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POSTAL CONVENTION—NEWFOUNDLAND. 2353 Pogsdzwmwenzeeni ‘ between" the United States and N mmdland. Stgd -—}‘“°" 3°·‘°“°· arse, Jews, January s0,_1e2e, at waem;ige»t?D§ewM»y 10, wee; "°"’“°"‘°·‘°“’· approved bythe President, February II,] . POSTAL CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF, .;. 4 i - ‘ ummcn Axnxmwrouunnhiwn. Forithe urpoi e S6=Of_11),8klDg·.` ` ‘ better "ostal arra ements between miliiiibrgiiiiiiiwn the Uhitedigtates or Ameri&:a"end Neiifoundlandugthe undersigned, "'°°¤'°*°· Ha S. New, Postmaster General of t$United étates of America, andn%. J. Woodford, Minister of’Po ` and Telegraphs of New- foundland, by virtue ot authority rested in them, by law, have ‘ ¤s¤>¤~l ¤1>¤¤$l¤¤ f¤¤<>wi¤z ,¤r¤<>1¤¤=’ s ‘ ARTICLE 1. (a)· Articles of every kind or nature which are admitted to the ,,,§'“,,,,°},‘; "”““°° ’° domestic mails ofyeither country except as herein prohibited shall be admitted to exchanged under this Convention; subject, however, to such regulations as the postal administration of the country of destination may deem necessary to protect its customs revenues., _ - _. b) Thefollowing articles are prohibited admission to the mails P'°”"’“°d°‘"°1°" ex under tlus Convention: g ‘ i · , » Publications which violate the <>0PY1'l$ht laws of the country of demination · any article or matter that is inadmissible to the domestic mails of either country; packages sent at parcel post rates, the weight of which exceeds fifteen pounds; and single volumes of printed books at printed matter rate, the weight of whichexceeds eleven un . ,. , P°(c) The classification of and therates of postage (except the rate u¤I¤°m”i"¤'°% dwg: of pestageonletters and parcegdpost and the.registra-·°'“- ticn‘or·,;nsurance fee to be levi and co , , iupon mail matter

 in either country andaddressed to   other shallibe

in acco ce with the domesticlaws and regulations of the country ¤f 9liGllli~ mrided rates of and registration fee so leviedshafcnot l11`D1¢h01Y»,?'¥ the rates ofgostageeand

   for articles ¤. • like nature y t1>e.Uni-»

Wm} Pesto ·— ,_ v¤¤ti¤¤ iii-force. for theetime being, and that the parcel post rates, which shall be fixed by the country of origin shall not the maximum domestic parcel post rates oi . that-¤¤u¤t¤:y; provi ed applicable to sec-, °°°°““°"“""“" ond-class_matter in each country ad for elivery in theother,

 _pubhstl;'ezi3s‘~.orti)r:gistered·ne;vs ¤;ger£s;lt{>bl:·ubscribers;

on to ernewsr agen .i or. ‘ purpose. o sa onecen $:1;  ;0urio1mces;or»£1·;adetime,o§({ol:zr oxmce; eéagulated egiixetliie e1g___ o___each,package, _ repsi meanso · m a · provided further that when geparatelyyaddressed copiespsintended B°u‘°°°¤°°°' _0r delnvegwg one post oilice are enclosed under one wrapger bear- mg the ad of such oilice itlt6e_iI¤ii‘Vjdual copies shall be elivered without further charge to the respective addressees, the amount of Y ~’=‘4see2•-eza-me-—s7· » `