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3078 INDEX. Crimu and MilJdem«JMrIJ, PBJlII. penalty for violation of standard fruits - and vegetables containers Act__ 686 receiving excess allowance for serv- ices as agents, etc., in claims of Texas hay ~owers____________ 1160 violating :provislOns of Healing Arts Practice Act, D. C., 1928______ 1338 permitting merchant vessel to depart without certified· load line mark- ing,etc ______________________ 1494 permitting foreign vessel to depart without load lines marked as re- quired by of its country ___ 1494 failing to make required entry in log book before departing_________ 1494 violation of permitting vessel to depart, or owner, etc., failing to take care to prevent its depar- ture with submerged load line__ 1494 permitting, etc., detained vessel to depart_______________________ 1495 violating provisions for not using District of Columbia. city refuse incinerators, etc_______________ 1550 punishment for unauthorized manu- facture, sale, wearing, etc., of Congressional medal of honor, distinguished flying cross, mili- tary medals, etc______________ 437 violations of provisions of Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Act____ 450 violations of _provisions of Lassen Volcanic National Park________ 464 violations of widow's pension Act_ _ 715 willful failure to pay tax, make re- turns, etc__ _ _ _ ______ __ ____ __ _ 835 willful failure to collect tax, evade payment thereof, etc__________ 835 false statements, etc.,/,.. under pro- visions of World war Adjusted Compensation Act- ___ __ ___ ___ 949 unauthorized use of title" Architect" in District of Columbia.__ ______ 953 violating provisions of District of Columbia. employment of minors Act_________________________ 1003 permitting unlawful sales, etc., by minors in the DistricL________ 1006 unauthorized mailing of poisons, ex- plosives, disease germs, etc_ _ _ _ 1072 mailing articles with intent to injure, life, property, etc_____________ 1072 refusing to furnish leaf tobacco sta- tistics, giving false answers, etc_ 1080 unauthorized introduction of narcotic drugs into a narcotic drug farm_ 1089 attempting escape by inmate of nar- cotic drug farm_______________ 1089 procuring escape of inmate of nar- cotic drug farm_______________ 1089 false statements, etc., to obtain loansl for seed, etc., in storm and flooa areas of designated southern States_______________________ 1307 violating National Prohibition Act; additionaL____ ____ __ ___ ___ ___ 1446 concealing, obliterating, etc., load line marks on a merchant vesseL___ 1495 violating provisions of District of Co- lumbia. Act, regulating conferring of degrees____________________ 1505 unlawful acts in procuring certificates of citizenship_________________ 1516 violating provisions for registration of nurses, etc., D. C_ ________ _ 1522 p .... Crimes and Misdemeanors--Colltinued punishment for deported alien attempt- ing to reenter _______ ___ _______ 1551 alien entering at other than desig- nated time and place, eluding examination, makm~ false state- ments, etc., on obtaming entry _ 1551 Criminal Code, amended, section 203 _______________ _ section 217 ______________________ _ section 32L _____________________ _ 1153 1072 1156 Criminalldentification Records, appropriation for preserving, exchange, etc., oL ___________________ 78,1108 Criminals, appropriation for bringing home, from abroad ____________________ 76,1107 deficiency appropriation for bringing home, from abroad___________ 913 CriSBY Field, Calif., construction for Air Corps, authorized at, _________________________ _ 749 Criswe~l, Cfara E. (widow), penSlOn mcreased_ __________________ 2063 Critchfield, Isabell (widow), pension____________________________ 1931 Critchl?w, !dary E. (widow), penslOn mcreas"ld___________________ 2184 Crites, Martha E. (widow), pension____________________________ 1736 Critser~ lsa,beU (widow), penslOn mcreased_ __________________ 2116 Crittenden Street NW., D. C ., appropriation for paving, etc., Fourth to Fifth Streets; from gasoline tax fund ____________________ _ 653 Croats, Slovenes, and Serbs, appropriat.ion for minister to_______ 65, 1096 settlement of indebtedness of Kingdom of___________________________ 399 Croco, !Jil~ie I. (widow), penslOn mcreased_ __________________ 1918 Crofts, .Reb.ecca (widow), penslOn mcreased_ __________________ 2098 Croghan, Rhoda J. (widow), pension____________________________ 2276 Croley, WiUiam C., pension____________________________ 1837 Crom, !darjah E. (widow), penslOn mcreased___________________ 2304 Cromer, Ce.lia J. (widow), penslOn lDcreased___________________ 2107 CromweU Terrace NE., D. C ., appropriation for paving, etc., Second to Third Streets; from gasoline tax fund ____________________ _ 654 Cronau, Lieutenant R. T., Army, reimbursement for subsistence, etc____ 1733 Crop Operations, Cooperative Associatiom for Financing, exempt from income tax_____________ 814 Crop Plants, appropriation for investigating insects affecting cereal, etc_________ 558, 1208 Crosby, Lydia A. (widow), pension increased_ _ _________________ 2207 Crosby, Mary A. (daughter), pension____________________________ 2299 Croshier, E,llen T. (widow), penSlOn mcreased___________________ 2184 Crosley.. M,inerva (widow), penSlOn lDcreased___________________ 1974 Crolls, ?au;a (widow), penslOn lDcreased___________________ 2307