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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CBS. 668 -671. 1928. 1855 in the settlement of a judgment of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar, dated April 17, 1926, in favor of Smith Imossi and Company, covering a. claim of that company for the relief of American from the steamer Kanabec at Gibraltar in 1920, and the sum of $278.95, being reimbursement for moneys personally advanced by him for the relief of said seamen; and there is hereby authorized to be tb!rY:fPriation au- appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise Anu, p . 1114. appropriated, a sufficient sum to carry out the purpose of this Act. Approved, May 21, 1928. CHAP. 669. - An Act For the relief of Maurice P. Dunlap. Be it enacted by the Senate and H t:m8e of Representntives Q/ the United States of America in 0011{Jress as8enibled, That the Secre- t~ of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $300 to Maurice P. Dunlap, American Consul, for reimbursement in full for losses sustained in aiding relatives of an American citizen residing in Russia. Approved, May 21, 1928. CRAP. 670. -An Act For the relief of Frank E. Ridgely, deceased. May21,llll '8 . [H. R .lMl.] [Private, No. 1M.] Maurice P. DnnJap. Relmbunement to. May 21, 1928. [H. R . 7142.] [Private, No. 157.) Be it enacted by the Senate and Home ()f Representatives ()f the . U'fIIited State8 of America in Oongress assemhled, That the late ~~ Er!:~rYcOr_ Commander Frank E. Ridgely, United States NavY7 who was retired rooted. May 24, 1925, by reason of physical disability whICh originated in the line of duty between April 6, 1917, and March 3, 1921, while holding the higher temporary rank of captain, United States Navy, shall be regarded as having been retired in such higher rank as authorized by section 25 of the Act approved March 4, 1925 (Fort:y- Vol. 43, p.l278. third Statutes at Large, page 1278), for officers retired prior to March . 4, 1925: PrfYlJided, That this Act shall not entitle any person to ~OfU~dltlonai pay, additional pay, allowances, gratuity, or pension. etc. Approved, May 21, 1928. CHAP. 671. - An Act Conferring jurisdiction upon certain courts of the May21,l928. United States to hear and determine the claim by the owner of the steamship - .. " ,, [c==:H;-;:= .R~.~80 0=l., ...l; ;-;-- City of Beaumont against the United States, and for other purposes. [Private, No. 158 .) Be it enacted by tlw Senate and Home of Representatives ()f the U'rIIited States of A7TIIB'rica in Olm{!?'e8S assem1>led, That the claim of ~I~ of Beaumont the City of Beaumont Ship Corporation, a corporation existing under M:Y ~t f~r the laws of the State of Delaware, owner of the American auxiliary ~ ~kent~Cit; barkentine City of Beaumont, against the United States of America ~J=~nt" in dis- for damages alleged to have been caused by collision between the said vessel and the United States steamer Westland, on the 19,th day of December, 1918, may be sued for by the said owners of the City of Beaumont in the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, sitting as a court of admiralty, and acting under the rules governing such court, and said court shall have juris- lurisdlction of court. diction to hear and determine such suit and to enter judgment or decree for the amount of such damages and costs, if any, as shall be found to be due against the United States in favor of the City of Beaumont Ship Corporation, or against the said corporation in favor