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3468 INDEX. Wyoming-Continued. ",ater-power permits on Colorado River and tributaries not to be iMued until March 5, 1930, unless Boulder Canyon Project Act effective prior thereto ________ _ W""kiver, John L. (30n), penmon ___________________________ _ x. X RaylJ, Paae. 1446 1968 appropriation for investigations, etc., oL ________________________ 93,1124 X uireb, Emanuel, deficiency appropriation for reimburse- ment to, for loss of private funds_ Y. Yachta, 24 tax on Ul'Ie of foreign built, repealed; e1fective July 1, 1928__________ 867 Yakima Agency, Wash., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at ________________ 223,1584 Yakima Indian Reservation, Wash., appropriation for Toppenish-Simcoe irrigation lIystem ___________ 214, 1575 for reimbursing reclamation fund for water furnished lands in _____ 214, 1576 for additional waur 8upply, Wapato irrigation project___________ 214, 1576 unexpended balance of appropria.tio~ for diversion dam, etc., covered m__ 1576 Yakima Indian Sanatorium, Wash., appropriation for mainten&Dce, etc., of; X-rayequipmenL ______ 221,1582 Yakima Irrigation Project, W/JIh., appropriation for maintenance, etc., of________________________ 229, 1592 for construction, etc____________ 230,1592 for Kittitas division, etc ________ 230, 1592 Yancy, Nancy G. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2218 Yankton Agency, S. Dak., appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at, from interest on Sioux fund___________________ 223 Yankton, S. Dak., appropriation for control of floods, etc., of Missouri River at___________ 1380 Yankton Siouz Tribe of Indiana, S. Dak., agency etc., lands invested in________ 1167 not ~vailable for allotments________ 1167 YarneU, Sarah B. (widow), penmon____________________________ 1904 Yates, 9~rine J. (widow), penSlOn mcreaaed_ _______ _ __________ 1863 Yates, Hicklin, deficiency appropriation for services_ __ 883 Yates, !lac1fael A. (widow), penslOn mcreased___________________ 2300 Yauch, Mary A. (widow), pension____________________________ 1794 Yazoo River and Tributaries, projects for flood control of, to be sub- 538 mitted ______________________ _ Yeager, Chmtina B. (widow), pension____________________________ 2191 Yeager, Delia M. (widow), pension____________________________ 1923 Yeager, EUm E. (widow), pension increased___________________ 2055 Yeatn4n, Robert F., 704 compensation to, for fire losses________ 1 Yearout, Minnie (mother), pension____________________________ 2382 Yearsley, Edward, payment to__ _______________ _______ 2326 Yearsley, McCoy, payxnentto ________________________ 2326 YeUow FetJer, approprition for prevention 01. ___ _ 174,1040 YeUow FetJer RoU of Honor, Army, in recognition of high public services in discovery of cause, etc., of yellow fever in Cuba, designated names to be carried on, in Army Regis- ter, annually_________________ 1409 Yellowatone Irrigation Project, M ont.- N . Dak., appropriation for construction of drain- age system________________ 229,1591 Yellow3WneNational Forest Wyo. repeal of authorization for homestead entriesin.___________________ 622 Yellowatone N Gtional Park Boundary Comminion, appointed to inspect proposed adjust- ment of Park bOundaries_______ 1 .13 recommendations to be reporkd to the President_________________ 1418 expenses from Park appropriations__ 1413 final report to Congress on or before January 1, 1931. ____ ____ ____ _ 1413 Yellowatone National Park, Wyo., appropriation for commissioner _____ 79, 1110 for construction of trout nursery ponds at Mammoth Springs in__ 98 for administration, etc _________ 235, 1598 for improving winter feed facilities of elk,etc ______________________ 1601 deficiency appropriation for ______ _ ___ 46 for adjusting boundaries oL________ 1644 administration, etc., appropriations for, made available for Grand Teton National Park________________ 1316 appointment of commission to adjust boundary oL_________________ 1644 boundaries of, changed______________ 1435 no new roads, hotels, etc., permitted in added area ________________ _ laws made applicable _____________ _ water power Act not applicable ____ _ 1436 1436 1436 exchange of lands with private owners authorized___________________ 1436 no valid existing claims, etc., affected 1436 commission to be appointed for inspect- ing and reporting on proposed boundaries adjustments________ 1413 sum authorized for adding lands to, etc., to improve winter-feed fa- cilities of elk, etc__ __________ _ 603 surplus elk may be sold; deposit of receipts_ ________ _____ ________ 1641 Yellowstone Riller, Mont., preliminary examination for flood con- trol of. ________ ________ ___ ___ 1164 Yingling, Catharine A. (widow), pension increase _______________ • ___ _ 1878 Yockel,. Ca~oline G. (widow), penslOn mcreased___________________ 1741S Yocum! MqUie (widow), pension mcreaaed___________________ 1905 Yoder, May (daughter), pension____________________________ 1811 Yoke, Hulda (widow), pension____________________________ 2269