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1798 SIXTY-NIN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cue; 246—248,‘285, 286. 1927. N¤¤é<j¤;k!°¤7· CHAP. 246.-An Act For the relief of Nick Masonich. · “"‘““· ”°·"°·‘ Be a mate by as sms and House of sepmmzaam of as §,*‘§",,g,'{'°,,'§5"Q,;. W. United States of America in Uongress assembled, That the Secretary ¤¤¤¤¤i¤i¤¤¤e of the Treasury be,°and he is` ereby authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and in full settlement against the Government the sum of $5,000 to;N1ck Maspmch of Butte Montana, who was disabled by personal u?ury sustained while in the performance of his duty as a member 0 a station gang employed by the Alaskan Engineering Commission. Approved, March 1, 1927. A S umn 1,1927. c . n

 CHAP. 247.-An Act For the relief of J. W. Neil.

W N H Bce it enacted by tlm_Senate and House of Representatives of the $,,,,;,,,f,,,;,,,,,,, ,,,, Umted States of in Omgress assembled, That the Secretary Mss- ¤¤d•¤I·°'°*·*°'*- of the Treasury is hereby au orized and directed to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to J. W. Neil, of Ogden, Utah, the sum of $7,697.53 as compensation for and in full satisfaction of any claim such J. W. Neil may have for losses V I 40 W VOL suffered by reasonof the libel of a carload of sugar belonging to 4],]_£éQ7_' p' ' him on May·21, 1920, by a United States marshal imder color of the Act entitled. " An Actto provide further for the national security and defense by encouraging. the production, conserving the suiplply, and controlling the distributions of food products and el,’ approved August 10, 1917, as amended. Approved, March 1, 1927. ·; mm¤1,im. . _ _ .

 CHAP. 248.-—An Act For the, relief of Elisabeth W. Kiefer.

Be it enacted b the Senate and House 0 Re" massive b‘ the g$iZ°iivg6§i`iu»§°$l United States of?/Anwmba in Congress That the gest- °°‘""’· · master Generalbe, and he is her? authorized and directed to credit. the accoimts of Elizabeth . Kieffer, postnmster at Fort Rumell, Wyoming, inthe sum of,$568.81£ud1ue to the ,United.States on; account ofloss by;theft of pom-oiiicey ds by Claude E.,Davis, on November, 14, 1922. . Appr0ved,:Ma1·ch 1,,1927. i nm. o ·

 CHAP. 285.-An Act For the relief of Samuel S. Archer.

~ Be it enacted by the Senate and and House of.Representati¤es of §,f;g§¤§-,·Qf°,§fbe,_ the United States of 4merica in. Oongress assembled, That theISecre- ¤¤¤•li¤.1¤ri¤¤· tary‘of‘ the he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, out of any ·funds· inthe Treasury not_ otherwise appro riated, the sum·¤f to Samuel S.'Archer,7 for injuries sustained) as the result ofbéing struclr by a Government-owned? automobile on the streets of the city offlajttmnouth, Nebraska, Oli; December I3, 1921. APPT°V*?d»VM9•l"?h 2; 1927- _ A 9 A 1 9 , 9 J P?“€ Q] CHAP. 286.——An Act To correct the natal record of John V8,0. . ‘,(,.._` .`_.__ `.‘ ., ., _(Be.,it enacted. by Senate an.d,`H0use raf Qge _ entatioes of {_}>Ega§*g=£;}d cw the United States df America in Oongress arse '1`hat in the mm. administration of the pension laws and laws conferring. rights and privileges upon honora ly discharged `soldiers, sailors, marines, and