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3076 INDEX. Court of Cm!oma and Patent Appecm, Pa.-. United Statu--Continued. opinions of, in appeals in Patent Office decisions to be made in writing and filed as record in the case_ _ 1476 certified copy to be sent to Com- missioner of Patentr. and entered in Patent Office_______________ 1476 Court oj C""toma App«Jla, appropriation for salaries __________ 79,1110 for rent, contingent expenses, etc __ 79,1110 deficiency appropriation for judges, title ~:= ~~t-c";rc~t;m;-~~d 20 Patent Appeals_______________ 1475 'Courter, Be&Uie J. (widow), ~n---------------------------- 2212 Courter, Bar"" B. (widow), pension inCl'ea8ed___________________ 2202 CourtAowe. D . C., appropriation for care, etc ________ 670,1287 fQr repaint etc _________________ 670,1287 date of bia for construction, etc., aooepted_____________________ 1425 Courtnq, JIG,." I . (widow), pension incl'eaded_ _ _________________ 2060 C=~'~~}~_____________ 1891 Courta, D. C,! appropriation for juvenile court ____ 669, 1286 for police court ________________ 669, 1286 f()r municipal court _____________ 670, 1286 for ,upreme court ______________ 670, 1287 for court of appeals ____________ 671,1287 for miacellaneoua expenses ______ 671, 1288 deficiency appropriation for police Coward, Iadna (widow), Pap. pension increaaed___________________ 2173 Cowe E;ffa, Creek Indian AUoUee, deficie~u:li~!~Fo~iaTarmstroBot (talk) TarmstroBot (talk):~:02:21, 7 January 2012 (UTC)~ 1641 payment authorized to, for allotment of Creek triballanda _________ ,_ 2036 Cowell, EsteUa (widow), pension.. __________________________ 1777 Cowen, Grant (,on), pension____________________________ 1913 Cowle" Loyd, refund of amount paid by, on un- deliveredbond _______________ 2333 COwpenlll Battle of, provisIons for erecting monument to commemorate________________ 1558 Coz, A?,na. (widow) penslOn mcreased___________________ 1909 Coz, A?,ni~ R. (widow), penslOn mcreased_ __________________ 1740 Coz, C~ra1!. (widow), penSIon lncreased___________________ 2161 Coz, Elbert L., military record corrected_____________ 1985 Coz, JaM (widow), pension.___________________________ 1762 Coz, Lucinda (widow), pension____________________________ 2253 CDZ, Mary (widow) penmon incr;;;;J___________________ 1871 CDZ, Lottie (widow), pension____________________________ 1764 CDZ, Mary A. (widow), pension____________________________ 1810 court_______________________ _ for supreme court ________________ _ Coz, Minnie (widow), 9 pension____________________________ 1758 9 CDZ, S. R., for court of appeals ______________ _ Court, and PrilJom D. C., 9 may bridge Ohio River, at New Marlins- ville, W. Va__________________ 1472 deficiency appropriation for salaries, 1929________________________ 1693 Cov.m Martial, etc., Army, approj)riation for expenses oL _____ 330,1354 Come, Lucy M. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2191 Com1u&tta Indiana, etc., Te:J:., appropriation for education, eto ____ 215,1576 defioiency appropriation for industrial assistance, eto________________ 900 CDZ, S~i~ (widow), penslOn mcreased___________________ 1886 Coyle, Sarah A. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2065 Coyotea, appropriation for devising methods for destroying _________________ 559, 1209 Crabb, Harriet N. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2076 Crabbin, Mary A. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2227 Crabtree, Date, land in Te:u.s, purohased for, and Alabamas, subject to mineral interesta and timber oontracta_ _ 1186 Com1u&tta; La., bridge authorized across Red River, at_ time extended for bridging Red River, payment to, for fire damages_________ 2328 Crabtre.e, J !,ann.a (widow), 56 pension lncreased___________________ 1901 Craft, 4n~ (widow), at___________________________ 1167 Cov.t'Ur~, ~Gri. L. (widow), pensIon moreased___________________ 1972 Covel, ~r4~ E. (widow), penBlon mcreaaed___________________ 2220 Covel, Louiae J. (widow), pension increased___________________ 1913 Covert, .Er'~lia (widow), pensIon mcreased___________________ 2170 Covington, A. W ., name ptaced on yellow fever honor roll and presented gold medal______ 1409 to receive 1125 monthly_____________ 1410 Cowan,. A~nda J. (widow), pensIon mcreased_ __________________ 2062 Cowan, Nancy M. (widow), penmon.___________________________ 1765 Cowan, WiUiam L., pension____________________________ 1823 penslOn lncreased___________________ 2078 Craft, lflla.B. (widow), penslOn lncreased___________________ 1932 Cra/ta, Delia B. (widow), pension____________________________ 1940 Craig, ~m~lia J. (widow), penslOn mcreased___________________ 1877 Craig, Elizabeth J. (widow), pension increased___________________ 1951 Craig, Jaaper 0., pension increased___________________ 1993 Craig, fAvi,na (widow), penslOn lncreased___________________ 1753 Craig, ~ O. (widow), penSlOn mcreased___________________ 1918 Craig, !tla~garet (widow), penSlOn lncreased___________________ 194:7