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PARCEL POST CONVENTION-HUNGARY. July 3, 1928. August 16, 1928. 2695 kilograms and not over 10 kilo- grams (22 pounds); (b) for par- cels returned or redirected from the United States of America to Hungary, 1.40 francs gold for each parcel weighing up to 1 kilo- gram i ' 2.30 francs gold for each parce weighing over 1 kilogram and not over 5 kilograms; and 4.20 francs gold for each parcel weighing over 5 kilograms and not over 10 kilograms. XXIV. ACCOUNTING. 1. Terminal parcels. At the end of each quarter the creditor country shall prepare an account of the amount due to it in respect of the parcels received in excess of those dispatched. 2. Transit parcels. Each Administration shall also prepare quarterly an account showing the sums due for parcels sent by the other Administration for onward transmission. 3. These accounts shall be sub- Initted to the examination of the corresponding Administration in the course of the month which follows the quarter to which they relate. 4. The compilation, transmis- sion, verification and acceptance of the accounts must be effected as early as possible and the pay- ment resultmg from the balance must be made at the latest before the end of the following quarter. 5. Payment of the balances due on these accounts between the two Administrations shall be ef- fected by means of drafts on New York or in any other manner which may be agreed upon mutu- ally by correspondence between the two Administrations, the ex- pense attendant on the payment being at the charge of the in- debted Administration. XXV. MATTERS NOT PROVIDED FOR IN THE CONVENTION. 1. All matters concerning the exchange, and request') for recall or return of insured parcels, the obtaining and dispOSition of re- turn receipts therefor; and the kg-naI, de nem haladja meg a 10 kg-ot (22 fontot)· (b) az Ameri- From United state. kai EgyesUlt Allamokb61 Mag- to lillIliBl'Y . yarorszagba utan-. v agy vissza- kUldott csomagokert 1.40 arany- fr~kra, ha a csomag 1 kg suly!g terJed; 2.30 aranyfrankra, ha. a csomag 1 kg-naI, de nem haladja. meg az 5 kg-ot es 4.20 aranyfrankra, ha a csomag sulya. 5 kg-on feliil van, de nem haladja. meg a. 10 kg-ot. XXIV. LESZAMOLAS. 1. Csomagok a kolcsonos forga.- lomban. Minden evnegyed vegen a hite- lezc5 orszag szamadast Wit fel arr61 az osszegrc5l, amely neki jar annyi csomag utan, amennyivel tobbet kapott, mint inditott. 2. Atmen6 csomagok. Mindegyik igazgatas felaIIit to- vabba negyedevenkint szli.madast arr61 az osszegr61, amely neki jlt,r a masik igazga.tast61 tovabbsz8.lli- tas vegett atvett csomagok utan. 3. Ezeket a szamadasokat a. vona.tkoz6 evnegyedet kovetlS h6 folyaman felUlvizsgaIas vegett meg kell kiildeni a masik igazga- tasnak. 4. A szli.madasok felallitasat, atkiildeset, megvizsgaIasat es elfo- gadasat a lehetc5 leggyorsabban kell vegezni es a. merleg szerint jaro fizetest legkes6bb a kovet- kez6 evnegyed vegeig teljesiteni kell. 5. A ket igazgatas kOzti sza- madasok alapjan felaIIitott mer- legek kiegyenlitese New Yorkra. kiallitott vaIt6k utjan tortenik, illetve a ket igazgatas aItallevel- vrutlls utjan kolcsonosen megaI- lapitott mas m6don. A fizetessel jar6 koltseg az ad6s igazgatllst terhell. XXV. A SZERZc5DESBEN NEM SZABALYOZOTT UGYEK. Accounting. Terminal parceb. Transit parcels. Time (or submitting. Veriftcation. etc. Payment o( balances. Matters not provided (or. • • l'niversal Postal 1. Mmden olyan ugyben, ame- l:nion provisions to Iy a kicsere16 szolgruatra, az govern. erteknyilvanitassu.l ellatott cso- magok visszaveteIere vagy vis- szaktildesere, az ut6bbiak tar-