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3066 INDEX. Columbia Institution/or the Deaf, D. C. - Page. Continued. appropriation for instru'ltion for Dis- trict persons itL ___________ 661,1277 Columbia Military Academy, Tenn., sale of Columbia Arsenal property to, with full title' at appraised value________________________ 766 Columbia Oil Shale and Refining Company, land patent to__ ___ ____ __ ______ ____ _ 1727 Columbia, Pa., time extendedfor bridging Susquehanna River, between Wrightsville and_________________________ 113 Columbia Park, Ind., bridge authorized across Miami River, between Lawrenceburgand_____ 394 Columbia Polytechnic Institute for the Blind, D. C., appropriition for aid to ___________ 677, 1293 Columbia River, bridge across, at Hood River, legalized_ 285 authorized across, at Arlington, Oreg_ 1022 time extended for bridging, at Entiat, Wash _______________________ 1546 a1 Kettle Falls, by State of Wash- ington_______________________ 51 transfer of lands, part of improvements of, to Secretary of the Interior for Indian fishing camp, etc____ 1158 Columbia River Bird Refuge, Wash., acceptance of gift of lands, etc., adjacent to,authorized ________________ 1413 Columbia, 8. C ., deficiency appropriation for courthouse, etc., elevator__________ ~______ 1655 Columbu3 Army Depot, Ohio, deficiency appropriation for extending sewer system_________________ 927 Columbu3 County, N. C., may bridge Waccamaw River, at Reeves Ferry_______________________ 516 Columbu3, Ohio, appropriation for care, etc;.!. Confederate Cemetery, Camp \..ihase ____ 355,1375 Colville Agency, Wa8h., appropriation for support, etc., of Indi- ansat _______________ 223,1571,1584 deficiency appropriation for Indians at_ 41 Colville, C. J., refund of advance on contract for steeL 2338 Colville Indian Reservation, Wesh., appropriation for irrigation project on__ 209, 1572 deficiency appropriation for paying taxes to Okanogan County on certain lands within__________________ 899 Colville Indians Wash., payment to Okanogan County for local taxes on trust allotted lands oL _ 447 Colvin, Emily C. (widow), pension____________________________ 2236 Colwell, Es.ther A. (widow), pensIOn mcreased_ _ _________________ 2254 Comanche, etc., Agency, Okla., appropriation for support, etc., of Indi- ans at ____________________ 223,1584 Comanche, etc., Indians, Okla., appropriation for support, etc_ _ ______ 207 for payment to, from oil royalties trust fund ________________ 207,1569 deficiency appropriation for payment to, from oil royalties trust fund____ 1642 Comhinations. in Restraint of Trade (see Pap. Antitrust Laws). Combs, EmmaJ. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2077 Combs, Joseph D., pen~on____________________________ 1994 Combs,. Ma,rgie (widow), penSIOn mcreased___________________ 2096 Combs,. Vir,ginia D. (widow), penSIOn mcreascd_ __________________ 2125 Comegys, Major E. T ., Army, credit allowed in accounts oL _ _______ 2260 adjustment of claim of, directed_ _ _ ___ 2364 Comer,.Cla!a (widow), penSIOn mcreased___________________ 2175 Comerford, William H., pension____________________________ 1842 Cominu,ore,. Laura (widow), penSIOn mcreased_ __________________ 2148 Command c.nd General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kans., appropriation for instruction expenses_ 329, 1352 Commerce, appropriation for regulating usc of air- craft in, under Departmel1t of Commerce _________________ 85,1116 for expenses of Foreign Commerce Service Act__________________ 1116 deficiency appropriation for expenses promoting___________________ 1617 Commerce, etc., appropriation for expenses, enforcing lawe regulating illterstate _____ _ deficiency appropriation for expenses enforcing laws regulating _____ _ treaty with Honduras concerning ____ _ with Latvia concerning ___________ _ 581 47 2618 2641 Commerce, Foreign and Domestic, appropriation for expenses of pro- moting, in Europe, etc ______ 86, 1117 for expenses of promoting, in Latin America ___________________ 86,1117 for expenses of promoting, in the Far EasL _________________ 86, 1117 for expenses of promoting, in Africa_ _ 86, 1117 for investigating foreign trade re- strictions __________________ 87,1118 deficiency appropriation for promoting, etc _________________________ 46,897 for promoting, in Europe, etc__ _ ____ 897 Commerce).. Interstate (see al80 Interstate \..iommcrce), appropriation for assistant to Solicitor General enforcing Acts to regu- late, etc_____________________ 78 Commercial Attaches, appropriation for clerks to _________ 85, 1116 deficiency appropriation for ____ 46,933,1617 Commission/OT the Enlarging of the Capitol Grounds, creation of; compositiou_ _ _ ___ _____ __ 420 authorized to consider plans, and esti- mates for development of park area_________________________ 421 schemes to be considered_ _ _ _ ______ 421 recommendations to be made for suitable landscape treatment of Capitol Building, etc __________ 421 continuation of, to next Congress, if final report uot submitted before expiration of present _ _ ________ 421 authorized to carry out the plans rec- ommended___________________ 1094