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CONVENTION-GREECE. APRIL 25, 1928. 2739 Governments fail to agree on the choice of an umpire, the claim shall be referred to the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague, maintained under the Convention for the Pacific Settlet ment of International Disputes; signed at The Hague October 18, 1907. The Arbitral Tribunal shall be constituted in accgr~ance with Article 87 (Chapter IV) and Article 59 (Ch~ter III) of that Convention. The proceedings shall be regulated by the provi- sions in the said Chapters III and IV (special regard being had to Articles 70 and 74, but excepting Articles 53 and 54) which the Tribunal may consider to be ap- plicable and to be cOlll~istent with the provisions of this Convention. The sums of money which may be awarded by the Tribunal on ac- count of any claim shall be paid within eighteen months after the date of the final award without interest and without deduction, save as hereafter specified. 0 Each Government shall bear its own expenses. The expenses of the Tribunal shall be defrayed by a ratable deduction of the amount of the sums awarded by it, at a rate of five per cent on such sums, or at such lower rate as may be agreed upon between the two Governments. The deficien- cy, if any, shall be defrayed in equal moieties by the two Gov- ernments. ARTICLE VII. This Convention shall be rati- fied by the High Contracting Parties. It shall come into force on the day of the exchange of ratifications which shall take place at Washington as soon as possible and shall remain in force for cne year. Three months before the ex- piration of the said period of one year, either of the High Con- tracting Parties may give notice of its desire to propose modifi- cations in the terms of the Con- vention. ments; si l'accord ne pouvait se faire entre eux sur Ie choix d'un arbitre, la roolamation sera sou- mise ala Cour permanente d'arbi- trage de La Haye maintenue par la convention pour Ie r~lement pacifique des differends mterna- tionaux, signee a La Haye Ie 18 octobre 1907. Le tribunal arbi- tral sera constitue conformement A l'article 87 (chapitre IV) et A l'article 59 (chapitre III) de ladite convention. La procedure sera regIee d'apr~ les dispositions des dits chapitres III et IV (attention speciale etant pretea aux articles 70 et 74, mais les articles 53 et 54 etant exclus) que Ie tribunal pourra considerer comme appli- cables et comme cadrant avec les dispositions de cette convention. Les sommes d'argent qui :eourront ~tre accordees par Ie tnbunal A cause d'une reclamation seront payees dans les 18 mois apres la date de la decision finale, sans inte~ts et sans deduction, saul ainsiqu'ilva~trespooifie. Chaque Gouvernement pourvoira A ses propres defenses. Les depenses du tribuna seront couvertes par une deduction proportionnelle du total des sommes allouees par lui, au taux de 6inq pour cent sur lesdites sommes, ou A tels taux moins eleves sur lesquels les deux Gouvernements pourraient tom- ber d'accord. Le deficit, s'il y en avait, serait couvert par mOl ties egales par les deux Gouverne- ments. ARTICLE VII. Vol. 36, p. 2221 . Vol 36, pp. 2228 , 2231 . Procedure. Payment of awardl. Expenaes. Cette convention sera ratifiee Exchange of ratltlcao IH P·C tlons. par es autes artles ontrac- tantes. Elle entrera en vigueur A partir de Ia date de l'echange des ratifications, qui sera etfectue A Washington aussiMt que possi- ble et elle demeurera en vigueur pendant un an. Trois mois avant l'expiration N<?tlce 01 propoeed 1· . d', modifications. de adlte peno e 0. une annea, l'une ou l'autre des Hautes Par- ties Contractantes pourra donner avis de son desir de proposer des modifications aux termes de Ia convention.