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July 3, 1928. AUBWIt 16, 1928. 2677 PARCEL POST CONVENTION-HUNGARY. Parcel post convention between the United States and Hungary. Signed at Budapest July 3,1928, at Washington, August 16,1928; approved by the President, August 21,1928. July 3, 192fl. .A ugust 16, 1928. PARCEL POST CONVENTION BE- POSTACSOMAGSZERZ6DES MAGYA- TWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF RORSzAG ES AZ AMERIKAI EGYE- AMERICA AND HUNGARY. StlLT ALLAMOK KOZOTT. For the purpose of concluding arrangements for the exchange of parcel-post packages between the United States of America (includ- ing Alaska, Hawaii, Porto Rico, Guam, Samoa, and the Virgin Islands of the United States) and HUIlgary, the undersigJ!ed, Harry S. New, Postmaster General of the United States of America, and Baron Gabriel Szal~, Director General of Posts of Hungary by virtue of authority vested. in them, have agreed upon the fol- lowing articles: Abb61 a c~Ib61, hogy az Ameri- tI!a;,<;'th~~:ven­ kai Egyestilt Allamok (ide~rtve Preamble. Alaskat, a Hawai, Porto Rico, Guam, Samoa es a Virgin szige- teket) es Magyarorszag kozott valtand6 postac80magokra n~zve egyezm~y_t kossenek, a.z alulirott Ha.rry S. New a.z Amerikai Egye- stilt Allamok postavez~rigazga- t6ja es dr. bA.r6 Szalay Gabor a magyar kiralyi posta ve~rigazga- t6ja a rajuk ruhazott 1atalomnal f~gva a kovetkezo cikkekben aIlapodtak meg: I. LIMITS OF WEIGHT AND SIZE. I. SULY- ESTERJEDELEMHATAROK. LimltatlOD1!. 1. No parcel shall exceed twen- ty-two pounds (ten kilograms) in weight, three feet six inches (one hundred and five centimeters) in length, or six feet (one hundred and eighty centimeters) in length and girth combined. 2. As regards the exact calcula- tion of the weight and dimensions of parcels, the view of the dis- patching office shall be accepted, save in cases of obvious error. II. POSTAGE AND FEES. 1. The Adminintration of Ori- gin is entitled to collect from the sender of each parcel such postage and fees for requests for informa- tion as to the disposal of a parcel made after it has been posted, a.nd also, in the case of msured pa.rcels, such insurance fees and fees for return receipts, as may from time to time be prescribed by its regulations. 1. A c80magok sulya huszonk~t Weightandslle. fontot (tiz kg-ot) , hosszusaga hA.rom lib hat hilvelyket (szazot cm-t), illetve a h088zus~~t es a ker1lletet egybeszamitva hat (szaznyolcvan cm-t) nem jaladhat meg. . Calculation of dis- 2. AIm a csomagok sulyanak es patching olfloo ao- m~reteinek pontos kiszll.mitllsltt cepted. illeti, a nyilvltnval6 Mvedest ki- v~ve, az mdit6 hivatal n~zete a m~rva.d6. II. POSTAl DI.JAK ES P6TDIJAK. P08tage Bnd fees. 1. A felvev6 igazgatas jogosult deiollected from leD· a csomagok felad6j8.t61 olyan pos- . tai dijakat ~ a postara adott csomag feletti ut6lago3 rendel- ke~s kik~resekor 0lyanJ6tdijat, illetve erMknyilv8.nitllss ellll.tott csomagok eseMbenolyan bizto- sit8si dijat ~ olyan Mrtivev~ny- dijat szedni, amilyent a szabalyai id6r61-id6re e16irnak.