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1860 Ma~ 2'J , 1\l28 . [H. R .M40.) [PrIvate, No. 173 .) SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESB. T . CHB. 701-703, 723. 1928. respectivel~ entered into between the United States and the said Lagrange tirocery Company on February 6, 1922, has adjusted its sales prIces in reliance upon the action of the local board of sales contl"<!l of the Wa~ Department in reducing and fixing the price to be paId by the saId Lagrange Grocery CompanY' under such con- tracts, such action of such board is hereby ratified on behalf of the United States. Approved, May 22, 1928. CHAP. 702. - An Act For the relief of F. C. Wallace. Be it erUltCtea by the Senate and H 0'I .lIffl of Rep!68entlttwell of tM Ja~~or per_ United Stat611 of America in Oongre88 a88em1>led, That the Secretary IOII&Iprop«tyJOII.' a of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay] out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $2,910.87 to F. C . Wallace, of Bettendorf, Iowa, on account of the loss by' fire of a frame building and personal property sustained while the Wallace Aero Company was aiding a stranded Air Service officer to recondition his plane in order to enable him to return to his proper station. Approved, May 22, 1928. May 22, 1928. [B. R .IOllOO.) CHAP. 70S.-An Act For the relief of R. P. Washam, F. A. Slate, W. H. [Private,No.m .) Sanden, W. A . McGinnia, J. E . Lindsay, and J. T . Pearson. Be it 67UJ,(J~ed by the Senate and H ouae of Repret/MtatWes of the o::Wnla,N.C., J lOSt United States Of America in Otmgre88 aB8em1>led, That R. P . De8tsnarJ1:1 edeDlP!OY- Washtm, postmaster at Gastonia, North Carolina; F. A. Slate, =d~ pa~: ~ former postmaster at Gastonia, North Carolina; W. H . Sanders, ~;y collected clerk in Charge of the East Gastonia stationi W. A . McGinnis, clerk in charge of the Smyre station; J. E . lindsaY', elerk in charge of the Victory station; and J. T. Pearson, former clerk in charge of the Pinkney station all the stations named being rural station,s of the Gastoma (North Carolina), post office, be, and they are hereby relieved of ilie payment of any and all amounts which had accrued and were collected as box rents at said stations/rior to July 1, 1927, said clerks baving accepted their positions an conducted the work at the station,s with the understanding that box rents were a part of the compensation for their services because of erroneous information given them by the rormer postmaster. Approved, May 22,1928. May23 1928. [B.R.~.I CHAP. 72S. -An Act For the relief of the Lagrange Grocery Company. [PrIvate, No. 175.) Be it e1lDiCted 'by tM Senate and H()1J86 of RepreJJentative8 of the c~ Grocery United State8 of A1'lb6'1'ica in Oongre88 a88fmlhled, That inasmuch as Bllr:r Sale to, ratl- the Lagrange GroceI"Y Company, of Lagrange, Georgia, on February lied. 6, 1922, at the Candler Warehouse, Atlanta, GeorgIa, bought from the Umted States Government fifty thousand pairs of wool stockings at 10% cents per pair, and sixty thousand pairs of wool stockin~ at 1014 cents per pair, under sales contracts numbered SE-Moo and SE-5SSS, res~tively, and fifty thousand pairs of wool stockings at 9% cents per pair which last-named sale was not confirmed, and there- after, to wit, on the 7th day of February, 1922, the agents and officers of the United States Government in charge of said sale agreed with