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1502 SIXTYZNINTH CONGRESS. Sass. I. Cris. 544-547. 1926. be held and considered to have been the enlistment and honorable discharge of W. Saam, of Rochester, Michigan, born at l;Ygash1ngton,dM£c `gan, such John Smith and such Iioy W. Saam mg one an t e same person. ,¤%°,,':{J;_d‘°°"**'¤° SEC._2. The Secretary of the Nayly shall amend the Marine Corps record pow pm the name of such_ ohn Smith, so as to show that the enlistment of such John Smxth was in reality the enlistment of such W. Saam, and shall issue an honorable discharge to such Roy . Saam, in his true name, covering such enlistment and discharge. ` Approved, June 10, 1926.

 CHAP. 545.—An Act To authorise Captain F. A. Traut, United States
  • °‘ *1 §aBy,»tobacceRt a decoration from the King of Denmark known as the "Order

o anne reg. Be it enacted b the Senate and House o Re esentatives 0 the NE:,*t“‘¤ F- *·_"*·“*~ United States gf Zmeaaa in Congress aaaamtlzaafnraa oapaaaa A. u,},{•¥,m·;;_$•¤*K,§_;¤¤g·, Traut, gt the; nited Stptlgs N avyi; bea and he is lhxereby, autihozigeldd to Denmark- . aocet_ omt 6KJ.Dg• 0 enmar aecoration ownaste er of lgannebro " which was bestowed u on him b Christian gs _ P Y _ _ when the Umted States steamship Utah was on a C1"l11SB in European waters. _ , Approved, June 10, 1926.

 A OkAiP..546.-—An Act For the relief of Hewson L. Peeke.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the §,§,',§,,‘?§,‘,}‘g°f"}°°},‘°,,,,,_ United States of America in Congress assemzbled, That the Secretary aaaualums. of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the Umted States Treasury not otherwise appro- riated, the sum of $100 to Hewson L. Peeke, in full of all c aims he may have a ainst the Government for injuries received by him in the United States customhouse building at Sandusky, Ohio. Approved, June 10, 1926. _lTHl___.J_.I`?::·§,*q;`§i’§:L3] CHAP. 547.-—An Act For the relief of B. Jackson. 0. · _ • Be at enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the §g§,,‘$;'¤{,;°*§?’§®, United States of America in Qongress assembled, That the Secretary ¤¤v¤r¤m¤¤¢ bonds M- of ·the,Treasury be and he IS hereby, authorized and directed to redeem in favor of, Bagdasar Jackson Umted States coupon note nunibered E-1010562 in the denomination of $1,000 of the Victory

 loan 4% peg centbu;11 isgnlréngblexglold notes gf lli;22-19b2;5,

e or a ment ecem r W1 coupons ue ecem r 15, 1919, tg December 15, 1922,,inclusive, without presentation of said note or the coupons, the note with the said coupons_ and coupon P , due May 20, 1923,_ attached, having been lost by the said Bagdasar oaamuéaa. Jackson: Provided, That said note shall not have been plreviously resented and paid and that playment shall not be made · ereunder hmmm bond ¥or any coupons that shall ave been previously presented and Y ’ paid: And promkled further, That the said Bagdasar Jackson. or some one for him, shall first file in the Treasury Department of the United States a bond inthe penal sum of doub e the amount of the prmcipeal of the said note and the mterest which had accrued when the no was called for payment, ID such form and with such surety or sureties as may be acceptable to the Secretary of the Treasury to indemnify and 'save harmless the Umted States from any loss on account of the loss of the note and coupons hereinbefore described. Approved, June 10. 1926.