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1852 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CHS. 617-629. 1928. OHAP. 617. - An Act For the relief of Francis Sweeney. May 17, 1C28. [B.R. . .,.! [PrIvate, No. li8 .] Be it enacted by the Se'1Ul,te amd H OU8e of Representative8 of the t;:~~l" for United Statu of America in o.ongre8S a8semble1, That the .Sec;~~ary 1_ of perSOIIIIl prop. of the Treasury be, and he IS hereby, authorIZed and dlrec",,", to eny. pay~out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriate~ to ~'rancis Sweeney, formerly an employee in the Bureau of Lighthouses, Department of Commerce, to wit, a seaman on the United States lightship numbered 68, the sum of $801 the same being in full payment for losses suffered by the saId Francis Sweeney b1loss of personal 'property used and reasonably necessary in connectIOn with his OffiCIal duty on said lightship, which was sunk on December 11, 1905. Approved, May 17,1928. MIIY 17, 1D28. [H. R . 847••) OHAP. 618. - An Act For the relief of Elmer J. Nead. [PrIvate, No. 1~ Be it enacted by the Senate and H O'U8e of R~esentati'lJes of the TarmstroBot (talk)e!t~~orool1i. United State, of A1M1'ica in (}ongrel/S as8embled, That the Secretary siondamaps. of the Treasury be, and he is h~reby, authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the 1'reasurY not otherwise a.ppropriated, the sum of $277.36 to Elmer J. Nead, in full compensation against the Government for damages sustained as the result of an acciden.t caused by a naval ambulance. . Approved, May 17, 1928. MIIY 17,1D28 . OHAP. 619. - An Act Authorizing and directing the Secreta.ry of the Interior ~[pdJ~=~~••R:;.:~~!=,.2i~~<-..J- t.() allow Norman P. !vea, junior, oredit on other lands for compliances made in ....., homestead entry, Gainesville, 021032. Be it enacted by the Senate and H fJ'tJJM of RefJ'Hsentati'IJeB of the ~orman P. lvee, United Statea of 1tmerica in Oong1'688 assem1Jled, That the Secretary c::!dItallowedhome- of the Interior be, a.nd he is hereby, authorized and directed to allow stead entry of. Norman P. I vfII, junior, in connection with any homestead entry he may hereaffur make upon lands subject to such entry, but not exceedmg forty acres in area, in one or more tracts or parcels of land, credit for such compliance as he may have made with the material requirements of the homestead law in connection with canceled homestead entry Gainesville ~1032 for the quarter of the southwest quarter of section 5, township 4 south, range 17 east, Florida. Approved, May 17, 1928. MIIy17,1m [H. R . 11789.1 CHAP. 620. - An Act For the relief of Sallie E. McQueen and Janie McQueen [Priva.te, No. 151.1 Parker. Be it enacted by the Senate and H O'U8e of Representatives of tJ.,e BlI1lle E. McQueen UnAted States of America in Oongrel/8 aBsembled, That the Secretary ~~ke~~ M.cQue8n of the Interior is authorized and directed to issue 8. patent to Salhe Land patent to. E. McQueen and Janie McQueen Parker for the west eighty acres of fractional section 1, township 18 north, ran~e 18 east).. Saint Stephens meridian, lying S6uth of the Coosa River m ElInorf' vounty, Alabama, upon payment thetefor at the rate of $1.25 per acre. Approved, May 17, 1928.