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INDEX. 3065 Collegel, etc.! Pap. appropria ion for Army supplies, etc., ~,MvmguruTarmstroBot (talk)eOffi- cers' Traming COrps ________ 349, 1371 for Army supplies, etc., to military, other than with uwts of Reserve Officers' Tramin~ Corps ____ 350,1372 CoUenaworth, Swan P. (tDldow), penmonincreased ___________________ 2124 CoUttt,.Nar:CfI (widow), penmon Increased_ __ ________________ 1921 CoUey, Nannie (toido1II), pension____________________________ 1789 Collins, Green L., pension __________________________ ~ _ 1847 Collina! Kufharin8 K. (toidow), penSIon InCreased ______ .__ _ __ _ __ __ _ __ 2163 Collina! Ly.dia Ann (widow), penSlOn Increased___________________ 2253 Collins, Mary B. (widow oJ David J.), pension____________________________ 1919 Collins! M~ry B. (widow oj Jamu), penSlOn Increased___________________ 2276 Collins, Rebecca (widow), pension____________________________ 1796 Collins, Ross P., to be a02:19, 7 January 2012 (UTC)t:~_~~:TarmstroBot (talk)_02:19, 7 January 2012 (UTC) 2025 Colli&i0n3 at Sea, additional regulations for lights on vessels navigating Great Lakes, etc__________________________ 592 Collision Damage." deficiency appropriation '1:Jr paying judgmen~ of Uruted States co~ in claims for _____ 40,931,1669 Colombia, appropriation for minister to _______ 65, 1096 Colonial Va_ oj America in Virginia, portion of Dutch Gap Lighthouse Res- ervation, Va., transferred~, for historical purposes only________ 1024 Colony, Annie (toidotD), pension____________________________ 1971 Colorado, acceptance from, of jurisdiction over Mesa. Verde National Park area_ 458 compact between, and New Mexico, authorized for divimon of waters of Rio Grand~J etc., riVtlrs______ 1502 Oklahama and Aansas authorized for division of waters of Arkansas Rive~etc-------------------- 1517 Montezuma and Ban Juan National Fo~ boundaries modified_ _ _ 2955 provimons of Boulder Canyon Project Act applicable to, under Colo- . rado Rivercompact _______ 1057-1066 relief of homestead entrymen in desig- nated counties of, failing ~ maintain required residence, =~o~.,::~~_TarmstroBot (talk) 02:19, 7 January 2012 (UTC)_c_~e~_~~ 1157 water power permi~ on Colorado River and tributaries not ~ be issued until March 6, 1930, unless Boulder Canyon Project Act effective prior there~_________ 1446 Colorado Judicial District jurisdiction of Rocky Mountain Nation- al park, asmgned ~___________ 1537 Mesa Verde Park asmgned ~_________ 459 Colorado River (see also Boulder Canyon Pap. Project Act), appropriation for maintenance, etc., of front work and levee system, Yuma irrigation project, Ariz.- Calif _____________________ 231,1593 for maintenance etc., of base gauging stations in_ _ _ ____ ____ _____ ___ 232 deficiency appropriation for front work and levee system______________ 903 purpose declared for controlling floods of, utilizing waters, etc_________ 1057 Colorado River Agency, Ariz., appropriation for support, etc., of In- dians at _____________ 222,1571,1583 Colorado River and Tributariea, permits not to be issued by Federal Power Commission upon, except the Gila, in designated States, until March 5, 1930___________ 1446 allowed if Boulder Canyon Project Act becomes effective prior there~______________________ 1446 Colorado River Compact (see also Boulder Canyon Project Act), provisions for controlling watE:rs of Col~ orado River subject to terms oC_ 1057 Colorado River Dam Fund (see also Boulder Canyon Project Act), established for executing provisions of Boulder Canyon Project_______ 1057 advances ~, from the Treasury, author- ized _______________ ._ __ _______ 1057 maximum; sum alloted for flood con- trol ________________________ _ repayment, etc __________________ _ amount authorized to be appropriated for _________________________ _ 1057 1057 1058 Colorado River Indian Hospital, Ariz., appropriation for construction and equipment___________________ 1582 Colorado River Indian Ruervation, Ariz., appropriation for maintenance, etc., irrigation system on ________ 212,1573 Colorado River, Lower, appropriation for expenses of Commis- sion to studT the equitable use of waters of Rio Grande and __ 75, 1106 Colorado River. Tex., preliminary examination of, and trib- utaries, for flood controL______ 1164- Colorants, appropriation for industrial, etc., stand- ardization 01. ___ ___ ___ ___ __ 91,1122 for experiments in utilizing raw Amer- ican materialsfor__________ 656,1207 deficiency appropriation for industrial standardization 01._ __ ___ __ __ __ 897 Columbia Arsenal, Tenn., sale of, authorized to Columbia Mill- taryAcademy________________ 76~ proceeds to be deposited in military JXlBt construction fund_________ 767 Columbia Hospitaljor Women, D. C., appropria.tion for eare of indigent pa- tien~________________________ 674- for repairs, etc _________________ 675, 1291 for payment of refund to _______ ,, __ _ 675. deficiency appropriation for repairs and 10, improvements _______________ _ Columbia Institution/or the Deaj. D . C., appropriation for maintenance, etc_ 242, 1606 for power plant, repairs, etc________ 242.