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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS . SEss . I. CFI:. 853. 1928 .

887 resulting from injury to employees in certain employments in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes," approved May 17, 1928, shall be chargeable to the District of Columbia and paid in like manner as other appropriations of the District of Columbia are paid . FED ER AL OIL CONSERVATION BOARD FEDERAL TRADE COM MIS SI ON For an additional amount for authorized expenditures of the Federal Trade Commis sion in performing the duties imposed by law, including the same o bjects specified under this head in the Inde- penden t Office s Approp riation Act for the fisc al year 1929, $8 5,000 ; and the limi tation o f $771,0 30 on ex penditur es for pe rsonal s ervices in the District of Columbia , contained in such appropriations, is hereby increased by the amount of $62,620 . GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE Toward c arrying into eff ect the provisio ns of the joint r esolutio n e nt i tl e d " Joint resolution providing for the participation of the United States in the c elebrati on in 19 29 and 1 930 of t he one h undred and fiftieth anniversary of the conquest of the Northwest Territory by General George Rogers Clark and his army, and authorizing an appropriation for the const ruction of a permanent memorial of the Revolutionary War in the West . and of the accession of the old North- west to the United States on the site of Fort Sackville ., which was captured by George Rogers Clark and his men February 25, 1779," Ante, p . 600. Federal Oil Conser- vation Board . The appropriation of $50,000 made in the first Deficiency Act Expenses for, reap fiscal year 1925, for the Federal Oil Conservation Board, shall remain pr` ol 3, 1626 . i

p. 751' available until June 30, 1929 .


Fed eral Radio Com- mission . Commis sioners. For salary and per diem of five commissioners, fiscal year 1929, Ante, p . 579. $33,467, and in addition the sum of $18,000 contained in the Inde- penden t Office s Approp riation Act for the fisc al year 1929 is hereby made immediately available both for salaries and per diem .

All other expenses. For an additional amount for all other authorized expenditures of the Federal Radio Commissio n, covering the same objects specified under this head in the Independent Offices Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1929, and including law books and books of reference, and contract stenographic reporting services without regard to the Con trac ts fo r re port- provisions of section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, $250,000, to be R. s.see.3709, p.733. iiiunediately available : Prov ided , That the amount herein appro- rroniso d priated shall also be available for payment of obligations, except Reporting . stenographic reporting services, incurred during the fiscal years 1927 and 19 28 for c ontract stenogra phic rep orting s ervices . Fed eral Trade Com- mi ssi on . Expenses. Amount for personal services increased . Ante, p . 579. Gen eral Acc ounti ng Office . To enable the General Accounting Office to report to Congress the Rep ort on fi scal con- am ount of the fund s of the sev eral Ind ian Trib es, the inve stme nt dition of Indian tribes . thereof, the rate of interest thereon, and such additional information pertin ent to t he funds of such Tribes as may b e essent ial, inc luding the employment in the District of Columbia and elsewhere of the necessary personal services without regard to civil service laws and regulations, fiscal years 1928 and 1929, $20,000 . GEORGE ROGERS CLARK SESQUICENTENN IAL

George Rogers Clark CO MMI SSI ON

mission . Co m- mission . Participation in the sesquicentennial cele- bration of conquest of Northwest Territory. Permanent memorial to be erected . Ante, p. 723 .