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3242 INDEX. Mi&Msaippi River and Tributaries, Flood Pap. Control-Continued. . condemnation in district courts; dona- tions accepted________________ 536 procedure provisions_ _ _ _ __________ 536 acquired land given to ownership of States, etc __ _________________ 536 mapping agencies of the Government to assist in preparing necessary maps______ __ ______ __ ___ _____ _ 536 application of funds for works not in- cluded in presentproject_______ 537 levee work between Rock Island and Cape Girardeau_______________ 537 on outlets and tributaries, Rock Island to Head of Passes_ _____ 537 States, etc.; to provide rights of way, 33% per cent of cost of work, and maintenance of,between Rock Island and Cape Girardeau_____ 537 expenditures limited to $1O,OOO,OO(L 037 in an emergency, funds for mainte- nance of a levee, if State, etc., unable to do so_______________ 537 emergency fund authorized, in rescue work, etc., on tributaries threat- ened, etc., by flood, including flood of 1927_ _ _________ ______ 537 Mississippi River Commission to prose- cute the project_______________ 537 inspection trips to be made by, to ac- quire information of conditions and flood-control problems, etc_ 537 title, rank, etc., of president as exec- utive officer __________________ 537 appointment of present president as brigadier general of the Army __ 537 salaries; deduction of official salary from amount fixed herewith_ ___ 537 application of navigable waters restric- tions, penalties, etc., to property acquired, etc_________________ 537 surveys previously authorized of the Mississippi and tributaries to be speedily prosecuted _ __ ________ 538 projects for flood control on aU tribu- tary streams of the MississippL 538 Red River and tributaries___________ 538 Yazoo River and tributaries_ __ __ _ __ 538 White River and tributaries_ _ __ _ _ __ 538 Arkansas River and tributaries_ ____ 538 Ohio River and tributaries_________ 538 Missouri River and triblltaries_______ 538 Illinois River and tributaries_ __ ____ 538 including effect of further control of lower Mississippi, etc., by reser- voir systems in drainage basins_ 538 benefits, etc., from reservoired wa- ters, etc_ _ _ _ ___ ______ ___ ____ _ 538 reports to be presented to Mississippi River Commission, and its rec- ommendations transmitted to Congress by Secretary of War with his report________________ 538 additional sum authorized for pre- paring these reports_ __________ 538 surveys to be made simultaneously with flood control work_________ 538 extent, etc., of proper forestry practice on flood control to be obtained through Secretary of Agricul- ture_________________________ 538 examination, etc., by the Commission, of the Mississippi below Cape Girardeau, directed___________ 538 Mi8sissippi Rill1er and Trib'Utaf"ieB, Flood Pap. Contro -Continued. examination, etc.; to report on con- structing levees to protect lands subject to greater overflow by levees on opposite sides of the river____ __ ___ __ _________ _____ 538 to determine, etc., effect on lands be- tween river and adjacent hills by overflow caused by levees at other points__ _ ___ __ _ __ __ ____ _ 538 report with recommendations as soon as practicable __ _ _____________ 538 resurvey directed for levee from Tip- tonville to the ObIon River, in Tennessee_______ __ _ _ __ __ ___ _ __ 539 if feasible, to be built_______________ 539 inconsistent laws repealed_ ___ _ __ __ __ _ 539 Sacramento River, Calif., flood control project modified _ _____________ 539 total Federal contributions limited _ _ 539 interest of Members of Congress in ac- quisition of lands, forbidden____ 539 Missi8sippi River Commission, appropriation for reimbursement, emer- gency levee construction, etc., flood of 1927, under___________ 359 for flood protection under direction ?!J. by strengthening levees on wnite River, in Woodruff and Monroe Counties, Ark_________ 592 president of, to serve on board to carry on project for Mississippi River, etc., flood controL____________ 534 project for flood control of Mississippi River, etc., to be prosecuted by_ 537 duties, etc., prescribed_____________ 537 president of, to be executive officer of project_______________________ 537 title, rank, etc_____________________ 537 appointment of present, in the Army _ 537 salary of, and other members_______ 537 deduction from official salary of amount fixed herewith_________ 537 Mississippi River, etc., deficiency appropriation for prosecuting work of flood controL _________ 930 additional copies of House Document 90, relating to, ordered printed_ .2389 Conference Committee on bill relating to, authorized to recommend des- ignated amendmenL__________ 2391 Mississippi River, South Branch of, bridge authorized across, from Moline, Ill., to Rock Island ArsenaL___ 1492 Mississippi River Tributaries, deficiency appropriation for emergency repair and rescue work, flood controloL___________________ 930 Mississip'[Ji River Valley, Wild Life and Fish Refuge, Upper, appropriation for station employees_ 98, 1128 for acquiring areas for ______ 100,559,1210 for equipment, et/)_ _ _ _____ ___ _____ 1130 Mississippi Southern Judicial District, upon appointment of judge for the northern district, present judge for both districts to be judge of. 1422 Missoula, Mont., deficiency appropriation for public building ____________________ 33, 918 Mi3soula National Forest, Mont., certain lands of, tran~ferred to Helena National ForesL ____ _ __ _ ___ __ _ 2989 corrected description of lands added to_ 1426