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xxxv Page. Safety of Life at Sea, Conference . Joint Resolution Providing for the participation by the United States in the International Conference for the Revision of the Convention of 1914 for the Safety of Life at Sea . December 7, 1928 1016 Postal service, vehicle employees, An Act To authorize Fthe Postmaster General to give motor- vehicle service employees credit for actual time served on a basis of one year for each three hundred and six days of eight hours served as substitute . December 8, 1928 1016 Bridge, Rio Grande . An Act Authorizing Alex Gonzales, his heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Rio Grande near the town of Ysleta, Texas . December 8, 1928 1017 Leominster, Mass ., easement. An Act To grant to the city of Leominster, Massachusetts, an ease ment over cer tain Gov ernm ent prop erty . December 8, 1928 1017 Camp Clark, Mo ., added lands . An Act Providing for the purchase of six hundred and forty acres of land, more or less, immediately adjoining Camp Clark, at Nevada, Missouri, and authorizing an appropriation therefor . December 8, 1928 1018 Chief of Naval Operations, quarters . An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to assign to the Chief of Naval Operations the public quarters originally constructed for the Superintendent of the Naval Observatory in the District of Columbia . December 10,1928 1018 Public land s, le asing nonm etall ic mi neral s . An Act to amend sections 23 and 24 of the General Leasing Act ap proved February 25, 1920 (Forty-first St atutes at Large, pag e 437) . December 11,1928 1019 Kitty Hawk, N . C ., airplane celebration . Joint Resolution To appoint a congressional com- mittee to attend th e excercises celebrating the twenty-f ifth anniver sary of the first airplane flight made by Wilbur and Orville Wright on December 17, 1903, at Kill Devil Hill s, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina . December 11, 1928 1020 Nashville, Tenn ., Presidents' plaza . An Act Providing for a Presidents' plaza and memorial in the city of Nashville, State of Tennessee, to Andrew Jackson, James K . Polk, and Andrew Joh nson, former Preside nts of the United St ates. December 12, 1928 1020 District of Columbia, fraternal associations . An Act Amen ding secti on 76 4 of Subc hapte r XII, fr aternal bene ficial assoc iations, of t he Code of L aw for the D istrict of C olum- bia . December 12, 1928 1021 District of Columbia, Howard University . An Act To amend section 8 of an Act entitled "An Act to incorporate the Howard University in the District of Columbia," approved March 2, 1867 . December 13, 1928 1021 Idaho, fish and game preserve . An Act To provide for issuance of perpetual easement to the department of fish and game, State of Idaho, to certain lands situated within the original boundaries of the Nez Perce Indian Reservation, State of Idaho . Decem ber 15,1928 1022 Bridge, Columbia River . An Act Authorizing L . L . Montague, his heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Columbia River at or near Arlington, Oregon . December 15,1928 1022 Light house s . An Act To auth orize the Secretary of Commerce to dispo se of certain light- house reservations and to acquire certain lands for lighthouse purposes. Dece mber 15,1928 1024 Congressional employees, salaries, December, 1928 . Joint Resolution Authorizing the payment of sa laries of th e officers a nd employees of Congress for December , 1928, on t he 20th day of that month . December 15, 1928 1027 Winne bago India ns, c laims . An Act Conf erri ng j uris dict ion upon the Cour t of Cla ims to hear, examine, adjudicate, and enter judgment thereon in claims which the Winnebago Tribe of Indians may have aga inst the Unit ed States, a nd for other purposes . Decem- ber 17,1928 1027 Appropriations, Treasury and Post Office Departments . An Act Making appropriations for the Treasury and Post Office Departments for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1930, and for o ther purpose s . December 20,1928 1028 District of Columbia, fraternal associations . An Act Amending the fraternal beneficial asso- ciati on law for t he District of Columbia a s to payment of death be nefits . December 20,1928 1055 District of Columbia Supreme Court, judge . An Act To provide for the appointment of an additional justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and for other pur- poses. December 20,1928 1056 Boulder Canyon Project Act . An Act To provide for the construction of works for the pro- tecti on and devel opment of th e Colorado Ri ver Basin, f or the appro val of the C olorado River compact, and for other purposes . December 21, 1928 1057 Fort Fisher, N . C., memorial. An Act To authorize the Secretary of Commerce to convey the Fede ral Point Lighthouse Reservation, North Carolina, to the cit y of Wilmington, North Carolina, as a memorial to commemorate the Battle of Fort Fisher. December 21,1928 1066 Supreme Court Building Commission . An Act To provide for the submission to the Congress of preliminary plans and estimates of costs for the construction of a building for the Supreme Court of the United States . December 21, 1928 1066 Counsel, naval oil suits . Joint Resolution Limiting the operation of sections 198 and 203 of title 18 of the Code of Laws of the United States . December 21, 1928 1067 Porto Rico hurricane . Joint Resolution For the relief of Porto Rico . December 21, 1928_ - 1067