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wps rsncnnzmsremrsu: rn1:1cwsrArE.,s.i%‘gf,<$,§‘5..~a E.  » 2421; the United States of America and the Irish Free State, according to the country involved, hall govern. 2. The Postmaster General of the United States of America and ,,f",§,§‘§,°,§1 the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs of the Irish Free State shall have authority jointly to make rom time to time b correspondence such changes and modifications and further regulations of order and detail sswzmay become ~uecessarylto` facilitate the operation oi the sms;-epsampaaes by this Convention aswell as to provide arrangements‘=for‘ the registration of—‘·parcel packages. and for the exchange of parcels sulgectto eollectou elivery charges should both countries at anytime esire such‘services.. » » ·—-.» I- - A ·‘ Mum, mmm 3. The Administrations shall communicate to each other from tion oxwmuwam time to time the provisions of their laws or regulations applicable to the. conveyance of parcels by Parcel Post. ~ · · xxv; -Dura.tion.of cxesvemm ,l3?,_¤**“°¤°'°°¤'·* 1. This Convention shall take eEect ~¢nd"operations_— thereunder shall befgin 'on¤a date to be mutually settled between the Administriv -· tions o the two countries: e' `·‘ " " A · Q i * " i .· A 2; Itshall reinainin forceuntili oneef ·-tlietwo contracting paw D“""°“‘ ties has given notice to the other, six months in advance, of its mteiii tion tc’terxninate‘it;."·‘»`€;·_ Z v_ · _- ’ N T I Eithevadmiuistramien- may cemporsuwsuspeeq the assumes ...,..°'.§"‘J.?..§,’..,.$.$"’?..*.‘.: service, in whole or in part, w en thereare special reasons for ‘°°· so, or restrict it to certain cilices; but on the condition that previous and opportune notice of such a measure is tgiven to the other Admim istration, such notice to be given by} e most rapid means · if ¤¤<=¤¤S¤w·. . . e ‘· m......,.. 3. Done in duplicate and signed at Dublin the 23rd day of April, . ` 1926, and at Washington the 6th day of May, 1926. -[s1m..] ·» . _ Ssnms _BannuNA¢¤¤; ‘ Minister for Posts and Tlkgaph ., . 6 [ Q ‘ of the Irish r¢e‘St4te. [mn] Hwx S·:N¤w4. - , a . . ·» _Poatmas$er

 Q Of ¢?+¢:.U¤‘¤?¢   ¤fie>m¢1·i¢a·

The foregoin‘gParcel Post Qonveritionlbetween. the United States P;2,§{,2_'“' "’ "‘° of America an the Irish Free Statehas beenn, tiated and con—

 with my advice and consent, and is   approved and

ra 1 . . .· , _ ,

 In testimony whereof, I have caused the sealeof the,United States

to be_ hereunto ailixeda U ·" . ‘[B'EA1».] y Canvm Coouncn. By the President: · -i Fnamr B Kmmooo _ Y. _ _ Secretary 0f_Statc.·' . Wasirmororz, May 10, 1996. ‘i