suits and to enter judgments ar ddeerees for the amounts ofsuehdamages and costs, if any, nsshall bexfound tobedue against .the.United States in favor of the. owner ofthe said steam¤hitp*6A1m»irante aand thmsaid owners of cargo or against thoxowner of said*steamship.Alm1rante and said ownsns of cargo, in favor of the United ‘-States, upon the samecprinciples- and measures of- liability as in like suits in admiraltyabetween private parties, and with the same rightsof lagged except that no interest shalhbe paid on any claim: Provided, at 8�¢l1*Il0$l¢98T0f·th·H1itl N°"‘B¤&.`w at- shallbe 'ven to the.Attorney·Genera1 of the United States as may *°'°°Y be provigled by orders of the said court and it shall be-the duty. of the Attorney General to cause the <States attprney,ip,snch district to appear and defend for the Umted States: Provided Commmmm of further, That said suits shall be~bron§ht_and commenced within four ma. months of the date of the passage o this Act, p __ (_ g _ Vg Approved, February‘26, 1927. i " ‘‘°` i'

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