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INDEX. 3081 Cmloma Service, Treaaurll Department- Pap. Continued. deficiency appropriation for. paying judgments against collectors, etc_______________________ 935,1674 for salaries, 1929__________________ 1687 acceptance' of franchise from New York City for rerouting pneumatio tube service from customhouse to new appraisers' stores build- ing__________________________ 533 administration of oaths authorized by designated officers and employ- ees of._______________________ 401 articles imported as exhibits at Inter- national Petroleum Exposition, admitted free of duty__________ 788 duties remitted on cattle straying across boundary line, and admit- ted under bond_______________ 401 bonds for, to be cancelled__________ 402 free admission authorized of articles for exhibition at Chicago World's Fair in 1933__________________ 1152 at Pacific Southwest Exposition____ 396 duty on 1 if sold_________________ 397 salaries estaolished for designated em- ployees______________________ 955 new aPllOintments at minimum rate_ 955 promotions allowed at any time to fill vacanoies_________________ 955 no reductions in salaries_ __________ 955 effective dates______________________ 955 CUllloma Stat"tiu Section, Department 0/ Commerce, appropriation for expenses, etc ______ 87, 1118 deficiency ~prOPriation for expenses__ 1609 CUlltoma Tari I, International Bureau lor Pub ication 0/, appropriation for share of expenses __ 70,1100 Cutbirt~, S!,rah M. (widow), penSlOn mcreased___________________ 1747 CUf.8 -H .al/, ,George, penslOn mcreased___________________ 1844 Cypher! Mlfry (widow), pension mcreased___________________ 1872 Cyr, D~~8 (widow), penslOn mcreased_ _ _________________ 1950 CyruI, .Am!>r038 R., aliIU A. C. Cyru3, pensIOn mcreased___________________ 2238 Czechoslovakia, appropriation for minister to _______ 65,1096 proclamation including mechanical mu- sical reproductions in copyright privileges to__________________ 2906 D. D Street NE., D. C., appropriation for paving, etc., Four- teenth to Fifteenth Streets; from gasoline tax fund ____________ _ D Street SE., D. C., appropriation for paving, etc.., Seven- teenth to Nineteenth Streets; from gasoline tax fund ________ _ for paving, etc., Fourteenth to Seven- teenth Streets; from gasoline tax fund ____________________ _ Dabney, Captain Walter D., credit allowed in accounts of. _______ _ Dabney, Lieutenant Colonel Ward, Army, credit allowed in accounts of. _______ _ Dade, JOlephine W. (widow), pension mcreased __________________ _ 654 654 1272 2363 2260 2002 Daggett, Emma R. (daughter), p .... pension____________________________ 2294 Dagley, Mary C. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2271 Dahlgren, Va., appropriation for naval proving ground, time e~~t:d:ls~~-bridg1;g-PotOmac 636 River, at__________________ 1115, 1322 DahujJ, A mol, military record corrected_____________ 2023 Dailey,. Cat,herins (widow), pension lncreased___________________ 1766 Dailey,. Clufnie A. (widow), pension mcreased_ __________________ 2124 Dailey,. M'!ry (widow), pensIOn lncreased_ __________________ 2194 Dailey,. J .lf,!ry D. (widow), pensIOn lncreased_ __________________ 21M Dailey,. M,!ry E. (widow), penBlOn mcreB!!ed___________________ 2127 Dairy and Livutock D6fJ6lopment, deficiency appropriation for cooperat- ing WIth South Carolina Experi- mt:nt Station in _____________ 14, 1635 annual appropriations authorized for, experiments in, by South Caro- lina Agricultural Experiment Station _____________________ _ Dairy CongrUI, Eighth International, appropI1ati?n for expenses of participa- tIOn In______ ... .. __ ,___ ______ ___ 570 invitation of ·British Government to participate in, to be held in Great Britain, accepted________ 148 delegates to be appointed; expenses authorized___________________ 148 Dairy Parma, D. C., appropriation for inspecting, etc ___ 668,1285 Da~ry Indmtry, appropriation for investigations and experiments_______________ 54~ 1199 deficiency appropriation for executing Act to regulate importation of milk,etc ____________________ _ Dairy Induatry Bureau, Department 0/ AgricUlture, appropriation for salaries and expenses 14 548, 1199 548 amount for building construction_ for Chief of Bureau, and office person- neL ______________________ 549, 1199 for investigations, etc., of dairy indus- try _______________________ 549,1199 renovated butter inspection___ 549,1199 for livestock breeding station, Wood- ward, Okla ________________ 549,1199 for experiment station, Lewisburg, Tenn________________________ 1199 deficiency appropriaton for general expenses_____________________ 933 for salaries, 1929_______ :.__ ____ ____ 1677 Dairy Product3, . appropriation for diffusing commercial information of market prices, distribution, et~ of. _ _ _ _ _ __ __ 562 Dairying Enterprisu in wuUrn Irrigated DUtrict3, . appropriation for investigations, etc., of 567, 1218 Dakin, SUllanna (widow), pension increased___________________ 2204 Dakota Corporation, purchases of lands fro~), as addition to Bismarck Indian l:ichool, N. Dak_ 366