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CONV ENTION—-CUBA. Menon 4, 1926. 2395 0'onvention between the United States amd Oabagfor prevention smuggling 0frin¢oa:ica#i1y liquors. Signed at abana, March , 1926; advise by the Senate, April 9, 1926; ratiied by “ the Pr ° ni, Aprd 15, 1926; ratiyied by Cuba, June 17, 1926*; raiyications exchanged at Habana, June 18, 1926; proclaimed, June 19, 1926. BY rim Pansmmrr or rim Uurrma Sums or Ammucn. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS a Convention between the United States of America c,§{;;°,_:°};§Lg§s;§:_ and the Republic of Cuba to aid in the dprevention of the smuggling guns ofmmmicavitgg of intoxicating liquors into the Unite States was conclude an g€§'¤‘§§Y °° Um signed biitheir respective Plenipotentiaries at Habana on the fourth P'°°¤"‘°· day of arch, one thousand. nine hundred and twentipsix, the original of which Convention, being in the English an Spanish languages, is word for word as follows: Convention between the United Convenio entre los Estados States of America and the Re- Unidos de América y la Re- public of Cuba for the pre- publica de Cuba gara la pre- vention of smuggling opera- venci6n del contra ando entre tions between their respective ambos paises. territories. The United States of America Los Estados Unidos de América °°¤°·°“¤¤ *’°Y'°¤· and the Republic of Cuba, y la Republica de Cuba, de- being desirous of avoiding any seosos de evitar cualesquiera diiiiculties which might arise diiicultades que puedan aug between them in connection entre ellos con motivo de with the laws in force in the le es vigentes en los Estados United States of America on Uhidos e América en materia the subject of alcoholic bever- de bebidas alcohélicas han de- ages, have decided to conclude cidido celebrar 1111 Convenio a Convention for that purppse con ese objeto, y han nom- and have appointed as t eir brado por sus Plenipotenci· resrpacgtive Plenipotentiaries: aries respectivos: President of the United El Presidente de los Estados PI¤¤i¤°*·¤¤¤**¤¤· States of America, Mister Enoch Unidos de América, al Senor H. Crowder, Ambassador Extra- Enoch H. Crowder, Embajador ordinary and Plenipotentiary of Extraordinario1;yPleni(&> the Umted States of America in de los Estados nidos eAmérica Cuba and en Cuba y The President of the Rlzpublic El Presidente de la Relppblica of Cuba, Mister Carlos anuel -de Cuba, al Senor Carlos anuel de Céspedes y de Quesada, Secre- de Céspedes y de Quesada, Secre- tarts; o State of the Republic of tario e Estado de la Republics. Cu a. _ de Cuba, Who having communicated _ Quienes habiéndose comunicado to each other their respective sus ilenos pode1·es,encontrand0l0s full powers, which were foxmd to en uena y debida forma, han be m good and prouper form, convenido los siguientes artfculos: bape agreed to the fo owing ar- ie es: