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Navy Department . Navy pension fund : The Navy pension fund is hereby made avail- able for the payment of the claims, amounting to $42 .40, allow ed by the General Accounting Office in accordance with the provisions of the Act of March 29, 1918 (40 Stat ., p . 499), as set forth in House Document Numbered 464, Seventieth Congress . POST OFFI CE D EPAR TMEN T

Post Office Depart . ment . OUT OF THE POSTAL REVENUES

From postal reve . nues . OFFICE OF THE POST MAS TER GE NER AL

Postmaster General . OFFICE OF FOURTH ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF STATE Navy pension fund . Payment of claims from . Vol . 40, p. 499. Sala ries in o ffice of Second Assistant Postmaster General . Pr ope rty damages claim s . Vol.42,p.63. U.S. Code, p.50. Salaries in bureaus and offices : For an additional amount for salaries in the office of the Second Assistant Postmaster General, fis cal ye ar 1929, $3,560 . Personal or property damage claims : To enable the Postmaster General to pay claims for damages to persons or property in accord- ance with the provisions of the Deficiency Appropriation Act approved June 16, 1921 (U. S. C., p. 50, sec. 392), fiscal year 1927, $3,000.' OFFICE OF r'IRST ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL

First Assistant Post- master General . For temporary and auxiliary clerk hire a nd for substit ute clerk cl erk l ip eorary, etc ., hire for clerks and employees absent with pay at first and second class post offices and temporary and auxiliary clerk hire at summer and winter resort post offices, fiscal year 1923, $182 .52. Second Assistant OFFICE OF SECOND ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL

Postmaster General . Contr act Air M ail Contract Air-Mail Service : For an additional amount for the Service . inland transportation of mail by aircraft, under contract, as author- ized by law, and for the incidental expenses thereof, fiscal year 1929, Proviso . $5,000,000 : Provided, That $5,900 of this appropriation shall be avail- tr ctr°ices in the Dis able for the payment for personal services in the District of Colum- bia, incidental and travel expenses . Fourth Assistant Postmaster General . Rural Delivery Service : For pay of rural carriers, substitutes for ice Ru ral .

Delivery Serv . rural carriers on annual and sick leave, clerks in charge of rural stations, and tolls and ferriage, Rural Delivery Service, and for the inci dental expens es ther eof, fi scal y ear 19 25, $ 13 .73 . Department of State . D IPL OMA TIC AND CO NSU LAR

sularPlomatic and con- Transporting remains of D iplomatic, Co nsular, and Fo reign Ser of offi cers fr om v- Transporting a ' from abroad . ice officers : For defraying the expenses of transporting the remains of Diplomatic, Consular, and Foreign Service officers of the United States, including the same objects specified under this head in the Act makin g appr opriat ions for th e Depa rtmen t of S tate f or the fiscal years that follow For 1927, $65 .09 ; For 1928, $138.

Ch argts d'af faire s ad Salaries, charges d'affaires ad interim : For salaries of Foreign interim. Service officers or vice consuls while acting as charges d'affaires ad interim or while in charge of a consulate general or consulate during the absence of the principal officer, fiscal year 1928, $1,728 . 60 . 54835°-29-PT 1-105