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1508 SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. I. Cue. 595, 596. 1926. · TS-1922, dated September 15, 1921, matured September 15, 1922, with interest from September 15, 1921, to September 15, 1922, at the rate of 5% per centum per annum; Umted States Treasury certificate of indebtedness numbered 3231, in the denomination of $5,000, Series TS2-1922, dated November 1, 1921, and matured September 15, 1922, with interest from November 1, 1921, to Sep- tember 15, 1922, at the rate of 4% per centum per annum, without presentation of the said certificates of indebtedness or the coupons re resenting interest thereon from the re ective dates of issue P . . · to the date of maturity thereof, the cert; cates of indebtedness having been lost, stolen, or destroyed; and that the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, further authorized and directed to redeem-after March 15, 1926 in favor of the Commercial Union Assurance Company, Limited, United States Treasury notes num- bered 12645, in the denomination of $10,000, and numbered 49177, 49178, 49179, 49180, and 49181, in the denomination of $1,000 each, Series_ A—1925, dated February 1, 1922, matured March 15, 1925, with interest from February 1, 1922, to March 15, 1925, at the rate of 4% per centum per annum, without presentation of the said Treasury notes or the cou ons representing irterwt thereon from PM February 1, 1922, to Mardh 15 1925 the notes having been lost, ¤..¤si“&'5¤. stoéenf or destroyed: S1;¢;51vided,;1i`hat iis certiiicatmgls of indebttipidnpss an reasuig notes not ave en reviou y presen_ or payment an_ that no payment shall iiiade hereunder for any cou ons which shall have been previously presented and paid: 1°d°m°“y b°°d' And proveded further, That the said Commercial Union Assurance Company, Limited, shall iirst file in the Treasury Department of the nited States a bond or bonds in the penal sum o double the amount of the principal of the said certificates of indebtedness and the interest payable thereon, and of double the amount of the principal of the said Treasury notes and the interest payable thereonglin sugi mm and vngthh such surety or snciiretiesfyas miay be accepta-eto·e reta ote ur,toinemni an save ' harmless the United Staltyes from ang losg on account of the lost, stolen, or destroyed certificates of in ebtedness and Treasury notes hereinbefore described or the coupons belonging thereto. Approved, June 15, 1926. igF1i.?Zg?]° CHAP. 596.-An Act For the relief of Adeline White. [Private, No. 161.] - Be it enacted b the Senate and House of Regn·ese·n.tat5»ves of the ·?)¢;¤;;tQ¤;§¤6ene¤_ United States ofy America tn. Congress assem. Zed, That Adaline may or James nm White shall be regarded as the duly designated beneiiciar of the B'“‘“‘· late James Ross Bryant, Headquarters Compax;% One and thirty-seventh Regiment Infantry, under the ar Risk Insurance Act of October 6 1917, as amended. a ,,:{';?“,},°,‘,¥,,f,°,;,f" '°" Sno. 2. That the Director of the United States Veterans’ Bureau shall pay to Adaline White, as aforesaid, from available appropria- tions an amount equal to the monthly installment of $57.50 eae , as rovided in the war-risk insurance certificate of the said James Ross Bryant, deceased, numbered-933655, from the lst day of April 1919, to the date of the assage of this act, and $57.50 each month f;1’gQ‘:é,,y bm, thereafter imtil the full) amonmt has been paid: Provided That ` begre any sum bi: Iéaid hergunder, the; said Adaliple Vghite shallffuf- ni a ro r n ina orm-satisacto tote irectoro te United V3terans’ Bureau, to protectlzhe Enited States) · pa ento sai insurancetoanypersonwomn. esta is an adzenrse right thereto. y Approved, June 15, 1926.